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Breath of Angel by Karyn Henly

   Breath of Angel

                Breath of Angel is a novel about two immortal brothers who are feuding. They  had destroyed the stairway to heaven stranding angels  in the earthly realm.

                          Melaia, a young priestess witnessed the murder of a stranger in the temple. She discovers wings on the stranger just before the murderer arrived  at the temple. He had been a hawk when he murdered the man but now appeared as a man.

                          Melaia finds herself seeking refuge with a band of angels who are trying to restore the stairway to heaven. Restoration requires  the repayment of a debt, the “breath of Angel, blood of man.”  She needs to find and return 3 harps.

                        Melaia starts out with one harp only to have it stolen. Who can she trust to help her? Drea  had been killed. Melaia read her book and saw the poem entitled ” For My Child”.  It said, “I Am the heart that makes three one. I am freedom, the curse undone. The tree will only rise again by breath of angel, blood of man.”  What does this mean? Can she trust Trevor? Lord Rejius? She must get the answers to restore the Wisdom Tree.

                        Breath of Angel was a different type book than I am used to reading but it was enjoyable and interesting.

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