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There are Lots of Seuss Treasures Beyond that Rascal of a Cat! The scampish and memorable Cat in the Hat needs to be part of everyone’s reading – even if you are not a kid. Or a cat But Dr. Seuss wrote all kinds of great books and it would be a treasure if they […]

Beyond the Cat and the Hat – Dr. Seuss Treasures Everyone should Know

Gertrude Gumshoe- the Delightful adventures of the Geriatric Detective by Robin Merrill Gertrude the detective is the crazy cat lady with a purpose – she loves to solve crimes! This cozy mystery series is the one I have been waiting for – not too gory or spooky, full of humor and with endearing characters. Gertrude […]

Gertrude Gumshoe- the Delightful adventures of the Geriatric Detective

Christmas Books Every Adult Needs to Read If you think Christmas time is only for children, you are wrong. Sometimes just picking up a Christmas book will make the season come alive. No time is better to read great books than Christmastime. It is cold outside, the season makes you turn inside anyway. And of […]

Christmas Books Grown-ups need to Read

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Novels Did you know that there’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer tie-in novels that fill in some of the gaps in the seasons with what what might have been? There are. Some of these novels are good and very enjoyable, some of them are okay, some of them are real stinkers. If […]

Buffy Vampire Slayer novels

Vintage Car Lovers Stress Relieving Designs for Relaxation and Fun Work Out The Stress With Coloring Pages. Vintage and Muscle Car lovers and enthusiasts can sit down and pull out their coloring pencils while they drain those daily frustrations and create their own work of art. Original Illustrations. We’ve included 25 images so you can […]

Muscle Cars Classic Trucks Vintage Hot Rods Adult Coloring Book

Fractured Fairy Tales Bring a Tickle to Our Beloved Fairy Tales We have been telling tales since the beginning of time. Ancient people would hover around the roaring fire and tell of their friends and their foes – and they were not afraid to use magic to explain. What are traditionally known as fairy tales […]

Fractured Fairy Tales

Anne Tyler is one of my favorite authors. Award winning fiction writer Anne Tyler is a real inspiration to me as a writer.She was one of the first authors to show me that a novel that honestly showed ordinary people’s lives could actually be an agent of change. I always feel so emotionally moved when […]

Anne Tyler Novels

Sometimes I am lucky enough to read a great book that stays with me. The Beach Trees was such a read. I still miss the friends I met in that book. I wanted it go on and on and on. The Beach Trees is written by Karen White. Karen has written 16 books and a […]

Great Summer Reading – The Beach Trees

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, now you can relax while coloring in sweet dog pictures. I have only just finished completing this book. It must be at least six years ago that I first wanted to create my own range of adult coloring books, and only now have I finally gotten the […]

Relax With Cute Dogs Adult Coloring Book – Delivered To You

Books that Children love even though they learn something! Kids love to read! Especially when they are exposed to reading in the right way. I love to read! I am sure I was reading – right at my birth,but it wasn’t much after that. I was lucky enough to be read to daily by my […]

Books Kids Need and Love to Read

The king is dead. Two men were framed for his murder. The plan might have worked if Royce and Hadrian weren’t the ones they tried to set up. Riyria Revelations is a trilogy written by best-selling author Michael J. Sullivan. Sullivan’s Dynamic Duo team ~ Royce Melborn, a skilled thief (who is also an assassin), […]

Good Reads: The Riyria Book Series by Michael J. Sullivan

Halloween Books for Children Halloween books for children are just one more way to celebrate the coolest part of the year: Halloween! Kids love books, and Halloween gives lots of opportunities for interesting stories for kids of all ages. We are getting away from books in a frightening speed. Please read to or with your […]

Halloween Books for Children

Lois Lenski – Children’s Illustrator, Children’s Author Lois Lenski: gave voice to many American children and delighted all of them. Lois Lenski was one of my favorite children’s authors, and I think she certainly deserves to be better known. Although Lois Lenski was born at the turn of the century: in 1893 in Springfield, Ohio, […]

Lois Lenski Books

That fabulous Cat in the Hat was worth at least two visits! All Dr. Seuss books are my favorites! The Cat in the Hat is one of the most famous characters that Dr. Seuss created, and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is a delightful continuation of the madcap havoc that Dr. Seuss created […]

Cat and the Hat and the Cat and the Hat Came Back

Cookbooks that Feature Only Fat Free Recipes After buying a large assortment of Fat Free Cookbooks, I feel that the family of Fat Free Cookbooks by Sandra Woodruff are by far the best. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and delicious, but she also includes other hints, tips and information that is good […]

How to Cook the Fat Free Way!

Gifts for Kids Who Like to Read Reading is a fundamental lifetime skill. Children and kids of all ages need to develop strong reading skills as early as possible. A child who reads early in their lifetime is likely to become a lifelong reader and learner. There are many different types of reading of books […]

Gifts for Kids Who Like to Read

Best Coming of Age Novels It is a special amazing time when a boy becomes a man or a girl becomes a woman, and coming of age novels coming age novel a novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education. These are also called initiation or bildungsroman, and are a novels dealing with […]

Best Coming of Age Novels

Have always enjoyed learning about Greek myths and legends. Are you familiar with the harpies? “In Greek mythology, the Harpies were monstrous bird-like creatures with a woman’s face. Believers thought they acted at the behest of the gods, carried out acts of vengeance and were snatchers of human souls.” Quote Source: Soul Snatchers Versus Soul […]

Good Reads: Learn About Greek Mythology

It’s October and in America we will be celebrating Halloween at the end of the month. Horror movies are not my favorite movie genre, but on October 31st, an exception is made. Sometimes being scared out of your wits is just plain old fun! If you aren’t into movies but you don’t mind reading a […]

Good Reads: Peter Ackroyd Writes Ghost Stories

There are three things surely everyone knows about spices. – One: Spices make food tastes really good! – Two: Spices help you appreciate various cultures through their unique cuisines. – Three: Spices have a fascinating history. But there’s something else you might like to know about spices. According to Tilo, the Mistress of Spices: “Each […]

Good Reads: The Mistress of Spices: A Novel and a Movie

Would you rather? Do you like to respond to “would you rather” questions? They can be fun and can reveal a lot about your likes, dislikes and personality. For example: Would you rather read a book than watch a film? Whereas most would likely answer book or film, my response would be: “Uh! (O.o) How […]

Good Reads: Dark Days, Dark Nights : Intro to the Writings of Gretta Curran Browne

Are you an admirer of Charles Dickens and also a loyal reader of murder mysteries? The two books mentioned below come highly recommended by many readers, book club members, and book review bloggers who love murder and suspense thrillers and fictional crime series. These particular books are categorized under a genre known as “cozy mystery” […]

Good Reads: Dickens Junction Mystery Series

In the mood for an intense read? You could get engrossed in a heady romance novel or bury your face in two compelling mystery thrillers with just the right amount of suspense to make your heart race and keep you on the edge of your seat. ♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦ A strong-minded intelligent beauty and a new […]

Good Reads: Two Thrillers and One Romance

Do you enjoy mysteries? Do you enjoy it when history is made interesting instead of just being tested on how well you can recall dates, events and names of people and places? Think you might like reading an historical mystery series? (Written for young readers but nobody has to know you’re an adult. One of […]

Good Reads: The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence

Great Books that Make Great Movies I wonder if the authors of a great book dream to believe they will someday make a great movie! There are so many wonderful movies that have been spawned as books, and one of my favorite pleasures is reading a movie and then reading the book that inspired it, […]

Great Books that Made Great Movies

Have always loved most things vintage. Have to define “vintage” in case you happen to be about the age of one of my kids. Vintage for them might be circa 1980 or 1990, and they may think vintage for me would be circa 1880 or 1890. Not so. Vintage, by my definition, is back in […]

Good Reads: Vintage Books

Get The Best Kids Books To Teach Sharing Take a look at these kids books that can help kids learn how to share. Teaching kids the virtues of sharing is certainly very important for their school life and social life. It is certainly more pleasant when kids know how to share and play amicably as […]

Best Kids Books Teaching Kids How To Share

I’m a Devoted Fan of Elsie Lee Elsie Lee is an author that I keep on my bookshelf to read over and over. I never seem to tire of her intelligent, witty heroines. I discovered Elsie Lee back in the 1960s and 1970s, when romantic suspense novels were big sellers with Mary Stewart publishing titles […]

Elsie Lee – Romantic Suspense and Historical Fiction Author

The State of Mississippi Needs a State Poem It is true that not all the states in the USA have a State Poem, but I do not know of another state that has a poet such as Patricia Neely-Dorsey who loves her Mississippi. She sure doesn’t keep it a secret and will proudly tell anyone […]

What Does Mississippi Need?
Do You Actually Know Who Wrote These Famous Novels?

Do You Actually Know Who Wrote These Famous Novels? There are so many famous novels written by legendary writers. Many of these works are classics, read from middle school to college, each with it’s own message. You may have read many of these novels, or alternately, seen the movies. In this quiz you’ll try match the […]

Do You Actually Know Who Wrote These Famous Novels?

Harry Potter Flourish And Blotts Flourish and Blotts is the place to go when you need to get magical books. Are you a witch or wizard heading to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Or, are you just looking to dabble in the magical world? No, matter what the reason, you will need to take […]

Harry Potter Books

Like to read autobiographies or biographies? Reading about the lives of other people has always been a source of inspiration for me and no doubt it is the same way for other people too. In fact, if a person is suffering from depression one of the suggested activities to uplift their spirit and pull them […]

Good Reads: Inspiring Biographies