Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls

Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls & Accessories

Get to know the Bratz girls via their selfie styles and technology favorites! Each doll comes with cool glasses and a soft plush hat (and more great accessories, too) – perfect for taking a selfie! These dolls are complete with tech inspired earrings, their own smart phone and two smart phone cases that can actually hold the phone, watch them ‘snap’ away, and make sure you get in on the fun with your own selfies taken with your Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls!

You will find a variety of Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls and accessories showcased below. Te learn more about each doll featured here, simply click on any of the photos, and watch the video below for a fun preview of these dolls.

Visit BRATZ DOLLS LIST for more Bratz products, and a list of all the dolls and various categories in which you will find them.

Video: Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls

Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls

You’ll enjoy collecting all of the Bratz Selfie Snaps Dolls! These make great gifts for the special girls in your life, too. Which one is your favorite? Dolls come with cool accessories that make taking selfies even more fun!

 Bratz #SelfieSnaps Doll- Cloe Bratz #SelfieSnaps Doll- Sasha Bratz #SelfieSnaps Doll- Yasmin Bratz #SelfieSnaps Doll- Jade Bratz Selfie Stick with Doll- Cloe Bratz Selfie Stick with Doll- Jade

Bratz SelfieSnaps Photobooth with Doll

Bratz SelfieSnaps Photobooth with Doll

This SelfieSnaps photobooth lets girls take photos of their favorite Bratz fashion dolls using any smart phone device. You simply place any Bratz doll inside the booth, then snap away. You can accessorize with the included props, and take photo after photo.

Props include bunny ears, glasses, iconic Bratz lips, and more.

Includes 10.5 inch Bratz Cloe doll. Use the Bratz app for more photo fun!


Bratz Selfie Snaps Accessories (Shoes)

These Bratz Selfie Snaps accessories go along with the dolls sold above…No girl or doll can ever have enough shoes!

 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 5 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 4 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 2 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 3 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 1 Bratz ShoefieSnaps Pack – Style 6

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