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Anyone who has done even scant research on John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892 – 1973) knows that even though he was a very private man, there is no shortage of biographical information about this famous British writer and medievalist. Hardcover, paperback, digital and audio books, letters, and other materials abound. His son, Christopher Tolkien, was […]

Good Reads: Gifts for the Tolkien Enthusiast
The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do Book Review. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do written by Bruce Lee. Considered to be the official handbook of Jeet Kune Do, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do was written entirely by Bruce Lee in his own words and he even draw all of the illustrations throughout the book. The Tao of Jeet Kune […]

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The best selling books 2012 is an article about best-sellers for bookworms. I consider my self one. The best selling books 2012 list is packed with books of various genres. I may love some of those and there are sure many books I can’t read through, even though I told you I am really a […]

The Best Selling Books 2012

Bill Staton suggests we look at Dividends The America’s Finest Company Investment Plan revolves around dividends. Bill Staton writes a very empathic case for long term investing in  dividend paying stocks. His plan is to find companies with regular and rising dividend payments and then invest in them. Staton reasons that these companies are well […]

The America’s Finest Companies Investment Plan (Book Review)

Best Friends with God, A Review Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God Who Loves You is an adult nonfiction written by Christy Bower. The book tells us how we all suffer at times thinking we are unlovable or that God loves the world but not individual people. The travelers on the […]

Best Friends With God
book bag

The Healing, A Book Review The Healing is a book of Amish romance written by Wanda E.Brunstetter. Samuel Fisher’s pregnant wife, Elsie has fallen down the steps and died leaving Samuel with 4 small children. When Samuel is buried in grief he decides it will be best for him and the children if he moves […]

The Healing
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Along Wooded Paths  Along Wooded Paths is an Amish romance by Tricia Goyer. It takes place in Montana. Marianna, her parents, and all the siblings except Levi who had left the Amish faith, had moved from Indiana to Montana. Marianna had left her boyfriend, Aaron Zook, behind and when she was to return to Indiana […]

Along Wooded Paths
Hook Line and Sinker

Book Review:  Hook, Line, and Sinker Hook, Line and Sinker is a  Deep Haven Novella written by Susan May Warren. Abigail has majored in Greek at the Christian college she attended and now has taken a job in the fall of tutoring the others students. Ross is a senior in the same college and they […]

Hook,Line and Sinker

    Book Review:  The Lucado Inspirational Reader The Lucado Inspirational Reader is written by Max Lucado, New York Times Best -Selling Author. The book is written for hope and encouragement for your everyday life. It is the very best quotes and anecdotes of Lucado all put in one book, to give you a reminder […]

The Lucado Inspirational Reader

  Stained Glass Hearts Patsy Clairmont has written several books. She tends to have a knack for making people laugh and is  a Women of Faith Speaker so she is well known. Stained Glass Hearts is a more serious  book.  It deals with having a brokenness to us. She compares our lives to stained glass […]

Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont

Kelsey’s Song Kelsey’s Song is an Adult fiction, contemporary romance by Lanie Kincaid. It is first in a series. Kelsey is a young single mom who lives in Nashville, TN. She has a daughter Allie, and  has raised a nephew, Daniel.  Her brother Andrew, committed suicide.  She works from home  writing home loans. She meets […]

Kelsey’s Song
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The Grace of God The Grace of God is a book explaining that God’s grace has been here since the beginning of time. Andy Stanley uses the Bible to back this statement. Grace is never just enough. Grace is always far more than enough. Grace in its purest form can have no strings attached. Grace […]

The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

It’s A Wonderful Life It’s a Wonderful Life is a Juvenile Fiction novel by Jesse Goossens. Anne’s friends are going on a trip to Salu but Anne is taking a trip from Netherlands to visit family in America. The story tells of her few weeks in America and all the people she meets while she […]

It’s a Wonderful Life
Somewhere to Belong

Book Review:  Somewhere to Belong Somewhere to Belong is the first of the Daughters of Amana series written by Judith Miller. Amana, Iowa is the home of a colony of plain people in March 1877. Johanna Ilg  had lived in Amana all of her 21 years with her parents. Her brother Wilhelm had chosen to […]

Somewhere to Belong
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A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper A Secret Identity is book 2 of the Amish Farm Trilogy by Gayle Roper. Cara Bently, an author, has came to Bird-In Hand, PA in search of some information on the birth family of her Grandfather Bentley (Pops) who had recently died. Pops and Mom Bentley had raised Cara and […]

A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper
punctuation words text collage

Do you have a grammar geek in your life? An editor, a writer, or maybe a favorite professor or teacher … or just a really annoying friend who enjoys whipping out a red pen anytime anyone writes anything? If so, you’ll love these great gift items for your grammar geek: a word collage showing lots […]

Punctuation T-Shirts and Gifts for Grammar Geeks!
Animal Heroes War Stories

Animal Heroes Animal Heroes. Jane Bingham (War Stories) is NONFICTION – JUVENILE: Biography, Autobiography & History:   written by Jane Bingham. In ancient times horses and dogs were used in battles. In India, elephants were used in war and pigs were used against the elephants because the elephants were afraid of pigs. In the deserts of Arabia, […]

Animal Heroes
book bag

Limos, Latte & My Life on the Fringe Limos, Lattes & My Life on the Fringe is a novel  and book four in Real Life series.  Tyler is a junior in high school. She lives with her parents and a half sister  Sunny who is older. Tyler is in a group of other students that […]

Limos, Lattes And My Life on the Fringe by Nancy Rue
Liquid Smoke

 Liquid Smoke Liquid Smoke is an Adult novel,suspense, detective, thriller written by Jeff Shelby. Noah is a private investigator who was visited by an attorney who tried to get him to go to the prison and visit his dad who he had never met. His dad is scheduled to be executed at the end of […]

Liquid Smoke
Captain America The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger is set for release on July 22nd. Promising to be a huge hit with lots of action and good ol Super Hero excitement like all big screen movies should deliver! I just caught my first glimpse of the Captain America First Avenger movie trailer and […]

Captain America: The First Avenger – Movie Gifts

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls make wonderful Christmas gifts or Birthday presents for any child. Child love to read, and whent hey aren’t reading books, they love to play with toys. Find the best books and the best toys for 10 year old children below. Plus link to more […]

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Children
Marian's Christmas Wish

Book Review:  Marian’s Christmas Wish Marian’s Christmas Wish is an Adult Fiction book written by Carla Kelly. Marian Wynswich is almost 17 years old and she lives with her Mother, sister Ariadne, and brother Alistair. Her brother Percy is away from home. Their dad had died about a year before. The two girls are sorting through […]

Marian’s Christmas Wish

Beside Still Waters, A Book Review Beside Still Waters is an Amish Romance Novel by Trisha Goyer. It is the first book about Marianna Sommer and Aaron Zook. It takes place in Montana. Marianna Sommers and her family except Levi, her brother who has let the Amish faith, have moved from Indiana to Montana.  Her […]

Beside Still Waters
The Next Door Boys

Review:  The  Next Door Boys The Next Door Boys is an adult christian fiction book written by Jolene B. Perry. Leigh is a young lady who is going to BYU for her first classes. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer just after her high school graduation and spent the following year with surgery, chemo, […]

The Next Door Boys

 The Harvest Of Grace ( An Ada’s House Series #3) The Harvest of Grace is written by Cindy Woodsmall.  This is book 3 of the series.  It introduces us to a new person Sylvia, who is the oldest of 8 daughters.  Her Daed is a dairy farmer and has allowed Sylvia to work with the cattle […]

The Harvest of Grace ( An Ada’s House Series #3)

Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers Her Daughter’s Dream is a novel, second in series of Marta’s Legacy. Hildamara was in a TB sanitarium for recurrences of tuberculosis. Her husband Trip was struggling to work full time and take care of Charlie and Carolyn.  After a couple of months Trip suggests calling Hildamara’s Mom, Marta, […]

Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers

 A Stranger at Home A Stranger at Home is a true story about an Eskimo girl who had gone to “Outsider School.”  Her name is Olemaun and Margaret to the outsiders.  It is NONFICTION – JUVENILE: Biography, Autobiography & History: Biography & Autobiography written by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak -Fenton. Olemaun has came home […]

A Stranger at Home

Book Review:  Longing Longing (Bailey Flanigan Series)is a novel by Karen Kingsbury. Bailey Flanigan, a young dancer who dances in theater in New York, is home for Thanksgiving and has brought her new boy friend, Brandon with her. Brandon is an actor and very much in love with Bailey but she is still thinking of […]

The Telling

Book Review:  The Telling The Telling is Book Three of The Seasons of Grace written by Beverly Lewis. Lettie Byers has left her husband and family to search for a child given up for adoption twenty-four years ago that only her parents know about. No one else knows why she has left Pennsylvania. Her daughter Grace […]

The Telling
A Widow's Hope

Book Review:  A Widow’s Hope A Widow’s Hope  is the first book of The Miller Family Legacy written by Mary Ellis. Hannah Brown was a young woman whose husband had died two years before leaving her with no children, but a home and a herd of sheep. Hannah had decided to leave Lancaster County, Pennsylvania […]

A Widow’s Hope
Say You'll be Mine

Book Review:  Say You’ll Be Mine Say You’ll Be Mine is a romance written by Julia Amante. Isabel Gallegos is CEO and Co-owner of Gallegos Winery.  Her ex-husband is her partner. Isabel is a workaholic and she is trying to sell the winery and get on with her life.  Just as she meets with buyers […]

Say You’ll Be Mine
The Moralist by John Warley

I don’t know any of us who couldn’t use a good laugh every now and again. I had a great aunt who laughed, made jokes, made others laugh, danced and sang all her life. I remember overhearing a conversation she had with my mom when I was a young child. She said “I might as […]

Need a Good Laugh or Two or Three?