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Clipping Dog Nails & Hair Correctly Grooming Your Dog – Clipping & Trimming Dog Nails & Hair Featured here with reviews are some of the best dog clippers and trimmers for pets to buy online. Informational videos on how to trim your animals hair and nails are referenced below. Owning a dog is a joy […]

Dog Clippers, Trimmers & Grinders

Cave Beds for Dogs A Dog Cave Bed features a soft bed with a hooded cover that resembles a little cave. Your dog or puppy can snuggle under it for warmth and peace and quiet, from the busyness of your household. Dogs and cats alike will enjoy these dog cave beds and you have a […]

Dog Cave Beds

Cool Home Aquariums You will find many extraordinarily cool fish tanks and aquariums here for your home and office! From a discount fish tank to a cool freshwater aquarium and so many others! Aquariums offer a relaxing atmosphere that has been proven to reduce high blood pressure in some people who enjoy watching fish daily. […]

Cool Fish Tanks & Aquariums

Spill Proof Dog Bowls A spill proof dog bowl prevents water and food from getting all over your floors and not only making a mess but prevents your floors getting damaged. Even if your precious pup doesn’t spill his bowl, there are those pups that drool. These handy dandy spill proof dog bowls can also […]

Spill Proof Dog Bowls

Wireless Dog & Pet Invisible Fences Wireless Dog & Pet Fence Reviews Whether you choose an underground electric fence system for your dog, or another wireless dog fence, this is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your dog safe in your own yard. Dogs are naturally curious and they love to explore any area […]

Wireless Dog Fences

Andis Clippers for Dogs Reviews Best Hair Clippers & Trimmers for Dogs Coupons & discounts on Andis dog clippers & accessories referenced below If you are looking to buy the best top rated dog clippers, then the Andis range of clippers are the ones. These clippers are top of the line! Dog grooming at home […]

Andis Dog Clippers & Blades

Heated Beds & Houses for Dogs & Cats Heated pet beds keep your cats, dogs, and other small pets, warm no matter how cold your home gets. Use these year around to keep your fur babies warm, comfortable and happy. Provide warm beds or heated houses for your pets in a variety of rooms throughout […]

Heated Pet Beds

Team Sports Collars, Leashes, Apparel & Supplies for Dogs Show off your pride for your favorite sports teams with these sports dog collars and team products for dogs! You’ll find cool sports team collars, leases, harnesses, dog clothes, toys, dog bowls, and so much more featured here. These products also make great gifts for the […]

Sports Dog Collars, Leashes & Apparel

Raised Center & Elevated Dog & Puppy Food Bowls Elevated Feeding Bowls & Pet Food Bowls with Raised Centers for Dogs & Puppies Elevated dog bowls and raised pet bowls are ideal for feeding multiple puppies and large dogs. They have a raised center to keep the food at the outer edge where puppies can […]

Raised Center & Elevated Dog Bowls

Keep Pets Happy & Safe with a Portable Playpen! Whether you use a pet playpen indoors or outdoors, it’s a great way to keep pets safe and secure during large gatherings, unfamiliar territory, or when other pets visit your home. Take a portable pet playpen with you when you travel, so your pet can still […]

Portable Pet Playpens

We love our dogs – we love our cats – we love our birds and other pets too! But we don’t love the messes they make in the house! I am a total pet lover – but I know that the downside of their sweet lives are hairs, smells and dander. Cats scratch, dogs chew […]

House Cleaning for Pet Owners

Collegiate Team Clothing For Pets Alumni, friends of a college or university, or current students and fans across a particular state love to show off their collegiate team spirit by wearing the school colors and logos. Our beloved pets don’t want to get left out of the action. Collegiate team clothing for pets allows everyone […]

Collegiate Team Clothing For Pets

Shopping For Dog Coats For Small Dogs When you are a proud pet owner, you always want to have the best of everything for your furry friend. This will mean ensuring their comfort no matter where you go, including walks in the park, playing in the yard or even for a trip to the veterinarian’s […]

Dog Coats For Small Dogs

Fashionable Dog Coats For Large Dogs You may have noticed a lot of pet owners buy their smaller breed dogs fancy dog coats. However, you should know that there are a lot of different styles available in dog coats for large dogs as well. All you have to do is look at your favorite local […]

Dog Coats For Large Dogs

Chew Proof Dog Beds Chew proof dog beds are specifically made for those dogs and pups that are ferocious chewers. Dogs Chew Period. That’s what they do, especially teething puppies. And boy oh boy, can they chew anything and everything in their path. As dog parents we want our “babies” to be comfortable. We go […]

Chew Proof Dog Beds

Selecting A Portable Playpen For Dogs A pen can offer up a wonderful space for your dog to move around in a controlled manner without having to be tied up. This is a nice alternative to a crate and it can sometimes be used as a way to help train your dog or even keep […]

Portable Playpen For Dogs

Toys and Gifts for Cats – Cat Toys Make Kitties Happy! Since I’m a cat lover myself I will tell you that I love to pamper my furry babies and I love to watch them play. Playing with a kitty bonds them to you. Also – if you have great climbing toys and cat trees […]

Toys and Gifts for Cats

Sugar Skull Pet Products Your amazing fur baby will surely love their new sugar skull items. The dog beds are great for your pups or yourselves. Choose from one of the cute water bowls that have as much character as your pet, or try one of the leashes that will show off how cool you […]

Sugar Skull Pet Products

You’ll Enjoy These Cool Bird Cages! Bird cages are not only practical places for your pet birds to live, but they can add some cool and funky decor to your home, as well. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a bird cage for your bird is whether or not the bird has ample […]

Cool Bird Cages

Why Choose Dog Beds That Are Raised Off The Floor If you are a dog owner, you need to be able to find the best possible bed for your pet to enjoy around the house. While there are a wide variety of bedding options that you can pick from, you should know that there are […]

Dog Beds That Sit Off The Floor

Cat Climbing Shelves If you are the proud cat owner, you already know just how much these four-legged creatures love climbing and finding areas that are high up where they can view all of the action that is going on in the home. Cats are well known for loving the ability to lounge around and […]

Wall Shelves For Cats To Climb On

Buying A Window Perch For Your Cat Having a cat as your pet means making sure that you have plenty of accessories and necessities so that your four legged family member is happy and healthy. While observing some of the characteristics of your cat, you may notice that he or she likes to get up […]

Window Perch For Cats

Great Dog Toys for All Dogs No matter what kind of dog you have, you can find the perfect dog toy for them. There are toys to throw, hide and otherwise be silly with. It is important for dogs to play. It is great exercise for them so it is good for their bodies, and […]

Great Dog Toys all Dogs love

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Showcased here are some of the best squirrel proof bird feeders you can buy! If you enjoy feeding backyard birds, but are tired of the squirrels and the large crows and other birds eating all of the food, then the solution to that is a squirrel proof bird feeder. You can […]

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Victorian Birdhouse A Victorian Birdhouse is not only a welcoming place for the neighborhood birds but also a work of art in your backyard. They are a detailed version of many Victorian style homes that are in many neighborhoods and make a wonderful home for nesting birds. Victorian Birdhouse A birdhouse provides shelter for the […]

Victorian Birdhouses

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders There’s something special about watching birds flying through your backyard. A great way to keep the birds coming back is by having a bird feeder as a welcoming gesture. Though we want to feed the birds, we also need to keep the squirrels, crows and other unwelcome guests from eating their […]

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel Feeder Like any other woodland creature, Squirrels can be fun to watch as they run, jump and climb trees and fences throughout your yard. Squirrels can be playful litter critters, the squirrels in my yard run along my fence teasing my dogs as they chase them. As much fun as they are to watch, […]

Squirrel Feeders

What is the best indoor rabbit house When you are someone who is considering a rabbit as a pet, you should think about the proper housing indoors. Keeping a good indoor rabbit house available for your pet will be a nice way to make sure that your bunny is not only protected from predators, but […]

Best Indoor Rabbit House

Take Your Dog Camping You don’t have to leave your dog at home when you go camping, or visit the lake or on vacation. Many national and state parks allow pets, with a few rules of course. There are some hints and tips to making your camping trip comfortable and easy for both you and […]

Camping With Your Dog

Pens for All Types of Pets from Mice to Dogs I’ve always wanted to take my guinea pig outside, so she can enjoy the grass and nice weather, but I have always been afraid to. I was always afraid she would escape or get snatched up by a dog before I could stop it, and […]

Pet Play Pens – Safe Fun for Small Pets

Coolaroo Steel Framed Pet Beds -Raised Dog Beds for All Sizes of Dogs – Excellent Elevated Dog Beds I have found that elevated dog beds offer the best comfort and protection for dogs all year round. Dogs really need protection from the elements, so I was really happy to learn about the Coolaroo Steel dog […]

Raised Dog Beds Help Your Dogs Year Round

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Indoor Heated Cat Bed Admittedly, cats love to be warm. They cherish a warm, cozy place to nap. If you have a cat, it is not unusual to walk into a room and find your feline friend curled up in the sunniest spot. Cats will go to any […]

Indoor Heated Cat Bed