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Short hair styles for thick hair

The reason why thick hair is such a problem for a lot of women and men is the fact that it often based on genetic causes. While you can’t do much about it using different hair treatments, you could try various short hair styles for thick hair as alternatives. Therefore, you should give your hair […]

Short hair styles for thick hair
Leopard Print Bag

Are You Looking for a Leopard Print Bag? If you’re shopping for a leopard print bag, I’ll have some great suggestions for you here on this page.  Leopard print has been popular in clothing and accessories for quite some time, perhaps because it carries with it a suggestion of elegance. Today you have a multitude […]

Leopard Print Bag

She must have her set of jewelry boxes to keep her precious items safe and organized. She could keep her priced jewels or cute jewelry sets right in her own jewelry box. These jewelry boxes also make great wedding gifts and a romantic and unique way to present an engagement ring when you are proposing. […]

Black and White Jewelry Boxes with a Floral Design

Fun Polka Dot Messenger Bags Everyone Loves Polka Dots is certainly a favorite among many. Now you can enjoy these simple yet adorable designs on your own messenger bags. Take a look at this wide variety of polka dot messenger bags that you can choose from today. The messenger bags featured here from Zazzle are […]

Polka Dots Make Fun Messenger Bags

This page is a reference list of all my Vintage 1928 Jewelry Company pages on Squidoo. I love the 1928 Jewelry Company, and looking at the styles of the era, I love vintage clothing too. But it is the jewelry and crafts of the era that have always captivated me, just love vintage jewelry and crafts. […]

Vintage Jewelry~The 1928 Jewelry Company
Animal Print Jewelry

Animal Print Jewelry – Beautiful Fashion Accessories Animal print jewelry is a response to the rising popularity of animal print in fashion circles.  Animal print has long been popular for clothing, shoes, and handbags, but now animal print is showing up everywhere in the fashion world including jewelry.  Animal print jewelry is a good option […]

Awesome Animal Print Jewelry

With the spa industry growing at a rapid pace, many new and interesting treatments have come to the forefront. One such treatment that is very beneficial for one’s health and hygiene is the detox foot bath. It cleanses our bodies of toxins and contaminants from the varying pores in the soles of the feet. The […]

Different Ways of Making A Detox Foot Bath

One of the most sought after treatments in the beauty industry today is microdermabrasion. But just like any other treatment, it is not without its share of side effects and risks. Essentially microdermabrasion is a peeling of the top most layer of the skin via a microdermabrasion machine. Due to the fact that it is […]

Few Rare Side Effects of Microdermabrasion

The recessive economic conditions have spared none and these are tough times even for the best businesses and industries. The hairdressing industry is no exception and has felt the effects of the global recession. To survive in these economically challenging times, here is a list of few ways that would help you to improve your […]

Few Important Ways To Improve Your Salon
Funny fleece hat

You might say I’m a fleece aficionado.  That is, I’m usually wearing some piece of fleece on my head, body and/or feet, whether indoors or out, during the Fall and Winter and even on chilly Spring and Summer evenings and mornings. Need help finding some soft, warm fleece for yourself or as a gift for […]

Warm Up with Fleece From Head to Toe

There is nothing more impressive than high quality men’s watches to dress up even the most casual of “watch man.”  There is something in that knowledge that the Swiss Army, Tag Heuer, Invicta watches or Movado watches on your arm is not only stylish but worth every penny you spent for the quality and durability […]

Men’s Watches – Luxury Watch for Him
t-shirt halloween costumes

Fun Halloween T-shirt Costumes Halloween themed t-shirts for men, women, and teenagers that don’t want to wear a Halloween costume. Going to a Halloween party, or trick or treating with your friends and family? Don’t feel like wearing a Halloween costume? These Halloween themed t-shirts are perfect to wear on Halloween day either to your work, or school, or […]

T-shirt Halloween Costumes

Fun Halloween Hoodies for Teenagers Fun Halloween Hoodies your teenager will love! Trick or Treat! What is your teenager wearing as a costume this year? Do you have any cool teenager costume ideas? Your teenager is not too old to go out and have fun on Halloween! Most teenagers love Halloween and look forward to […]

Halloween Hoodies for Teenagers Costume Ideas
Zeppelin Pirate Captain Image

Talk like a Zeppelin Pirate? If you like Steampunk, you know about Zeppelin Pirates. Those nasty dogs of the air, boarding unsuspecting zeppelins to loot the passengers, sometimes recruiting lusty young men, ladies, and robots to join their motley crew. Nobody is safe from their exploits, no fine, upstanding captain of the airways can say […]

Zeppelin Pirate Shirts and Gifts

Custom Make Your Own Vans Shoes Online Make your own vans shoes! ProKeds shoes are the style of Van shoes that kids love these days.   They are cool looking, can be personalized, and are comfortable as heck! Kids loves these shoes, and what makes it even better, is no two shoes have to be alike.  […]

Make Your Own Vans
Cartesian Bear's portrait of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Shirts & Gifts, by Cartesian Bear Charles Darwin was the Victorian-era biologist best known for popularizing the concept of evolution, and for hinting that humans may have evolved, too. His book, On the Origin of Species, is considered one of the most important scientific works of the 19th century. These products feature a […]

Charles Darwin Shirts & Gifts
automotive gifts for women

Cute Automotive T-shirts and Gifts for Women Women love hotrods and muscle cars as much as some men do. If you need a cute gift for a woman who loves to get her hands greasy working on her muscle car, the following automotive gifts for women are highly suggested. T-shirts and Gifts for Women Who […]

Automotive Gifts for Women

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift idea for adults or children, charm bracelets are great gift ideas. They are one of the most popular types of jewelry types and they have been hanging around for years. Building a charm bracelet is not so difficult. It may be easier than you might consider. However, you […]

Charm Bracelets are Great Gift Ideas
I'm Thinking Christmas in July - Let it Snow shirt design

Is this summer heat getting you down?  Whew!  When temperatures hit those upper 90’s and 100’s here in the south, I do my best to think Christmas in July! Here’s our favorite cool warm-weather t-shirt design, shown on a strappy tank top.  The 100 percent cotton fabric will certainly help keep you cool while the […]

Heat Got You Beat? Think Christmas in July!

Ami Du – San Diego Hair Stylist Are you looking for a San Diego hair stylist?  I recommend Amy Du, located in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.  Most people who are looking to find a quality San Diego hair stylist do research on the internet or take time to look in the yellow pages.  […]

Finding A San Diego Hair Stylist