Border Collie Jewelry

Beautiful Border Collie Jewelry

Border collie jewelry is a great gift for border collie owners. There are pendants, charms, and watches too. Border collies are highly intelligent, and hard working dogs. They make great pets as long as they get plenty of physical and mental exercise. This breed of dog needs a job! They love to work and don’t take well to lying around the house with nothing to do. They have strong herding instincts and will try to herd the children if allowed to.


 Border Collie Dog Pet Lover Jewelry Button Earrings 12142749



 Think about border collie jewelry when considering gifts for border collie fans.



Border Collie Tea Cup Blue OrnamentSterling Silver Three Dimensional Border Collie Dog Dangle Bead CharmGenuine IceCarats Designer Jewelry Gift 14K Border Collie Pendant

I love the bracelets with special Border collie charms. Here are some Border Collie Charms you can add to your bracelet. Maybe you have a friend that would like to increase her charms. Great gift ideas. 

Border Collie Dog ItalianBorder Collie Photo ItalianSterling Silver Enameled BorderSterling SilverBorder Collie Charm14k Gold Border Collie

Border Collies are such special dogs, full of energy and quick responses. Never bored or boring. gorgeous faces with intelligent eyes and precious “want to please” personalities. They are working dogs as already stated and they need things to keep them busy or they may get into mischief. Here is a video that is helpful in getting to know about the wonderful Border Collie.

Border Collies: Amazing Animals with Amazing Intelligence.

 Border Collies (Barron’s Complete Understanding Border Collies How to Understand and Your Border Collies Life All About Border Collies Herding Dogs: Progressive Training My Life As a

Whether you are going for the real thing and thinking about getting a dog, or you are thinking of increasing your jewelry stash and including some gorgeous Border Collie items. We’ve got what you need here. Enjoy!




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  1. 3QuartersToday

    Love the Border Collie teacup!! My Mom would of gotten that one if it were a poodle. She loved dogs.

  2. The Border Collie jewelry is so life like. Beautiful jewelry for a beautiful breed.

  3. Gypzeerose

    We had to put our beloved Border Collie mix “Buckwheat” down this year. There will never be another dog like Buckwheat. Border Collies will drive you crazy – but OOH how we love them! Our dog ran away (and was re-united to us) three times, ate our hot tub and did all kinds of mischief and yet he was a sheer joy. When he was young – NO one was better at the ball. He was a family member, and we will always love him. I have always said I will never have another one, but I am forever drawn to them. Your Border Collie jewelry is a great way to celebrate the breed in the meanwhile. Border Collies rock!

  4. Loved the video and the jewelry is just precious! Great Border Collie jewelry selection!

  5. Border collies are incredibly intelligent dogs. So fun to watch them work!

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