Cake Towels Are Fun and Unique Gifts and Decorations

Cake Towels: Great Additions to Any Celebration!

I discovered cake towels in a local gift shop and while browsing online a little while ago, and I’ve got to tell you it was love at first site! These cute little towels make great party favors for guest to a bridal or baby shower and as decorations for birthdays and any other special occasions.

There’s quite a variety to choose from too. There are many different “flavors” and types of “cakes” available.
If you are planning a Christmas luncheon, a tea party for friends, a baby shower or a wedding, consider using cake towels as party favors, gifts and decorations. People really get a kick out of these unique products!

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Baby Shower Cake Towels

If you are throwing a baby shower add some cake towels on the gift table and perhaps even the cake table as decoration, then send this home with the mom-to-be. She can use them to wash baby or as home decor.
You could also give cake towels as gifts to the mom-to-be. Place one on top of a package for added interest and unique detail!

Another idea is to place a cake towel at the seat of every guest with a number on the bottom. You draw a number during the party, and the guest who has the number wins a door prize. Everyone gets to keep the cake towel that’s in front of them. Everyone has fun and everyone wins!

(Price/dozen)Idoo Purple Yam Ice-Cream Cone Towel

Use Cake Towels for Holiday Decorations, Too!

There are simply too many cake towel designs for me to share here with you, but once you click on any cake towel that’s for sale on this page, you can search for others.

Do a search for the following to find unique decorations and party favors for any occasion…

*Christmas Cake Towels
*Birthday Cake Towels
*Baby Cake Towels
*Wedding Cake Towels

And other styles such as…

*Swiss Rolls

Along the way, you’re sure to find many that you’ll adore. Have fun and make your next party a show-stopper!

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