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Captain America: The First Avenger – Movie Gifts

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is set for release on July 22nd. Promising to be a huge hit with lots of action and good ol Super Hero excitement like all big screen movies should deliver!

I just caught my first glimpse of the Captain America First Avenger movie trailer and was thrilled with what I seen. Captain America First Avenger looks to be an action packed Super Hero flick that all Marvel comics fans are sure to enjoy.

Captain America: First Avenger Trailer. You will find the official Captain America: First Avenger movie trailer featured below. Watch the movie trailer to catch a glimpse of this exciting movie from Marvel before it hits theaters on July 22nd.

Captain America: First Avenger Movie Information

Theatrical Release Date:
Chris Evans , Hugo Weaving , Tommy Lee Jones , Sebastian Stan , Hayley Atwell
Joe Johnston
MPAA Rating:
Not Yet Rated

Plot: Marvel Studios brings their prodigious patriot to the big screen with this WWII-set adventure about a once-meek U.S. soldier-turned-hero (Chris Evans) who gains strength and agility far beyond that of a normal human being after taking an experimental super-serum.

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Captain America Gifts from Marvel Comics and Zazzle

Marvel features a whole Zazzle gallery full of Captain America t-shirts and other quality gifts. These are all official products from Marvel Comics from their Captain America line of products.

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Captain American Gifts and Posters

Buy full color art prints of Captain American comic book covers in full size, beautiful high quality wall posters. These wall posters are perfect as gifts for any Captain America comic book fans. Put a smile on their face with the perfect Christmas gift idea for Captain America fans.

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Captain America-ADAPTOID printCaptain America - 193 Jan print
Captain America - 123 Mar printCaptain America - 106 Oct print

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  1. Great post. Captain America has been around a long time. It’s about time Hollywood made a decent movie about him. I hope the Captain America movie is as good as the X-men and Iron Man movies.

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