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Nothing But Trouble is a wacky, crazy movie that will keep you laughing and glued to your seat the whole way through!  Nothing But Trouble (1991)Check Price I first saw this film on a lovely VHS tape rental not long after the it hit the theaters. You see, Nothing But Trouble was what we call […]

Nothing But Trouble- A Wacky Film
How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood?

How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood? So you think you are the ultimate Carrie Underwood fan, do you? But how much do you really know about her life? Do you know where she grew up? Now you might know about her American Idol win and some of her songs. But do you know who […]

How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood?

A&E Storage Wars – What’s It All About A&E Storage Wars is one of my new favorite shows to watch on television. I love many of the reality TV shows, such as the dancing and singing shows. And then my friend, Thomas introduced me to Duck Dynasty on A&E which became a new obsession, and […]

A&E Storage Wars

There was a dark period in the history of mankind when witch-hunting was the order of the day. It began with an official approval from Pope Innocent VII in 1484, and continued until around the 17th century, when it reached its climax in England, Scotland and America. But it’s the 2st century. We’re all much […]

Movies and TV : Witchcraft: Past and Present

Are you a John Wayne fan? If so, sure hope you will not feel disappointed when I say that I do not share your admiration. I am not a John Wayne fan at all. Sounds unAmerican, but it’s the truth. Never really liked John Wayne movies, particularly when he portrayed a person in the military […]

Movies and TV : War Movies From the 60s

Exciting Top Gear Christmas Presents For Men Let’s find the best Top Gear gifts men would want this Christmas. Top Gear UK is certainly one of the most fun show for anyone who loves cars. This fun cars review show isn’t just about cars – it is about friends, fun, adventure and challenges. Many love […]

Top Gear Gifts Men Want
Brave Soundtrack

Music and Songs in Disney Pixar’s Brave (2012) Movie: When directed by Mark Andrews includes Patrick Doyle as the composer of 2012’s Brave soundtrack I assumed that he will do a great job. He didn’t let me down and includes Julie Fowlis with some magnificent songs in Brave OST. Doyle is a classical music composer […]

Julie Fowlis Features 3 Songs in Brave Soundtrack List

I’m truly a technical writer when it comes to ballet. I have been on a team that trained world class ballet dancers, even some famous dancers. Now I appreciate the situation of the recreational dancer, one who may never be a prima ballerina. But who shouldn’t love dance?For example, can ballet pictures of one of […]

Ballet, Ballet Dancers And Famous Dancers
Avoid Chronic Injury Overuse Injuries And Repetitive Stress Injuries

Any artistic director of ballet dancers, sports coaches, and recreational dance teachers want to help professionals and students alike to exercise prevention for overuse injuries and repetitive stress injuries that lead to chronic injury. A ballet dancer, dance student or professional sports trainee expects chronic pain. Chronic muscle pain is caused by excessive muscle tension. […]

Chronic Injury Overuse Injuries And Repetitive Stress Injuries

The psoas muscle, or hip flexor, plays a huge part in a ballet workout. The psoas muscle runs from the thigh to the anterior or front of the spine. As a hip flexor, or a muscle that bends the hip joint, lifting the thigh, this muscle is responsible for your higher leg extensions to devant, […]

A Ballet Workout Develops The Psoas Muscle Or Hip Flexor
Ballet Dancer Tips

A martial artist dance fan asked me recently this question: a ballet dancer looks extremely flexible, and she has the strength to hold her legs up and use them at these extreme angles. And this fan was wondering if it is core strength ballet dancers use in order to be able to support their legs […]

Abdominal Muscles In A Ballet Dancer

Dirty Dancing, the most romantic movie of the last 25 years. Do you still remember Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle? You might hear their names more often these days, as it is 25 years ago that there love story hit the cinemas and touched all our hearts. It is the story of the 17 […]

Dirty Dancing Bluray

I started watching America’s Got Talent this year, thanks to my husband who, I think, got hooked in by the stunts and weird bizarre acts. He likes that sort of thing. At first, I only watched a few minutes here and there, being more of an American Idol kind of girl, but then the other […]

Anna Graceman: Full of Grace

Watch Funny Animal videos and see these crazy and silly animals do some funny things. Take a little bit of the stress out of your life and have a few laughs. Animals can sometimes be caught doing some weird things. When you are lucky enough to capture those funny things on video, watch out, tons […]

Watch Funny Animals on Video
The Ballet Bible Complete Package

Strength training for getting into pointe shoes. Every foot movement you do at the ballet barre in class, will build strong enough foot muscles for pointe work, if you learn to push down into the floor, creating resistance in the motion. At the same time, you pull up away from the leg movement with your […]

Foot Muscles Strength Training And Pointe Shoes
Flexibility Exercises For Dancers - The Ultimate Stretching Guide

Flexibility Exercises For Dancers – Muscles That Get Left Out Dancers want to get higher leg extensions and fluid movements. Usually when they think about flexibility exercises they want to focus on the obvious muscles like: the hamstrings, and hamstring stretches for higher leg extensions to the front the adductors, for higher leg extensions to […]

Flexibility Exercises Hamstring Stretches And Hip Flexors
Olympics 2012 Logo by Claire Benoit

Image:  Olympics Logo by Claire Benoit, Illustrator 27th July 2011 All the Building Works Completed, a Full Year in Advance “Within Budget”, David Cameron said And yet,  I seem to remember a furore at the beginning, in the first year after London was picked to host the 2012 Olympics, when the budget had to be […]

Countdown – Exactly 1 year until the Olympic Games 2012
Movies About Ballet

I am enthused after seeing a trailer about a new television series about classical ballet. “Breaking Pointe”, premiering on the CW May 31st, looked promising to me until I found out it is a new reality show. Uh oh! I am wondering how the subcultural world of classical ballet will be spun for tv viewers. […]

Classical Ballet In Movies – Breaking Pointe Shoes
movie poster

Iron Man:  The Armored Avenger Back in 2008, Hollywood gave us Iron Man.  Last year they gave us Iron Man 2.  Both equally awesome blockbuster movies.  The first movie introduced us to the martini drinking, womanizing, techno playboy Tony Stark.  A genius inventor and fabricator who fashioned himself an amazing suit of armor to help […]

The Invincible Iron Man

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer and model who took America by storm and captivated the nation including President Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe was born June 1 1926 as Norma Jeane Mortenson but was raised as Norma Jeane Baker. Marilyn spent her early childhood in foster care sending time with several different foster families. Marilyn […]

Marilyn Monroe
Funny Latin phrase t-shirt

Loquerisne Latine? I mean, do you speak Latin? If you do, or even if you don’t, you’ll love these t-shirts, hats, magnets, and more stuff with funny Latin phrases! If you have a friend who spends way too much time conjugating verbs in Latin, you might want to choose a thoughtful gift with the Latin […]

Funny Latin Phrase T-Shirts and Gifts
Thor poster

Thor Odinson Hollywood has just recently released the movie Thor.  In preparation for the upcoming blockbuster The Avengers.  The Mighty Thor was one of the original Avengers.  He has had his own long running comic title for over 40 years.  He has been featured in dozens of other comics.  He has appeared with the Incredible […]

The Mighty Thor
Captain America The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger is set for release on July 22nd. Promising to be a huge hit with lots of action and good ol Super Hero excitement like all big screen movies should deliver! I just caught my first glimpse of the Captain America First Avenger movie trailer and […]

Captain America: The First Avenger – Movie Gifts

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls make wonderful Christmas gifts or Birthday presents for any child. Child love to read, and whent hey aren’t reading books, they love to play with toys. Find the best books and the best toys for 10 year old children below. Plus link to more […]

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Children

Harry Potter T-shirts for Men and Women The latest craze online is Harry Potter. These Harry Potter T shirts are some of the hottest out there! Officially licensed products from the official Harry Potter Zazzle Store! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is set for release. Grab a couple Harry Potter t-shirts and wear them […]

Harry Potter T Shirts
The Wizard of Oz on 30 Second Bunny Theatre.

Classic Movies Re-Enacted With Bunnies When you get into movies like Friday the 13th, Star Wars, and Back To The Future, we think of great classic characters from the 80’s, but I found a series, through my daughter called 30 Second Bunnies Theatre and it is a series of classic movies re-enacted with bunnies. Even […]

Review of 30 Second Bunnies Theatre: Classic Movies Re-Enacted With Bunnies
usa series banner

Burn Notice on USA  The hottest show on cable TV, Burn Notice, returns for its fifth season on USA network.  Burn Notice is a   sexy, action-packed USA original series starring Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a blacklisted spy.  Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona, a beautiful ex-IRA operative who happens to be Westen’s  on-and-off girlfriend.  Bruce […]


We spend a lot of time remembering our favorite cartoon characters. Usually, the dumbest characters come to mind, but we forget about the people who kept our favorite cartoon characters employed (and unemployed at times). I bring you the class Cartoon Bosses… Mr. Slate was a tough boss with a good heart. He always prized […]

The Famous Classic Cartoon Bosses. Would you want to work for them?

With the new school season upon us, everyone is looking for a cool new notebook to carry to class. Show off your class with a fabulous fairy notebook! From delicate and dreamy faeries to dark and dangerous to the more goth fairies, you’ll find a perfect fairy notebook – just what you are looking for […]

Fabulous Fairy Notebooks!

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has swept the nation, and as is always true for any widespread phenomenon, there are spoofs and parodies popping up all over. Fortunately, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we can classify spoofing as imitation, right? Shopkeepers at Zazzle, a print-on-demand site producing t-shirts and gift items, have […]

Funny “Occupy” Spoof and Parody T-shirts!
Adult Ballet Class For Winter Workouts

Many who danced in childhood think about getting back into adult ballet. And why not? Even if you feel old and stiff, all you have to do is learn a set of flexibility exercises you can do daily, and perhaps some extra foot exercises to work on strengthening those foot muscles faster. There’s nothing better […]

Flexibility Exercises For A Ballet Workout In Adult Ballet
The Ballet Bible

Pink satin pointe shoes are every ballet student’s dream. Whether you are a child starting ballet, or an adult ballet classes beginner, I know you want to get ahead and try to be among the best in your class.  If  for some reason you think this is not an outcome that you can achieve, I […]

How To Be The Best In Pointe Shoes