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There is no dispute or debate about this FACT. Paul Simon was the greatest singer / songwriter of my generation. What??!! I said “my”. :) My teenage and young adult years of life had the music of the legendary Paul Simon (at that time, known as “Simon and Garfunkel”) sewn into the hemlines. But then, […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Paul Simon is a Singer and Songwriter Who Gets Better With Age

On May 11, 1981, singer, songwriter and reggae music legend, Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, OM (Feb 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981), died of cancer in a hospital in Miami, Florida. Per his request, Mr. Marley was buried 10 days later with his red Les Gibson guitar, a Bible, and a few other items. “OM” stands […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Reggae Music Legend Bob Marley

Tina Turner no longer does concerts or any live performances, nor does she make records any more!! Her last concert was in Austin, Texas. (I think.) The last time I saw her on the television – she was being interviewed on “60 Minutes” by Dan Rather. That was back in 2000 and for sure it […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Tina Turner ~ Still Fine and Fabulous!

All music is magic. Perhaps that generalization depends on one’s definition of music. :) But let’s say we all agree with that statement. If so, then it’s likely we may disagree over which musical instrument (excluding the human voice) can produce the most magical sound. Listverse.com is a fun site where people publish lists of […]

Gifts for Music lovers : Wind Instruments : The Magical and Delightful Sounds of the Ocarina

There are so many male tenors in the entertainment industry and no doubt if one is mentioned by name, somebody will readily respond with an alternative or comparable singer and say ~ Yeah, he’s alright but I just love _________. Nevertheless I am going to resort to name-calling because this guy’s voice even impressed Linda […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Artists Collaboration | Linda Rondstadt and Aaron Neville

A duke is like a sovereign prince or a nobleman. What an appropriate nickname for him. Calling this man “mister” or “sir” just seems so inadequate and uncomplimentary for one of America’s most influential jazz ambassadors. Speaking with respect to Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington (1899 – 1974) – the legendary American jazz pianist, composer and […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Duke Ellington Album: Far East Suite

“As of 2016, Aretha Franklin still holds the record for the most hits on the Billboard Hot 100 … she is still on the road and performing in her 74th year.” (Even though her doctors advise her to take it easy.) * * Quote source: “FUV Essentials: Aretha Franklin.” WFUV. Fordham University, 12 Sept. 2016. […]

Gifts for Music Lovers : Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics

Best Bob Dylan Songs, Compositions, And Collectibles Bob Dylan is a singer, song writer, and musician who began performing initially during high school and while attending college at the University of Minnesota. Dylan came along at a time of social upheaval and unrest in which the nation’s young adults called out for change. Bob Dylan […]

Best Bob Dylan Songs, Compositions, And Collectibles

Jingle Jangle Jungle is a fabulous music entertainment blog that publishes interesting tidbits about music, artists and the stories behind them. Per JJJ: “ … the sound of Carlos Santana is one of the world’s best-known musical signatures. …” (Quote Source) My additional remarks to that succinct summation of the illustrious career of this musical […]

Gifts for Music Lovers: Carlos Santana: Ultimate Guitar Hero
How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood?

How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood? So you think you are the ultimate Carrie Underwood fan, do you? But how much do you really know about her life? Do you know where she grew up? Now you might know about her American Idol win and some of her songs. But do you know who […]

How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood?
Brave Soundtrack

Music and Songs in Disney Pixar’s Brave (2012) Movie: When directed by Mark Andrews includes Patrick Doyle as the composer of 2012’s Brave soundtrack I assumed that he will do a great job. He didn’t let me down and includes Julie Fowlis with some magnificent songs in Brave OST. Doyle is a classical music composer […]

Julie Fowlis Features 3 Songs in Brave Soundtrack List

Dirty Dancing, the most romantic movie of the last 25 years. Do you still remember Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle? You might hear their names more often these days, as it is 25 years ago that there love story hit the cinemas and touched all our hearts. It is the story of the 17 […]

Dirty Dancing Bluray
Rock n Roll Jigsaw Puzzles

Rock n Roll Jigsaw Puzzles Make Great Gifts Back Stage Rock n Roll Music Gifts is proud to present to you these all original rock n roll themed jigsaw puzzles. Rock n Roll Jigsaw Puzzles make a wonderful Christmas gift idea for any one in your family who loves their rock n roll music. Jigsaw puzzles […]

Rock n Roll Jigsaw Puzzles
Bedtime Stories on Kindle Fire

At the end of  2011 – Amazon .com released the latest Kindle, an innovation in the tablet style ebook Reader – The Kindle Fire. This amazing Kindle family e-book reader can bring the biggest and best virtual library of children’s picture e-books you could ever conceive of, right into your home, car, RV, boat or […]

Kindle Fire – Children’s E-book Reader
Stuffed Animal Speakers for Boys and Girls

What young animal lover wouldn’t like to listen to music using one of these stuffed animal speakers? These adorable animal speakers make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas or just to say “I love you” any time. Both boys and girls would love them. Click one of these cuties into your mp3 player and listen […]

Stuffed Animal Speakers

  Clarinets are wonderful instruments! Whether being used to play lovely classical music or jamming away on some cool jazz they are very versatile and fun to play. If you are a clarinet player or have a friend who does, I think you will find these clarinet iphone cases interesting. This collection of designs has […]

Clarinet iPhone Cases

Phones today carry so much importance to their users. Not only do they allow instant contact with friends, family, and business contacts, but they also store valuable information such as calendars, contacts, and camera creations! I know several people who would be lost if their phone were damaged, so why not find a way to […]

Flute iPhone Cases

I went to the Motley Crue, Poison, and NY Dolls concert at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, outside of Hofstra University. Ok, NY Dolls first: I do not know that much about NY Dolls, but I happen to admire all of the things that David Johanssen has accomplished like a successful solo career and his […]

Review of Motley Crue, Poison, and NY Dolls Concert