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As much as you love the open while on commute, dogs do too! However, while we always remember to buckle up with the seatbelt before leaving the driveway, dogs do not have control over this matter. For this reason, many dog owners let their dogs roam free in the car and this mistake could prove […]

Soft Dog Crates For Car Travel

Steps For Cats With Arthritis When looking for cat steps for older cats, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right type of cat steps for your cat. You’ll have to think about quality, functionality, and price when deciding which cat steps to purchase. There are a variety of types of cat steps […]

Cat Steps For Older Cats

Puppy Feeding Bowls If you have more than one puppy, a puppy feeding bowl is a great way to feed multiple puppies. For those of us who have multiple puppies or litters in our homes, we know how messy and frustrating weaning puppies can be. The puppies walking through the mushy food, tracking it all […]

Puppy Feeding Bowls

Raised Dog Bowls When our dog started aging I started seeing ways to help him. One way was an elevated dog dish. A raised dog food bowl which would give him an easier way to eat and to drink seemed to be a solution he would be more comfortable with compared to the conventional alternative. […]

For Our Pets: Raised Dog Feeding Station

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Large Breeds There are several reasons a dog might suffer from hip pain. It can be caused by aging, injury, or genetics. As a dog ages, they can develop pain in their joints. Much of the time the pain is caused by arthritis, but sometimes it’s something else. Hip dysplasia […]

Dog Beds For Large Dogs With Hip Problems

Treat Your Pet To An XL Bolster Dog Bed Whenever it comes to bedding for your dog, you want to have a space that is cozy and welcoming. Instead of a run of the mill dog bed, there are options that will give your dog the support and firmness that he or she needs. A […]

Extra Large Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

The Benefits Of Folding Dog Steps For Cars Whether you have a small dog, an elderly canine, or you have a pet that has been recovering from surgery or some sort of injury, you could benefit from folding dog steps for cars to make it easier on them. Any dog with small legs will need […]

Folding Dog Steps For Cars

Oster Clippers for Dogs Hair & Nails Oster* Dog Clipper Reviews & Coupons Oster Dog Hair Grooming Clippers, Trimmers, Blades and Nail Grinders Current Discounts & Promo Codes Referenced Below up to 70% Off! If you are looking for a top of the line dog clippers and trimmers for your pet then the Oster range […]

Oster Dog Clippers

Elevated Cat Feeding Bowls Having cats in your life means looking for all of the right furnishings and feeding systems to please even the most finicky feline. Cat feeding bowls on stands are a great way to feed kitties with ease while also adding a little something extra to your current decor.   Elevated Double […]

Cat Feeding Bowls On Stand

Platform Bird Feeders Attract ground-feeding birds such as cardinals, sparrows, doves and towhees to your yard with a platform bird feeder. There are many ways you can use them. *Place one on the ground. *Hang one in a tree. *Hang one from a bird feeder hanger. *Buy a window mounted one and place on a […]

Platform Bird Feeder

The Benefits Of An Extra Large Dog Feeding Mat Do you have a dog that makes a mess whenever meal time rolls around? There can be a whole lot of drooling, water spillage, and even messy chunks of their pet food that find their way out of the dish and all over the floor around […]

Extra Large Dog Feeding Mat

Hanging Bird Baths It’s that time of season when the birds start migrating back from the south. Now is the time to start preparing your yard for their arrival. A hanging bird bath provides clean, fresh water whether to drink or bath in and will make your birds happy and healthy and they will keep […]

Hanging Bird Baths

Indoor Potty for Dogs Best Dog Indoor Potty Reviews Featured here with reviews is the UGO Indoor Dog Potty as well as other dog potties including dog potty grass, dog potty patch, dog potty pads and where to buy dog potty items online. Indoor potty training for your dog has never been easier than with […]

Indoor Dog Potty

Chew Proof Dog Beds If you have a dog who loves to chew his bed, toys and other items, then an indestructible dog bed is ideal for your dog! These indestructible pet beds are not only chew proof, but many are waterproof, too, so nothing your dog or nature throws at them will destroy them. […]

Indestructible Dog Beds

Bird Feeder Pole, Hangers and Pole Systems If you enjoy your backyard birds, and want to offer them a luxurious place to eat, drink and bathe, then consider one of these fantastic bird feeder poles, hangers and pole systems. These bird feeding stations provide hooks for you to hang a variety of bird feeders on […]

Bird Feeder Poles & Hangers

The Benefits Of A Cardboard Cat Scratcher Bed While in nature, cats will often scratch as a way to help keep their claws strong and healthy. The claws act as a vital element for climbing, marking and defending territory, self-defense and hunting. Domesticated cats also need a way to address this natural behavior, yet you […]

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Bed UK

Hands Free Dog Leash A Hands Free Dog Leash is specifically designed for walkers, joggers, runners and hikers. Is great for anyone who wants both hands free but wants to take their pet with them. It allows you to walk or run or hike with your dog securely attached to you while allowing you to […]

Hands Free Dog Leash

Martingale Collars For Dogs Martingale Dog Collars are one of the most used collars for dogs of any size or breed, especially those breeds that have a smaller head, such as greyhounds. Finding the best fitting collar for your dog or puppy can sometimes be a challenge with the many different styles and choices. The […]

Martingale Dog Collars

Investing In Plastic Houses For Large Dogs It goes without saying that your dog loves you and the house that you share together. However, there are some instances when your dog may need to have their own personal space in the form of a great dog house to be set up outside in the garden. […]

Plastic Dog Houses For Large Dogs UK

Dog Bed Furniture It goes without saying that your dog ends up being a member of the family. This is a pet that is with you each day, bringing joy to your life and acting just like one of your children most of the time. When you have a dog in your life that you […]

Unique Dog beds that look like couch

Finding The Right Furniture Style Dog Beds We all love our pets. So naturally, we want to get our pets something special. We get them the best toys, the best blankets, the best food, and they deserve it. After all, without our pets, where would we even be in life? It makes perfect sense to […]

Furniture Style Dog Beds

Benefits Of Elevated Ceramic Dog Bowls When you have a dog in your life, it is natural to always be on the lookout for the best products to make grooming, playtime and feeding a whole lot easier. As you are looking for some of the smartest options available today in terms of feeding bowls, you […]

Raised Dog Feeders With Ceramic Bowls

Cold Weather Coats for Dogs may be a necessity for your family – Does your dog need a winter coat? While your family’s husky or wolf-mix probably doesn’t need a coat these winter, your smaller dogs or shorter haired dogs like greyhounds most probably do. Just like people, dogs need protection from the elements to […]

Cold Weather Coats for Dogs

Dog Bowls To Slow Eating There are many dogs that will have the tendency to quickly devour their food when they are given their meal, especially certain breeds like the Labrador Retriever. Pets that do eat their food rapidly will be a lot more likely to have a number of ailments that are related to […]

Dog Bowls For Slow Eating UK

Pet Grooming Tools Dogs Looking for the best pet grooming tools? As a pet lover I am sure you know the importance of grooming. Not only does it keep your fury little friend nice and clean, but it also helps them stay healthy. Grooming your dog is the perfect time to inspect for lumps and […]

Best Pet Grooming Tools

How to Cut Dogs Nails Safely Many dog owners do not understand the necessity of cutting dog nails. Your dog needs his nails kept trim and tidy to avoid complications. This procedure should be part of a regular grooming routine. If your dog is walked regularly on pavement or something similar in most cases their […]

Guide to Cutting Dog Nails

Shopping For Long Eared Dog Bowls If you happen to have a dog in your family that has long ears, it is important that you are able to find the best food and water accessories for ease of feeding. Long eared dogs feeding bowls will give you exactly what you need to make sure that […]

Dog Bowls For Long Eared Dogs

Unique, Cool Dog Beds for Your Fur Babies Unique dog beds not only provide a comfortable place for your dog to relax and sleep, but they add a touch of whimsical decor to your home as well. You will find some fun and unique dog beds for your fur babies here in a variety of […]

Unique Dog Beds

Wicker Basket Beds For Your Four Legged Family Member Whether you want to buy something for your dog for a holiday gift, or just because, there is nothing quite like the beauty and function of wicker dog basket beds. When you set up a traditional wicker bed for your dog, you will be offering him […]

Wicker Dog Basket Beds UK

My Personal Recommendation for Great Vacuums if You Love Doggies Choosing the best vacuum for dog hair is important because being a dog owner brings special challenges to anyone who wants to keep their house clean. I know that as much as I love my little dog Violet, and as much as I love my […]

Best Vacuums for Dog Hair

Best Nail Grinders for Dogs Reviews A dog nail grinder is ideal for getting your dog’s nails to the desired length, if they have become too long. They are often safer than clipping the nails, because they don’t cut the quick. Once your dog’s nails are at a desired length, then you can use dog […]

Dog Nail Grinders

Guide to Buying Dog Clippers Online Featured here are some of the best professional grade dog grooming clippers for dogs and pets. These clippers are for home or business use and are available at discount prices. They include the 3 highest rated clipper brands; Andis, Oster & Wahl. Informational videos are referenced below. Trying to […]

Dog Grooming Clippers Reviews