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In my lifetime, I have learned, that no matter how smart or intelligent a person is, if you give them the wrong information – they will probably screw up whatever it is they are doing. If they were writers or bloggers, wrote about it, and circulated their writings? Well! Just let your imagination run wild! […]

Gift Ideas for Writers or Bloggers
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What are blogs? When blogs were first initiated, they were expected to represent personalized diaries of individuals preserving it. But as the technology developed, blogs became one of fewer initial programs to adopt web 2.0 technology. Nowadays, blogs are utilized for many other motives like personal journals, professional blogs and for boosting our important websites […]

Contextual Backlinks – Blogs Used for Link Building

Some people are calling Zurker Facebook’s newest rival. What’s so great about Zurker? Unlike Facebook, the users own Zurker. That’s right, the users, like you and me. Zurker is a unique innovative approach to social networking. It’s user based, user driven, and user owned. It’s a brilliant concept, and one that may just propel Zurker to […]

Zurker – Expected to Rival Facebook – Own a Piece of It

The Wonder of Your Love, A Book Review The Wonder of Your Love is an  Amish Romance story by Beth Wiseman. Katie Ann lives in Colorado with her 2 month old son Jonas. Her husband Ivan had died in an auto accident after he had left Katie Ann for an Englisher woman, Lucy, who lived […]

The Wonder of Your Love

Long Trail Home, A Book Review Long Trail Home is a western Romance, A Morgan Family Series, written by Vickie Mc Donough. It is set in Waco, Texas 1858. Annie is a small girl who is being forced to be a pick pocket by her dad who is a  thief and gambler. Her dad had told her […]

Long Trail Home
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Tall, Dark and Determined, A Book Review Tall, Dark and Determined is the 2nd book in Husbands for Hire  Series by Kelly Eileen Hake. The Story takes place in Hope Falls, Colorado Territory  June 1887. Chase Dustan is trying to find out about a mine cave in that had killed his brother-in-law.  He hears that […]

Tall, Dark and Determined