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Building Drinking Straws

Building Drinking Straws

The building drinking straws toy as seen on TV, really isn’t a new concept. Pretty cool, never the less. Some of the latest ones are marketed as super sipperz costing ten dollars and offering free straw glasses with purchase. Who knew you could have fun with straws? Let you take your imagination to the next level. You can build all kinds of cool structures. Build a boat, car, castle, a star there are no limits to what you can design. Add milk, juice or your favorite drink and watch it travel all the way through the loops and turns into your mouth. Change up your drinking straw for each meal if you want too. You can build and drink over and over again. These make a great birthday party activity.

Building Drinking Straws

Roylco Straws and Connectors Building Kit

This 230 piece set has rave reviews. Using your imagination and heavy colorful straws and connectors. Children can make spacecrafts, forts and houses. Design and create complex or simple shapes and structures with the flexible design using connectors and 130 heavy, colorful 8″ straws. 100 connectors.


Super Sipperz Commercial

Build With Connecta Straws

Provide children hours of fun as they make different designs from simple plastic straws, wheels, connectors and building rings. Children learn the concept of 3-D design by building straw buildings, machines, animals and more. Most straws in the kit are flexible, there are a few rigid ones however to provide stability in grander size models. More than 200 pieces included. Straw may be cut (scissors not included)

Crazy Straw Glasses

These crazy straw glasses will have your children asking for a refill. Sometimes children don’t stay hydrated well enough and we know that can make you sick. Have them put on a pair of these glasses and watch their drink disappear. The five piece tubing let you shape the glasses to your liking. Also a fun party accessory.


Images Of Straw Creations

What Will You Create?

Straw Cleaning Brush

When you’re finished playing and drinking out of your reusable straws it’s time to clean them up. The zippy tumbler straw cleaning brush is long enough to do the job. Running water through them will only clear out loose debris. Keep your family safe by removing nasty bacteria by thoroughly cleaning the inside of your straws with the soft nylon bristles on the brush.

More Building Drinking Straws

These straw building toys are all under $10. Kids and adults can enjoy their favorite beverage in way they never imagined. Construct a maze of colorful straws. Build bigger complex designs. Hours of fun will be had with these straws and connectors.

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  1. Now these look like fun for adults too! LOL

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