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Unique Celtic Wedding Ring Designs The popularity in Celtic wedding ring designs has definitely risen over the past few years and it’s based on something that is anything but new. Celtic wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement rings that are designed featuring classic Celtic knot work are adorning more and more matrimonial fingers than ever […]

Celtic Wedding Ring Designs

Beautiful Sapphire Makes a Gorgeous September Birthstone Ring or Wedding Ring that is Truly Unique Those of us who are lucky enough to celebrate our birthdays in September have beautiful sapphire as our birthstone. Sapphire is available in several colors, including pink but it is most famous for the deep blue sapphire that is available […]

September Birthstones Sapphire Rings

Find Out How and Why Mood Rings Colors Change Mood rings have been around for decades and are still trendy fun and cute pieces of jewelry for children and adults alike. These rings and other pendants come in different designs and their color change with their wearer’s personal and intense emotions. This makes them highly […]

How Do Mood Rings Work

  What type of jewelry do you like to wear?  Do you like to show off some bling or do you prefer to keep it simple and elegant? Blue Star Sapphire Jewelry is a great way to accessorize any type of wardrobe.  No matter if you are running errands or going out for an extravagant […]

Blue Star Sapphire Jewelry

Traditionally, a male would search for the perfect engagement ring for his spouse to be, although it is now becoming increasingly more common for both the bride and groom to shop together for their ring. This of course means that there is much less ‘pressure’ on the groom-to-be to get the choice right. One of […]

Getting the right Diamond Antique Engagement Ring