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Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmers Men and women alike can benefit from nose hair trimmers and other personal groomers. Remove unwanted hair from nose, ears and face with any of these superb nose trimmers and groomer sets. Whether you are looking for entire personal grooming sets, or a simple nose trimmer, you will find […]

Nose Hair Trimmers

An Effortless and Inexpensive Way to Change Your Look – Just Clip and Go! Do you want a fantastic new hairstyle that you can do in less than a minute? Would you like to change your look instantly to something different and fun? Are you looking for a beautiful updo hairstyle that you don’t need […]

Hair Extensions – Clip On Ponytails and Chic Updo Hairstyles

“All the Korean historical dramas are all so beautifully made. The sceneries, makeup and costumes. Everything.” “Yes indeed! Visually stunning! A treat for the eyes. Everything! Including the hair pins! Especially the hair pins!” :) Agree or disagree? (Quotes found on Tumblr.) If you don’t agree, it’s probably because you’re never seen a Korean historical […]

Fashion & Style : Traditional Korean Hair Pins

Gray Away Hair Color Spray The Gray away hair color spray won’t flake like some similar products will do. It is only temporary though, and it will wash out with shampoo. I like that though, because I don’t have to put harsh chemicals on my hair to cover my gray. I simply spray this on, […]

Gray Away Hair Spray

Get a New Look with Milky Way Hair Milky Way hair extensions, wigs and other hair accessories are all you need for a fabulous new look that is fresh, sexy and stylish. Whether you desire long locks or a short “do,” Milky Way hair has the look and length you desire. There are many colors, […]

Milky Way Hair

Ami Du – San Diego Hair Stylist Are you looking for a San Diego hair stylist?  I recommend Amy Du, located in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.  Most people who are looking to find a quality San Diego hair stylist do research on the internet or take time to look in the yellow pages.  […]

Finding A San Diego Hair Stylist