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Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes-Themed Costume Party Idea

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes For a Themed Costume Party

How about a themed costume party idea? Captain Jack Sparrow costumes make your imagination go wild with ideas for expansion on this theme. First of all who doesn’t love Captain Jack Sparrow? He is so flamboyant and sassy and yet lovable. He is a skilled pirate and runs a tight ship, well respected by all the pirates of the Caribbean and the ladies too. And he is the star of one of the most popular Disney Movies ever.

Some Fantastic Tips on Captain Jack Make Up to Assist your Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

A Flamboyant Opportunity to Create  Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

He is a fancy dresser with all his scarves and beads. He loves his beard and his braids. And gold jewelry. So many ways to accessorize. And there is no end to how you can grow this idea. From a simple straight forward pirate costume to a wildly flashy and flamboyant true Captain Jack Sparrow costumes.

The Party could include food fit for a pirate and you have to eat with the blade of a knife. and drink ale from a mug. You could have barrels for seating and a bar for bellying up to for your plate of food. Only finger foods and the messier the better. It would just be so fun.

And this might be a great idea for a graduation party or how about to celebrate a promotion? Or what about a bachelor’s party? It might just be a great summer party out in the backyard with a bunch of friends that happen to think like pirates.

Have a look at these ideas and accessories and let your imagination run wild!

Captain Jack Sparrow CostumesDisguise Men’s Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Classic Costume, Brown/Blue White, MediumCaptain Jack Sparrow Costumes Rubie’s Costume Pirates Of The Seven Seas Caribbean Pirate Costume, Brown, One Size Disguise Men’s Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Adult Sword Triton, Silver/Brown, One Sizeelope Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Hat, Brown, Adult (One-Size)California Costumes Men’s Rogue Pirate of Caribbean Buccaneer L BrownDisguise Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Pirates Boot Covers Costume Accessory, One Size Child

Can’t Get Enough of Captain Jack Sparrow?

Make sure you can always watch Jack Sparrow whenever you want!

Pirates of the Caribbean - Complete CollectionPirates of the Caribbean – Complete Collection


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