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Designer Cat Beds and Furniture for the Spoiled Cat

Designer cat beds look nice enough to be a piece of furniture. They can blend right into your decor and make your cat happy at the same time. Cats like little hideaways and they like to be up off the ground. These designer cat beds take that into account and provide your cat with opportunities to express these natural feline behaviors.

Cats love to hide and to scratch and to chase and climb. So if you incorporate these activities into the cat bed and furniture that you choose you will have one happy cat and furniture that will actually get used. And probably save your human furniture from the cats interest.

Some designer cat beds are of a novelty type. There are some with animal prints and one that looks like it would fit into a Barbie themed room. What is your preference for a designer cat bed?

Hours of Kitty Fun With This Designer Cat Bed and Tree

Amazon offers a great price too!

cat beds and furnitureGo Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Beautiful Comfortable Luxury Cat Beds And Furniture

Cats deserve the comfort of a nice bed in their lives

cat beds and furnitureSpider Flower Cat Lounger – Light Purpleluxury cat beds and furnitureHugger – Pink Shaggy Pet Bedluxury cat beds furnitureHugger – Patchwork Pet BedMod Dream Pod Cat BedMod Dream Pod Cat Bedcat bed and furnitureMinnow Cuddle Cave Cat Condocat beds furnitureCat Cuddler Cat Bed

Designer Cat Beds

A Tree for your Kitty Cat!

What a fun cat bed! What a great tree for your kitty with hammocks, swings, cubbyholes, hiding places, high places, low places. Really an amazing place for kitty to exercise, climb, scratch and sleep. Perfect for any cat.

cat beds and furnitureGo Pet Club Brown 62 inch

Would You Get Your Cat a Designer Cat Bed/Tree?

The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree in Black

This beautiful modern Designer Cat Bed/Tree is built with six levels of playing, jumping, climbing and just plain fun for your beloved cat. There is scratching material on the first level, and then as your cat climbs and wants to take a little nap, there is carpet for his comfort. And don’t forget the all important hiding cubby hole. All cats like to hide and be invisible. Great fun! This is not only a great gift for your cat, It is a beautiful piece for your home. I dare say, you’ll have some interesting conversations!

cat beds and furnitureThe Sebastian Modern Cat Tree in Black

Soft and Cozy – Purr-fect Cat Beds and Furniture

Unique and cuddly Cat Beds Are Everything Your Kitty Deserves

Armarkat Sage Green Cat Bed Size, 22-Inch by 14-InchArmarkat Cat Bed, 18-Inch Long, BrownPeach Industries Pet Hammock (Polka Dot)Armarkat C01HKF/MH Cozy Pet Bed 20-Inch Diameter, Mocha BeigeAspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed (18Aspen Pet Kitty Cave, 16-Inch by 19-Inch, Chocolate BrownAspen Pet (Petmate) DDS28375 18-inch Display Promo Round Pet Bed Shipper, 18-InchAspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print – 18

Funny Cat Videos

Take a moment to enjoy this cute cat video. Does your kitty do any of this?

Cats Love to Scratch, Hide, Climb, and Most of All Sleep

Give them the funnest places to do all these things

cat tree furniturecat tree furniturecat tree furniturecat tree furniture

Show Everyone How Much You Love Your Cat

With Unique Products From Zazzle

Cat Lovers Floor MatBug You For Appointment CardsMeece The Cat Christmas CardiPhone 5C Case-Mate (Cat #1)Cat Scratch Fever Drinking BottlesCat Alphabet Letter C BodysuitsLucipurrr evil cat food bowlBlack Cat Laptop BagsStealth Laptop Computer Sleeves


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  1. If I had a female cat, she would have to have that pink fuzzy bed! Fit for a princess!

  2. The cat beds look so comfy and cozy for any kitty

  3. MareeT

    Cats will love these and owners will love that there is something for every decor.

  4. Gypzeerose

    Both cats and dogs love dens, and as a matter of fact people do too! You have found some cat beds that would please most felines.

  5. My cats have the first cat tree condo featured on this page, and they absolutely love it, and you can’t beat the price, either!!!!!

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