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Most schools allow for a few weeks off in the winter and a summer break ranging in length from several weeks to several months, but there’s a growing push for limited vacation breaks. Many U.S. educators feel that long breaks can lead to a “brain drain” effect. Children gradually forget the basic concepts that they […]

Using Kindergarten Math Games During Winter And Summer Breaks

So-Called “Math Games” May Not Do Enough to Help Kids Excel in Math By the time students are in the fourth grade, it’s clear if they’re struggling in math.  Challenging concepts like fractions can feel overwhelming, and basic memorization and problem solving strategies simply don’t do enough to engage the child’s thinking.  By this age, […]

Can Your 4th Grader Solve These Simple Math Problems?

Show you love math with Pi Day Shirts and Gifts Pi Day is a day loved by math teachers, math students, and anyone who loves geometry and circles. The world takes notice of Pi Day, and those who love numbers. Pi is the number that equals the ratio of the diameter (length through the center) […]

Pi Day Shirts and Gifts

Teachers use math games for first graders to reinforce concepts that have been taught, build fluency with math facts, and facilitate creative problem solving. When learning to compare and combine sets of numbers, children need a lot of practice with one step before proceeding to the next step. This is the foundation for mathematical operations […]

Math Games for First Graders Reinforce Learning and Build Fluency

Parents, Teachers Still Have Questions About the Use of Games in the Classroom Studies have shown that the use of educational games can help improve a child’s ability to learn and retain information, but many parents and teachers still aren’t convinced. When you think about it, it’s understandable, considering that there are all kinds of […]

Can Math Skills and Educational Games Coexist?