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Farming has always played an important role in history of developing countries. It was the development of farms as opposed to the usual hunting and gathering that helped develop the first cities and towns. Farming and farm animals still have a huge impact on your global society. When the world’s farms are hurt by drought […]

The Most Important Farm Animals

Goat Keeping and Raising Goats Can Be Very Productive, Even Profitable! Goats and goat keeping is very popular these days. Goats have been serving for us from the very first attempts at farming and animal husbandry. It is a very simple and innocent animal which is easy to handle. Goat keeping was popular even before […]

Goat keeping guide
Chicken Trivia

I love chickens, and I find chicken trivia to be especially amusing. I think chickens are endlessly fascinating and fun birds, and I am always captivated by the chickens’ social interactions. I have assembled several chicken facts, along with some great chicken themed gifts from my store, Chicken Dance. These items make great gifts for […]

Chicken Trivia and Chicken Themed Gifts for Chicken Lovers
Drama Llama T-shirt

Do you know a drama llama … or perhaps you’ve been told (once or twice) that you might be one yourself? Be kind and give a heads-up to the folks around you with this unique “Warning! Drama Llama!” t-shirt or hat. For those who need to broadcast the warning at work, the Drama Llama coffee […]

Save the Drama for Your T-shirt! Great Drama Llama Shirts and Gear!

My name is Ally and I work at a very busy small town Vet clinic as a vet tech.  I LOVE my job.  I have always wanted to work with “critters”.   I work for a “full service” veterinarian, and as the title might  suggest we work with all animals, reptiles, wildlife, avian, and whatever else […]

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