Cake Christmas Ornaments

Cake Christmas Tree Ornaments

From wedding cakes and more, you’ll find delicious looking cake ornaments here for your Christmas tree.

Cake lovers will enjoy a few pieces of cake sprawled around their Christmas tree, or you might consider an entire baked goods theme!

These cake Christmas tree ornaments will bring delightful fun to your tree year after year. They make awesome gifts for family and friends, too.

Place them in a gift basket, Christmas stocking, and more for a sweet surprise, or use them as lovely package toppers.

Department 56 Gallery Cake Ornament

Department 56 Gallery Cake OrnamentDepartment 56 Gallery Cake Ornament

Department 56 has been creating seasonal memories for families since 1976.
Artist designed; globally recognized for quality.
Meticulously hand crafted.

This three layer slice of cake looks good enough to eat, but be careful, it’s crafted of blown glass and hand decorated to make your mouth water!

Cake Christmas Ornaments

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Old World Christmas Birthday Cake Ornament

Old World Christmas Birthday Cake OrnamentOld World Christmas Birthday Cake Ornament

More Cake Ornaments

You’ll find cute fruitcake, strawberry shortcake, and other cake ornaments featured below. Use the birthday ones on cards or packages to dress up your gifts, or create a birthday tree with birthday cake ornaments!

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