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Technology has moved small business in giant strides away from traditional bookkeeping, accounting and payroll systems. With the economic ease and accessibility of various mobile electronic devices and internet access, a virtual real-time world is at the fingertips of both employers and their workers. No longer is there a necessity for the small business owner […]

Payroll: The Online Service Advantage

Thomas Snider has been in business for himself as a residential & commercial plumber for the past 10 years. Although his business has grown to the point of hiring two additional journeymen, Thomas still struggles to find time in maintaining business and payroll accounting. Like so many other small business owners, Thomas spends most of […]

Audit Proof Records Review

Forbes Magazine reports that of the 28 million small businesses in the United States, over 22 million (nearly 75%) are self-employed individuals with no additional payroll or employees. These would include plumbers, electricians, construction & remodeling workers, painters, landscapers, auto repairmen, beauticians and freelance professional services. More than half of these businesses are home-based and […]

What Is Audit Proof Records?

Bill Staton suggests we look at Dividends The America’s Finest Company Investment Plan revolves around dividends. Bill Staton writes a very empathic case for long term investing in  dividend paying stocks. His plan is to find companies with regular and rising dividend payments and then invest in them. Staton reasons that these companies are well […]

The America’s Finest Companies Investment Plan (Book Review)

When you first begin trading stocks, you might be interested in finding specific tips about hot stocks to purchase. While these tips can be valuable, you need to understand the basics of trading before they will be useful to you. As you begin investing in the stock trading market, consider these six key tips to […]

Six Stock Trading Tips You Should Consider

How to Save Money on Your Student Loans Finding Better Rates and Getting Approved When you’re looking for the most competitive student loans, it helps to know as much as possible about lenders and how they decide things like interest rates. Understanding how loans work from the lender’s perspective makes it much easier to get […]

Save Money with the Best Student Loans

The Truth About School Loans How Private Loans Can be Beneficial for Students College can be extraordinarily expensive, and for most students, paying out-of-pocket would be impossible. Private school loans are a reliable way to pay for tuition and some of the other costs of college once you’ve exhausted all your options for federally-funded student […]

Understanding School Loans

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to refinance and save money, or you’re buying a new home, staying up to date on mortgage trends is important.  It can be all too tempting to hear extremely low rates on television, or see them on the Web.  But before you sign or click anything, it’s best to do […]

Should You Be Informed About Mortgage Trends?

Some people are calling Zurker Facebook’s newest rival. What’s so great about Zurker? Unlike Facebook, the users own Zurker. That’s right, the users, like you and me. Zurker is a unique innovative approach to social networking. It’s user based, user driven, and user owned. It’s a brilliant concept, and one that may just propel Zurker to […]

Zurker – Expected to Rival Facebook – Own a Piece of It

Guide to Understanding Student Loans Finding Help With Your Student Loans Private student loans can seem overwhelming, especially for younger students. For many students, this will be the first loan you ever take out – and it may well impact your credit years from now, even after you graduate.  Once you have researched scholarships, government […]

Understanding Private Student Loans

Chat Software Survey Functions One of the most common features of business chat software is a survey function. Surveys prompt a website’s visitors for their opinions on how the site was laid out, how easy their shopping experiences were and how well customer service representatives were able to respond to their needs. In short, surveys […]

Using Surveys with Chat Software

The Risks and Rewards of Options Trading Before you begin trading options, you need to understand the difference between a stock and a stock option. Brokerages require traders to be informed and educated about this type of investment before they can begin trading, so it’s important to learn about the process in advance. You’ll always […]

Pros and Cons of Options Trading
Why I Use Pre Paid Credit Cards

Pre Paid Credit Cards Saves Money The idea of a pre paid credit card is to pay for your purchases with money that has been pre loaded onto the card. Pre paid credit cards are exactly like credit cards except you pay ahead of time instead of later. Compare the best rates for pre paid […]

Why I Use Pre Paid Credit Cards