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Back to School Dorm Essentials Returning back to school is an exciting time for students, no matter what age. College students are no exception to this rule. These young adult students are filled with anticipation of moving through the next year of their college experience Going back to campus also means making sure to have […]

Back to School Dorm Essentials

The Unique Dilemma of Size vs. Efficiency When my daughter first went to college two years ago, she found out within one week that she needed her own printer. While computer printers were available at the library, it was difficult for her to print her work right when she needed it. She had very little […]

Best Computer Printer for College Students
What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)?

What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)? Have you read about the insane amounts of student debt people are taking on these days just to get ahead in the job search? They come out of college with all these degrees and no jobs available for them. People who went to college for […]

What Do You Know About CTE (Career And Technical Education)?
music themed binders for school

Back To School with Music Themed Binders Custom music themed school binders with fast shipping. Choose from thousands of music themed binders for school. Head back to school with the coolest 3 ring binders in the whole school! Music school binders are a great way to keep your home work assignments organized. Having a sturdy […]

Music Themed Binders for School

College Dorm Rooms Posters Fun and humorous college dorm room posters to hang up on your walls and lighten the mood in your dorm room. Decorate your dorm room and make your space more lively with these funny college dorm room posters. Find the best college posters of 2014, or at least a few that I […]

Dorm Room Wall Posters for College Students

Guide to Lower Student Loan Interest Rates Paying Less for Your College Education If you’re planning on using a private loan to pay for your college education, finding good student loan rates will be extremely important. Low rates mean a less expensive loan, and if you settle for a high rate, you might end up […]

Facts About Student Loan Rates

If job security tops your list of concerns, do some research on medical assistant programs. You will discover a career field in high demand. In Miami and throughout the country, medical assistant jobs are predicted to continue to increase at crazy rates. The US Department of Labor says the field will grow by at least […]

Discover the Potential of Medical Assistant Programs

Understanding Student Loan Interest Rates The Basic Facts of Student Loans When you’re using a private loan to pay for your education, student loan interest rates are extremely important. Your interest rate will determine the cost of your monthly payments and the overall cost of your loan once it’s paid back in full. So, understanding […]

Understanding Student Loan Interest Rates

From the Beach to the Classroom, Miami Gets Top Ratings Imagine basking on the beach in the morning, heading to an interesting class in the afternoon and returning for an ocean-side evening picnic. That dreamy scenario is a reality for many students who choose a Miami college. Miami is home to a long list of […]

Experience Success at a Quality Miami College

Guide to Lower Student Loan Interest Rates Keeping Student Loan Interest Rates Under Control One of the most important steps in finding a student loan is collecting and comparing quotes from prospective lenders. Unfortunately, many students skip this step and end up overpaying. If you’re looking for low interest student loans, you’ll absolutely need to […]

Advantages of Comparing Student Loan Rates

Why it Pays to Plan for College Planning for college can be exciting, but if there’s one aspect of college that’s especially stressful, it’s paying for tuition and other heavy costs. For many students who have exhausted free money or federal loans, private loans for college make a lot of sense. However, it’s important to […]

Understanding Loans for College

Indulge in the Best of Both Worlds in Miami Training in one of the hottest job markets in one of America’s hottest vacation spots is all about balance. Medical assistant schools in Miami offer the flexibility to enjoy a fun social life and complete an Associate of Science (AS) degree in just two years. With […]

Innovative Medical Assistant Schools in Miami Meet Student Needs

How to Save Money on Your Student Loans Finding Better Rates and Getting Approved When you’re looking for the most competitive student loans, it helps to know as much as possible about lenders and how they decide things like interest rates. Understanding how loans work from the lender’s perspective makes it much easier to get […]

Save Money with the Best Student Loans

The Truth About School Loans How Private Loans Can be Beneficial for Students College can be extraordinarily expensive, and for most students, paying out-of-pocket would be impossible. Private school loans are a reliable way to pay for tuition and some of the other costs of college once you’ve exhausted all your options for federally-funded student […]

Understanding School Loans
Promissory Payback

Book Review:  Promissory Payback Promissory Payback is a FICTION – ADULT: Mystery, Detective, Suspense & Thriller written by  Laurel Dewey. Jane , a police detective is called to investigate a murder. The victim is 62 year old Carolyn Handel. Her body was discovered that morning when her friend  Laura had went to  Carolyn’s home. Carolyn’s […]

Promissory Payback