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The Best Dog Collars with Lights Dog Collars with Lights are one way we can provide safetyfor our pets with greater assurance. Tell your dog you love him/her with a dog safety light collar. You will be so glad you did this simple thing for your loving pet. Pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Dogs […]

Best Dog Collars with Lights
Personalized Dog Bowls

Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowls Personalized dog bowls are perfect pet people who really love their dog. Personalized dog bowls come in a variety of styles to choose from. No matter what kind of dog you have a princess, a pitbull or just a plain old mutt you can find a personalized dog bowl to fit […]

Personalized Dog Bowls

Watch Funny Animal videos and see these crazy and silly animals do some funny things. Take a little bit of the stress out of your life and have a few laughs. Animals can sometimes be caught doing some weird things. When you are lucky enough to capture those funny things on video, watch out, tons […]

Watch Funny Animals on Video

  Butterflies Are Blooming At Zazzle Today and Everyday This is the largest butterfly store with over 9000 butterfly products for sale and growing daily. Be sure to check back often to see what is new. I am featuring MANY of my most popular butterfly products, such as Mousepads, Stickers and more! We also have […]

Butterflies Are Nature Visions

How to Keep Costs Down and Still Love your Cat In a struggling economy, most people who find themselves with a tightening budget look for expenses to cut back or eliminate in order to save money. They prioritize the parts of their life that are most necessary or valuable to them, and trim away the […]

Economizing on your Cat

You brought a new cat home from the shelter. You couldn’t resist its fuzzy, inquisitive little face – but now what? As a new cat owner, here’s a crash course in caring for your new pet. 1. Go to the vet before doing anything else. The first thing you should do, even before you bring […]

Cat Care 101 – 7 Tips for New Cat Owners

A warmer than usual winter means more fleas and ticks. And an even hotter summer is predicted making the possibility for infestations even worse. As two of the most common parasites found, fleas and ticks are also some of the most difficult to avoid. With ticks thriving in nearly any condition and fleas more apparent […]

Enjoy a Flea and Tick Free Spring This Year

Most dog owners need to confront the issue of fleas and ticks at some point. For some, this means dealing with infestations. For others, it means being diligent about monthly flea and tick medications. Because fleas and ticks cause irritation and disease in dogs, pose health risks to humans and are usually more expensive to […]

Proper Use of Flea and Tick Medications

As a dog groomer, you have the opportunity to play an important role in identifying and preventing flea and tick problems in dogs. Good groomers can identify signs of flea infestation, find and remove ticks safely and correctly apply topical preventative medications. By working to combat flea and tick problems, you can significantly improve the […]

Flea and Tick Basics for Dog Groomers

As the warmer months approach, pet owners need to take action against fleas and ticks. These pests are not only annoying, but they also spread disease and can cause other health problems such as anemia. In addition, they bite people as well as dogs, so fleas and ticks can put your family in danger. Fortunately, […]

Spring Is Flea and Tick Season – Are you Ready
Animal Heroes War Stories

Animal Heroes Animal Heroes. Jane Bingham (War Stories) is NONFICTION – JUVENILE: Biography, Autobiography & History:   written by Jane Bingham. In ancient times horses and dogs were used in battles. In India, elephants were used in war and pigs were used against the elephants because the elephants were afraid of pigs. In the deserts of Arabia, […]

Animal Heroes
Pet Mice

Pet mice are fairly common, they are easy to care for and tame well. There is a dizzying array of colors available. Pet mice are a fairly social animal and enjoy the company of their own species. It’s important not to put two males together that have bred females as they will probably fight. Housing […]

Pet Mice

Honey badgers might not care, but when a celebrity shows up wearing a honey badger t-shirt people sure do. Honey badger tees are really popular right now. I even saw someone on Twitter willing to sell their soul for a honey badger tee. (I’m rewording their tweet just a bit.) At Zazzle, you’ll find all […]

Honey Badger Tees and Gifts

The Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, also known as SCPR and So Cal Pom Rescue, is a group of compassionate volunteers dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned pomeranias. The Southern California Pomeranian Rescue does not have a shelter and relies on a small group of volunteers to foster the pomeranians until they can find a FURever […]

Southern California Pomeranian Rescue
Chicken Trivia

I love chickens, and I find chicken trivia to be especially amusing. I think chickens are endlessly fascinating and fun birds, and I am always captivated by the chickens’ social interactions. I have assembled several chicken facts, along with some great chicken themed gifts from my store, Chicken Dance. These items make great gifts for […]

Chicken Trivia and Chicken Themed Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Ode to Knut Knut the Polar Bear created quite a fuss in in his short life.  Born in captivity, Knut was rejected by his mother, resulting in his being raised by humans at the Berlin Zoo where he lived.  This in itself was controversial, in that some animal rights activists objected, arguing that he should […]

Knut the Polar Bear

Unique Baby Outfits For Your Infant Ruscal Nature Designs brings you the cutest baby outfits!  If you like cute animal art, you will love these cool baby outfits. Each design is available on a creeper, an organic onesie, a short sleeve t-shirt, or a long sleeve t-shirt. Every item can also be customized or personalized […]

Unique Baby Outfits

Christmas ornaments gone wild! Add a little bit of wild to your Christmas tree this year with  Zebra Print Ornaments! These Zebra Print Ornaments look great hanging on the Christmas tree, especially on a black and white, jungle animals or Zebra theme Christmas tree. Customizable These Zebra Print Ornaments are fully customizable. You can add text and/or a […]

Zebra Print Ornaments
Drama Llama T-shirt

Do you know a drama llama … or perhaps you’ve been told (once or twice) that you might be one yourself? Be kind and give a heads-up to the folks around you with this unique “Warning! Drama Llama!” t-shirt or hat. For those who need to broadcast the warning at work, the Drama Llama coffee […]

Save the Drama for Your T-shirt! Great Drama Llama Shirts and Gear!
Stuffed Animal Speakers for Boys and Girls

What young animal lover wouldn’t like to listen to music using one of these stuffed animal speakers? These adorable animal speakers make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas or just to say “I love you” any time. Both boys and girls would love them. Click one of these cuties into your mp3 player and listen […]

Stuffed Animal Speakers

Bearded dragons are a great choice for a pet lizard. Bearded dragons are a medium sized lizard and have basic care requirements. Selecting a healthy bearded dragon from a reputable dealer or private breeder is the best way to go when purchasing a Bearded Dragon. Before bringing your Bearded Dragon home have a cage set […]

Know Your Bearded Dragon
funny dog tee

All Kinds of Funny Dog T-Shirts Looking for a Funny Dog T-Shirt?  Dogs are loved by everyone everywhere in the world. Big dogs.  Little dogs.  Hyper dogs, and lazy dogs.  Black dogs, white dogs and everything in between.   If you own a dog or know someone who does, then get them or yourself a […]

Funny Dog T-Shirts

Heart worms in dogs are easily prevented.  Heart worms are transmitted by mosquitos. Dogs can be put on a once a month chewable preventative. Compared to the expense of having your pet treated for heart worms, it is extremely cost effective.  A large dog heart worm treatment can easily cost you up towards a thousand […]

Heartworms–Please Have Your Pet on a Heartworm Preventative!

Raising Bearded Dragons has been a hobby of mine for over 12 years and the most exciting time is breeding season. A Bearded Dragon female will lay between 15 and 30 eggs at one time so you can expect to have lots of baby dragons running around. Being prepared before the Bearded Dragon lays her […]

Incubating and Hatching Bearded Dragon Eggs

There are two must haves every year if you own horses. You must have a valid coggins test, your vet has to draw blood usually from the horse’s neck and it is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed and tested for Equine Infectious Anemia, as the old timer’s would say “Swamp Fever”.  A highly […]

Coggins Testing and Yearly Vaccinations for Horses
Crested gecko

    Crested geckos have become extremely popular as pets in the last few years. A lot of this is due to their endearing nature and ease of care in captivity.  One of the easiest ways to bring out the best in your crested gecko and indeed any reptile you keep is to make your […]

Crested Geckos Vivariums
Rat pup

There are lots of options for picking out rat cages. First you should understand a little about what pet rats really like in a home. Rats are very intelligent and need to have things to stimulate them. Climbing is lots of fun for rats, having tubes to crawl through and places to hide and sneak […]

The Best Types of Rat Cages

My name is Ally and I work at a very busy small town Vet clinic as a vet tech.  I LOVE my job.  I have always wanted to work with “critters”.   I work for a “full service” veterinarian, and as the title might  suggest we work with all animals, reptiles, wildlife, avian, and whatever else […]

Posts From An Animal Lover