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Pretty Holiday Barbies Are Fun to Collect & Give As Gifts! Every year Mattel puts out a Holiday Barbie for that year and these dolls are fun to collect, play with, and to give as gifts to the special people in your life! These holiday Barbie Dolls each sport a pretty holiday outfit, and are […]

Holiday Barbie Dolls

Collect All of the Halloween Barbie Dolls! These Halloween Barbie Dolls are fun for kids and collectors alike. You’ll find a huge collection of Halloween Barbies featured here, as well as some Barbie Halloween costumes, so kids can dress as their favorite Barbie Doll for Halloween or anytime the mood strikes. The awesome thing about […]

Halloween Barbie Dolls

Ever After High Dolls by Mattel Featured here with reviews are the new Ever After High Dolls by Mattel and where to buy these dolls online. Every available doll with their names are listed below and this page will be updated as new ones are released. Informational video referenced below. You can visit Ever After […]

Ever After High Dolls

I Love Strawberry Shortcake Dolls! If you love Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, then I urge you to check out Strawberry Shortcake Dolls for a comprehensive collection of new and classic dolls and accessories. Wikipedia says this about this adorable toy line: Strawberry Shortcake is the protagonist and the title character of The World of […]

Strawberry Shortcake and Friends

My Twinn Dolls Reviews – Dolls That Look Real What could be more fun for little girls than getting a twin doll that looks just like her? Not to mention dressing herself and her look-alike real doll in matching outfits for play, for special occasions and for bedtime too. My Twinn allows you and your […]

My Twinn Realistic Dolls

New Lalaloopsy Dolls Lalaloopsy dolls are so sweet and colorful. Your little girl is going to want to collect them all. They are fun to play with and to look at. The Lalaloopsy Dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each doll has their own […]

New Lalaloopsy Dolls

Hasbro My Little Pony Equestria Girls Dolls My Little Pony* Equestria Dolls, games, accessories, home decor and all related characters are products from Hasbro. These adorable dolls and accessories are some of the hottest toys on the market today and definite best sellers on Amazon as well. They have fantastic customer reviews too! Showcased with […]

My Little Pony Equestria Dolls

Disney Frozen Mattel Dolls These popular Disney Mattel Frozen dolls made by Mattel (company that makes Barbie Dolls) will keep your little girls happy and smiling as they play along and make up their own adventures with these beautiful dolls from the Disney animated film, “Frozen.” Along with Disney Frozen Mattel Dolls, you’ll find more […]

Mattel Frozen Dolls

Disney Maleficent Movie Collector Dolls These Disney Maleficent Dolls and other Maleficent merchandise are just what every fan and collector dream of. These beautiful dolls are each unique and will add substance to your collection. Maleficent is a fictional character from Walt Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty and an official Disney Villain. She is the […]

Maleficent Dolls

Who are Bratz? Bratz is an American fashion doll line that offers a huge variety of dolls, accessories, and other Bratz merchandise. From MGA Entertainment, four original 10″ dolls were released in 2001. They were Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha. Since they were so popular, the line was increased to include various doll categories such […]

Bratz Dolls List

Moschino Barbie Dolls, Accessories & Everything Moshino Too! Moschino Barbie Dolls are Here! Yes it happened. Mattel and famous runway Italian Designer Moschino have collaborated and made an amazing new Barbie Doll. This is a highly sought after doll so few are available but more should be coming soon. This limited edition Barbie is available […]

Moschino Barbie

Disney Frozen Movie Princess Elsa Dolls This Princess Elsa doll from Frozen or Elsa Dolls is based on the character from Disney’s funny animated film, “Frozen.” Elsa is loosely based on the title character of The Snow Queen, a Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. In the Disney film adaption, she is introduced as […]

Frozen Elsa Dolls

Doll Houses & Supplies Doll houses are not only popular with little girls, but with collectors, as well. You will find a huge selection of doll houses and doll house furniture available here. From fancy wood doll houses, to more simple designs, there are many styles and sizes showcased here for your convenience. Doll houses […]

Doll Houses & Furniture

African American & Darker Baby Dolls Showcased below you will find an outstanding collection of awesome black and darker baby dolls, as well as accessories that every little girl wants to go along with her black baby dolls! There are soft bodied dolls, hard bodied dolls, anatomically correct dolls, and lots of fabulous baby doll […]

Black Baby Dolls

Barbie 3 Story Dream TownHouse with Elevator Barbie Has 2 Townhouses! That’s the life of a rich and famous Barbie doll! Barbie has a very glamorous lifestyle and her Barbie Townhouse homes reflect that. She has some of the plushest pads ever seen in dolls houses. This page will show you in detail each and […]

Barbie Townhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse Dolls Here’s what the manufacturer says. It explains these Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie Dolls very well. Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Dolls Collection: “Barbie doll’s life in the Dreamhouse is pretty FAB. Friends are always stopping by to say hello and join in the fun. Barbie and her friends play a big […]

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Dolls

Barbie Dream Houses Townhouses, Furniture, Vehicles & Friends! Most little girls love Barbie dolls, Barbie Houses, and accessories and have done so since she was first released in the late 50′s. As a child one of my first toys was a Barbie doll and unlike today where there are so many different choices of dolls, […]

Barbie Houses

Barbie Fashionista Barbie Dolls Barbie Fashionistas Dolls include dolls with stylish clothes and fun accessories. About Barbie Fashionistas Doll Collection: “The Barbie Fashionistas dolls are a very fashionable tribe of friends who love expressing their unique personalities through their style. Friends Barbie, Summer, Teresa, Nikki and Raquelle dolls are reunited through their love of fashion […]

Barbie Fashionistas

Adora Dolls Reviews Featured here are Adora Dolls, Adora Baby Dolls, and Adora Doll Accessories. They are available on Amazon. Click on the links below (or photos) to view these wonderful dolls. Adora Dolls come in a variety of styles. There are the baby dolls that have a soft powder scent and are weighted to […]

Adora Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

Barbie, Mattel, DC,Tonner, Pullip, & More Catwoman Dolls Showcased here is the Catwoman Doll available online, such as Mattel’s Catwoman Barbie Doll, DC Comics Catwoman, Pullip Catwoman, Tonner Catwoman and the limited edition Comic Con Catwoman dolls. These companies listed are the original makers of these specific Catwoman dolls. If you are searching for these […]

Catwoman Dolls

The Wizard of Oz Barbie Dolls & More Wizard of Oz Dolls If you collect Wizard of Oz Barbies or other dolls from this classic movie, then you will want to add these to your collection! There are new Barbie Collector Wizard of Oz Dolls featured here along with vintage looking Wizard of Oz Barbie […]

Wizard of Oz Barbies

Collecting Nesting Dolls What are nesting dolls? These decorated wooden dolls “with a secret” are also called matryoshka dolls or babushka dolls. They are recognized even in the countries thousand miles away from Russia. Taking a Russian nesting doll back home is a must among tourists from Europe and the United States alike. What is […]

Nesting Dolls – Beautiful Works of Art

Genie Toys, Collectibles, and Costumes Feed our Imagination and Need for a Magic Friend Wouldn’t you love to have a magic genie that could grant your every wish? The idea of a magic genie, also called “jinn” has been around for a very long time. The myth has ancient Arabian roots, and jinn have not […]

Genie Barbies, Toys, Costumes and Collectibles

Your toddler is never too young to have her first soft baby doll Soft Baby Dolls for Toddlers Christmas is coming and there is no better time to buy soft baby dolls for toddlers. I am shopping for a first doll for my little girl this year so I can help you pick one also!! […]

Soft Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Barbie Magical Fairy Doll are perfect for Little Girls Barbie dolls are fun because there so many wonderful types, and these include magical Barbie dolls. Since the Barbie doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959, there have been all kinds of special dolls, including Barbie […]

Barbie Magic Fairy Dolls

Cayla Interactive Doll Most little girls love dolls and my doll Cayla is no different. Just like other dolls you can play with her hair, change her outfits and proudly show her off to your friends. But there is something special about Cayla, do you know what that is? She is the first doll that […]

Cayla Interactive Doll

Wizard of Oz Baby Doll Collection! These Wizard of Oz baby dolls are great collectors items. If you collect dolls, Wizard of Oz memorabilia, or movie collectibles, you’ll enjoy these dolls. Kids will love these dolls to play with, too! Collect them all, or simply get your favorite characters from the film. These dolls don’t […]

Wizard of Oz Baby Dolls

Barbie Loves Elvis You’ll find quite the collection of fun Elvis Barbie Dolls for sale here, along with Barbie Loves Elvis Dolls. I like it when Barbie dolls resemble artists of all sorts, and these Elvis Barbie Dolls are pretty cool! There are even Barbie dolls that resemble Elvis and Priscilla on their wedding day. […]

Elvis Barbie Dolls

The Flintstones Meet Barbie! These Barbie Dolls are made to look like characters from the beloved animated series The Flintstones, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I stumbled upon these by accident, and was pleasantly surprised to find The Flintstones Barbie Dolls! There isn’t a huge selection available, but in a way that might […]

The Flintstones Barbie Dolls

Collect These Beautiful Life of Faith Dolls I missed seeing The Life of Faith dolls when they first came out. Now they no longer make them and they are highly collectible. These fabulous dolls are about the size of the American Girl dolls but they have a religious theme. These make a perfect gift for […]

Life of Faith Dolls

Lets Go To Disney With Barbie I have to admit that I am a huge Disney fan. I love everything to do with Disney! And Barbie has always been a favorite of mine, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find that there were Disney Theme Park Barbies. Oh, how I wish I […]

Disney Theme Park Barbies

Children love playing with doll houses and it has been this way for centuries. There is just something about a doll house that entertains kids for hours on end. Parents and grandparents love these as well since they encourage role play and imagination, and enhance communication and problem solving skills. These classic toys will make […]

Childrens Wooden Dolls Houses UK

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