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Candy Jars and Dishes

Cute Candy Jars and Dishes

Check out these cute Candy Jars and Dishes! I seen these the other day and knew everyone would go nuts over these! Store anything in them from candy, cookies, snacks, whatever you want! These candy jars and dishes feature a cork lid to keep air and moisture out. Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Hey these would even make nice decorations for your kitchen, or find some that are kids themed candy dishes that your children can keep in their bedroom. Only healthy of course, I understand you don’t want your child sitting in their bedroom eating candy all day! I just can’t help my excitement over these custom candy jars and dishes!

You can even create your own candy jars and dishes too. That’s right! Upload your beautiful pictures of your children and create your own candy jars and dishes that feature pictures of your family.

Featured Porcelain Candy Jars and Dishes

Cute Candy Dish
Cute baby narwhal candy dish
Kawaii Cupcakes Candy Jar
Kawaii cupcakes on cute candy jar
Chocolate Bear Candy Jar
Cute chocolate bear - kawaii candy jar
Kawaii Mushrooms Candy Jar
Kawaii happy mushrooms family - cute candy jar
Panda Cupcakes Candy Dishes
Kawaii panda and cute cupcakes candy dishes
Piggy Cupcakes Candy Jar
Cute baby piggy and kawaii cupcakes - candy jar

You can find all kinds of cute Candy Jars and Dishes, or create your own custom Candy Jars and Dishes using any graphics or photos that you own. Prices on these Candy Jars and Dishes start at $15.95 and up.

Other Uses for these Candy Jars and Dishes

They are porcelain jars with cork lids, making them very useful storage containers. Store Christmas crafts, Halloween candy, Tea, bath salts, homemade cakes, cookies, and candies. These candy dishes make wonderful gifts for Valentines day, Christmas, Mothers Day, birthdays, or just anytime you want to give someone a cute, custom candy dish.

Cute Candy Jars with Panda’s

Kawaii panda candyjar Kawaii panda candyjar

Candy Jars for Dog Treats

Doggy Treat Jars
doggy treat Jar Candy Jars
Dog Treats Candy Jars
Dog Treats canister Jar Candy Jars
Doggy Treats Jar
doggy treat Jar Candy Jars


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    These are really adorable candy jars.

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  3. Those are really cute.

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