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Cool Boys Watches

Cool Watches for Boys

Here you will find some awesome cool boys watches that kids will love to wear! There’s everything from superheros and Disney character to digital watches for boys and more.

You’ll even find some cool boys’ watches here that older boys and teens will want to own. After all, as boys grow older, many become more aware of their fashion and their reputation, and they want to look cool and stylish. Watches are a great way to make a fashion statement and impress your peers. There are some great watches for teenagers showcased here, as well as many options for younger boys who are just learning to tell time.

Watches for kids/boys can include a variety of styles and colors. There are buckle closures, Velcro closure, camo-colored watches, digital watches, chronograph watches and more. Some are splash-proof, some are waterproof enough to go snorkeling in.

So when shopping for the special boys in your life, consider getting them a cool boys’ watch that they will love and enjoy for years to come! They make fun gifts for any occasion!

Batman Kids’ Batman Flashing Dial Black Strap Watch

This Batman Flash Dial Analog water resistant watch comes in beautiful Batman packaging. Once the flash dial button is pressed, rainbow like assorted colors start to flash. One part of the product description (click on photo to be taken to the page on Amazon) says water resistant to 3 feet, and one part says not water resistant, so it’s most likely OK to get it wet in the rain or while washing hands, but it isn’t made for deep waters or to be in the water for any length of time.

Batman Kids' BAT9015 Batman Flashing DialBatman Kids’ BAT9015 Batman Flashing Dial

Boys’ Batman Watches

Boys love superheros, and Batman is a favorite of many. Click on each watch for full details, as some of these will help young children to tell time (they are called teaching watches). These make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Easter and more. Surprise your favorite little boy with a watch all his own!

 Batman Kids’ BAT4045 Batman Kids’ BAT9152 Watch with Black Batman Boys’ BAT5038 Black Batman Kids’ BAT5022 Digital Display Quartz

Boys’ Character Watches

These watches feature characters boys love. Disney characters, superheros, and more, are near and dear to boys’ hearts. Younger boys will especially enjoy these watches.

 Marvel Comics Kids’ Nickelodeon Kids’ Ultimate Spider-Man Kids’ Digital Display The Avengers Kids’ Analog Display Marvel Comics Kids’ Marvel Comics Kids’ Disney Kids’ Disney Kids’ Frozen Kristoff, Sven Character Character Watches Boys Star Wars Zeiger Time Teacher Little Boys Children’s LEGO Kids’ DC Universe Super Heroes Zeiger Time Teacher Little Boys Children’s

Disney Kids’ Watch with Red Rubber Band

Disney Kids' MK1239 Time Teacher MickeyDisney Kids’ MK1239 Time Teacher Mickey

This silver-tone watch with Mickey Mouse graphic on round dial and rubber link bracelet is pretty in red. It features Quartz movement with analog display and a protective glass crystal dial window. The closure is a buckle style. This watch is not water resistant.

Boys’ Mickey Mouse Watches

Mickey Mouse is a long time beloved Disney character that boys will never grow tired of. These cute Mickey Mouse watches are ideal for young boys who are learning or have just learned how to tell time. They would love receiving one in an Easter basket or Christmas stocking!

 Disney Kids’ MK1239 Time Teacher Mickey Disney Kids’ W000022 Disney Kids’ MK1266 Watch with Blue Disney Kids’ W000228 Disney Mickey Mouse Kids’ W002369 Mickey Disney Kids’ W001519 Disney Kids’ MK1277 Mickey Mouse Light-Up Disney Kids’ W000005 Mickey Mouse Stainless Disney Kids’ MK1103 Disney Kids’ MK1242 Mickey Mouse Analog Disney Kids’ W001592 Mickey Mouse Stainless Disney Kids’ W000001 Disney Mickey Mouse Kids’ W002481 Analog Disney Kids’ MK1268 Mickey Mouse Light-Up Disney Kids’ W000233 Disney Kids’ W000004 Mickey Mouse Stainless

Timex Kids’ Digital Watch with Camouflage Nylon Band

This round plastic watch with green translucent case and camouflage nylon band, is ideal for boys of any age. It’s water resistant to 99 feet, too, so there’s no need to worry about your child splashing water and ruining this watch! It’s not recommended for submersion or showering while wearing it, though. It has a Velcro closure for ease of getting on and off, and it features an alarm, timer and Indiglo night-light.

Timex Kids’ T71912 Digital Watch with Camouflage Nylon Band

Watches for Teenage Boys

These teenage watches are ideal for the teenage boys in your life. Watches are part of a persons style, and can say a lot about their personality. Teenage boys are likely to become more particular about their watch choices as they get older. Here are some great options for them!

 Cool LED Waterproof Sports Wrist Digital Digital Watches, Boyes Watches, Colorful Light Cannibal Active Black Silicone Strap Boy’s Terrain Bordeaux Boys Velcro Strap Sports Zeiger New Digital Boys Girls Kids Boys Blue Sports Digital Water AZLAND Boys Watches,Sports Watch,Digital Watch Features Mens S-Shock Electronic Military Digital Quartz Men Teen Boys 100m Waterproof Dual AZLAND Waterproof Swimming Led Digital Sports Men’s Sport Watch by CIVO Multifunctional 100m Waterproof Analog-digital Teen Boys Men

Timex Kids My First Timex Outdoors Watch

with Black Fast Wrap Velcro Strap

Timex Kids My First Timex OutdoorsTimex Kids My First Timex Outdoors

The perfect starter timepiece for a child, the Timex “My First” watch features a sturdy black canvas band that attaches with easy-to-fasten Velcro. Other features include a second hand, luminosity, Quartz movement with analog display, protective mineral crystal dial window, and it’s water resistant to 99 feet (withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion).

Cool Boys’ Watches

These cool boys’ watches are great for boys and teenagers. They are fun and unique and really make a fashion statement. For boys who like things that are out of the ordinary, these watches are ideal!

 ZPS Cool Airplane Aivator Pilot LED Military Cool LED Display Colorful Light Military Cool LED Display Colorful Light Cool Digital-analog Waterproof Dual Time Sport Water-proof Digital-analog Boys Girls Sport Digital Cool LED Waterproof Sports Wrist Digital 50m Water-proof Digital-analog Men Boys Sport Technological Sense Binary Digital LED Waterproof Soleasy Luxury Cool Men’s Boys Analog

Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer

Blue/Gray Fast Wrap Velcro Strap Watch

This Timex Unisex watch is ideal for older boys and teens. It is water resistant to 330 feet and suitable for snorkeling and swimming, but not for diving. Other features include: Indiglo night-light with Night-Mode
100-hour chronograph with 99-lap counter and split times; three daily, weekday, weekend or weekly alarms with five-minute backup; and two time zone settings.

Timex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital ChronoTimex Unisex Expedition Classic Digital Chrono

Digital Watches for Boys

Some boys will appreciate a digital style watch over one with hour and minute hands. There are many available today with a variety of features that boys will love. These are easy to read and to set.

 Timex Unisex T49660 Expedition Classic Digital OHSEN Digital Boys Sports Watch Date 5 ATM Water-proof Digital-analog Boys Girls Timex Kids’ T78751 Water-proof Digital-analog Boys Girls Sport Digital 50m Water-proof Digital-analog Boys Girls Sport OUANGANC 50m Water-proof Digital-analog Sport Digital 50m Water-proof Digital-analog Boys Girls Sport 50m Water-proof Digital-analog Men Boys Sport

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