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Food Waste – Reduce It With Healthy Recipes

“It doesn’t take time!” is the response I hear when I inquire “what’s your priority in healthy recipes?”  Do healthy recipes depend  on time to shop, plan, organize, chop, cook, store, pack for lunch or not, and then clean out the fridge, throw out what’s not eaten, or compost it, while you try to not create food waste.

I used to think I couldn’t cut down on food waste.  But I have finally found a solution, mostly because higher quality whey protein drinks and a green smoothie taste like edible food. My criteria for these are:

  • must be from grass fed cows, if a whey protein
  • must be  organic green foods
  • must have as little calories as possible to be added to healthy recipes
  • must have some fiber
  • must NOT have artificial sweeteners or fructose

This has been a trial and error juggle, but I have found that I can buy a little less of the stuff that ends up as food waste, and keep some  whey protein drinks  mix and  super green smoothie  mix on hand for when I want to have a smaller breakfast/lunch/dinner.

The reason why I avoid the normal nutritional food options, such as frozen processed dinners or packaged salads is because of the pesticides and preservatives added to the foods while being grown or processed. Other additives to keep the foods tasty are MSG, labeled under many confusing names, and sweeteners or artificial sweeteners. And, these packaged foods are loaded with sodium, but contain no mineral rich sea salt.

Plus all the seasonings added may be artificially flavored “stuff” – those words on the label that are forty or so letters long, that only a food chemist would understand. And what is “natural flavors”? And why add junk to healthy recipes?

Choose Healthy Recipes – Endocrine Disruptors Will Age You

Many food additives, pesticides and herbicides act as estrogen mimickers in our body. Bad for both women and men. Estrogen out of balance is dangerous. Your endocrine system balance is of prime importance to your health. Estrogen is a growth hormone, and can lead to cancers, and prepubescent puberty, robbing your kids of their childhood.

And, can also rob you of a chunk of your adulthood if you end up getting cancer. Survival may be likely, but the process and aftermath can be horrible. And especially heartbreaking if it is your child.

I hope you’ll try out smoothie mixes for healthy recipes  and you’ll reduce food waste  too.

Use To Reduce Food Waste In Healthy Recipes

Skip The Food Waste Get Healthy Recipes

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