Bunchems By Spin Master

Spin Master Bunchems

Bunchems by spin master look so cool on the TV commercial. They are the building connecting toy that can squish and stick together to create all kinds of stuff. At this time there are 4 sets to choose from. The bunchems mega pack, pet pack, bug pack or the pet and bug pack in one. Let your imagination run wild, and when your done. Clean up is fun! They are easy to pick up because they stick together almost magically. What will you create?

Bunchems Mega Pack

Look at some of the things you can make with the bunchems mega pack! Over 400 pieces including 37 accessories. Accessories like eyes, mouth, mustache, hats, sunglasses, wings and more. Use your imagination to make characters, critters or anything your heart desires. Build a teddy bear, monkey, fish, bat or car it’s fun to build no matter who your are.

Bunchems – Mega Pack

Bunchems Commercial

Bunchems Pet pack

Sixty pieces and eleven accessories are included in the animal creation pack. Build a cat, a pooch, a hound dog too. Then add some legs, ears, eyes and a nose and call it your own.

Bunchems, Pets Creation Pack

Spin Master Bunchems Bug Pack

Build a dragonfly, snail, a ladybug out of the 60 pieces included in the bug pack. Use some of the 11 accessories to finish your creation with legs, wings, eyes, and an antenna.

Bunchems, Bug Creation Pack

Bunchems Pet & Bug Kit By Spin Master

Can’t decide between the pet or bug kit? Why not get them both and let the children’s use their imagination to make all kinds of creations.

Bunchems pet and bug creation kit bundle 2 pack

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