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Butter Mill Grater

Butter Mill Grater

Bread and Butter, yum. Cold, hard butter on your bread or toast doesn’t spread so well and isn’t so yum.  It’s ripped that piece of bread or toast, annoying to say the least.  Frustrating to say the least.  That’s where the Butter Mill Grater comes in.  A few simple twists and you have small shaved pieces of butter that easily spread and your piece of bread will stay in one piece.

Butter Mill Grater Dispenser

So simple, so easy to use but with big results.

A Butter Mill Dispenser is made specifically to put in a stick of butter in.  It grates a hard stick of butter into small spreadable shavings cleanly and simply with a few twists.  The shredded butter spreads and melts more easily. There is no more torn bread or toast. The butter shaving are easily spreadable and melts quickly right away.  There is nothing like melting butter dripping through your hot toast for a great breakfast or snack.  

Butter Mill Grater Dispensers can be used for grinding many things like cheese, butter, fruits, vegetable, etc.  It can also help to keep your kitchen and refrigerator neat and clean. No more open sticks of butter sitting open on the shelf.  A Butter Mill Grater makes your food making easier and time saving, a wonderful helper in the kitchen and a cool gizmo and gadget.

Butter Mill Dispensers

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Spread on the Butter!

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  1. Butter mills look like they are very convenient!

  2. Such a comprehensive selection you have featured here, thanks!

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