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Pearl Earrings Jewelry Whether you are searching for real pearl earrings or simulated pearl earrings, you’ll find a nice selection here of both. Along with those, you will also find black pearl earrings, and more, featured here! Jewelry makes a nice gift for any occasion, and the special women in your life who enjoy earrings, […]

Pearl Earrings

Real, Genuine Turquoise Earrings Looking for genuine turquoise earrings for an accessory or gift? Turquoise Earrings are a stylish and alluring choice. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones and dates back to Egyptian times where it was believed to have healing and protective powers. A pure turquoise stone ranges in color from a brilliant […]

Real Turquoise Earrings

The Golden Stone for November Citrine Earrings feature this beautiful gemstone in the loveliest of settings. The gemstone Citrine is made from the finest quartz and gives a most beautiful golden glow to pretty earrings. There are many eye-catching and unique styles to choose from with different accents and shapes. Citrine is the birthstone for […]

Citrine Earrings

Beautiful Starfish Inspired Jewelry Starfish themed jewelry is so pretty and reminds me of being at the seashore. It’s the perfect accessory to wear if you love the beach and being around water. I can’t decide if I like gold, silver or a starfish piece that is set with a sparkling gemstone. All are very […]

Starfish Jewelry

  What type of jewelry do you like to wear?  Do you like to show off some bling or do you prefer to keep it simple and elegant? Blue Star Sapphire Jewelry is a great way to accessorize any type of wardrobe.  No matter if you are running errands or going out for an extravagant […]

Blue Star Sapphire Jewelry