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Framed Art Print -Favorite Wolf Art Beautiful full color Wolves framed art prints and pictures for decorating the walls of your bedroom, den, office or living room. All of these art prints come framed with beautiful museum or gallery quality frames and featuring the most beautiful wolves artwork from great artists. If you love wolves […]

Framed Art Print -Wolf Art Prints

Fancy contemporary art? Fancy jazz? Well then! We have something in common. Let me introduce you to a wonderful contemporary artist who captures famous African-Americans entertainers, mostly jazz (or soul and R&B) musicians, with his own unique style and flair. In other words, he makes them look even jazzier. Via Pinterest, my blogs, and sites […]

Gifts for Art Lovers : The Art of Clifford Faust

I’ve been fascinated by Salvador Dali’s art ever since I first saw his renowned piece, The Persistence of Memory, at the the Museum of Modern Art in New York when I was a youngster. Something about those melting clocks… I didn’t know too much about art back then, I was just a child. But I […]

Salvador Dali Fine Art and Collectibles

About Peter Max Peter Max is a German-born American graphic artist and illustrator. He is best known for his use of psychedelic shapes and bold, saturated colors. His immense and diverse body of work has been exhibited in museums all over the world. Born on October 9th, this Libra artist is one of the most […]

Peter Max Fine Art Posters and Prints

Cat Art To Admire And Enjoy Humans have a long standing relationship with cats. They influence our lives in big ways (and sometimes completely run our lives). It’s only natural that we’d enjoy pictures of them. Here is some cat art for you to consider. Whether you want photos, whimsical drawings or figurines, you’ll find […]

Cats In Art: Beautiful Cat Art

Cows In Art Whether you consider them majestic animals or just cute, cows are pretty amazing creatures. It only makes sense that cow appear in our artwork. Here is some cow art for you to consider. Whether you want photos, whimsical drawings or figurines, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on […]

Cow Art: Cows In Art & Paintings

Magnets are a great way to show off your interests and decorate a kitchen or office, or any room that has something metal to put them on. The great thing about magnets is you can change them up very easily. Which means you can add or remove some based on the seasons, your current interests, […]

Fairy & Floral Magnets
Urban Industrial Factory Scene

I love to visit and photograph urban industrial and factory scenes. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA, from the early 1980’s through the early 1990’s while attending graduate school, and then working. It was a time of great change in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, as steel mills and factories closed and the economy went through some great […]

Urban Industrial and Factory Scenes Posters and Prints

Do you send out Christmas Cards? I know many people do. Some like to also send a family picture with their card.  I have some cards on here you might like to send this year.   Christmas Tree and Snowflakes Tree Design Christmas Card You can view these and more cards at my Zazzle store: […]

Christmas Cards

Excellent Dragon Posters Dragon Posters rock.  If you are a fan of fantasy images and stories, then you should own a Dragon Poster.  A Dragon poster can spruce up just about any play room or garage.  You can get just a portrait of a cool Dragon, or you can have a wicked poster showing a […]

Awesome Dragon Posters