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How do you build a mousetrap car? And why would you Want to do it? What is a mousetrap car? It is a little auto that is powered by a mousetrap. Or if you want to get really powerful: use a rat trap or many mice traps! Making a mousetrap mousetrap vehicle gives kids who […]

Build a Mousetrap Car

Hanging Planets for Kids Room The hanging planets kids room is perfect for the child who can’t get the solar system out of their system. When your child wakes up and sees the planets hanging from the ceiling it will only add to their sense of curiosity. Great Explorations 3-D Solar SystemBUY NOW &  The […]

Hanging Planets Kids Room

VTech Learning Toys For Babies It is every parent’s desire to help their babies to get off to a fast start learning essential skills for a successful life. Most parents feel that you can’t begin too early in life helping your child to learn. VTech learning toys for babies are a perfect option to blend […]

VTech Learning Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Top Rated & Best Selling Science Toys for Kids Why should you choose the top rated and best selling science toys for kids? Because they have been rated by customers who have purchased and tried them, and they think they are top notch. Some of these science toys have also won awards! These science toys […]

Best Science Toys for Kids

Top Rated & Best Selling Educational Toys If you are wondering what the top rated and best selling educational toys are for kids and toddlers, you have come to the right place. You can find them here, and give your kids a head start on a great education! Why should you choose the best selling […]

Best Educational Toys for Kids & Toddlers

LEGO Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape | New Avengers LEGO Sets When it comes to the new LEGO Avengers sets, the LEGO Cosmic Cube Escape is by far my favorite one released so far. While my son and I enjoy building LEGO sets together, the real fun is simply spending time together playing with the LEGO […]

LEGO Cosmic Cube Escape

Educational Toys Teach Kids How to Be Adults Our children learn how to become adults through creative play and observing and copying what they see grown ups do around them. One way to teach kids how to eat healthy foods is to provide them with pretend play food to role play with. I recommend wooden […]

Best Wooden Pretend Food Toys for Creative Play

Zoom Dino Toys The Zoom Dino toys have become even more popular this year and are currently listed on the top of the Toys R Us Christmas list. With so many wonderful Dinos to choose from you cannot go wrong. There is a size, color and style for every little girl and boy whether they […]

Zoom Dino Toy

Kids Learn More When They’re Having Fun There are a number of reasons as to why I like the LeapFrog Tag Reader System. I know as a parent I like to find fun ways to engage my daughter in learning. My favorite kinds of learning are when when she is learning but doesn’t realize that […]

What’s Great About LeapFrog Tag Reader

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers You will find some of the best educational toys toddlers love playing with and learning right along with them. Learning toys for toddlers can teach them the alphabet, colors, numbers, animals, animal sounds and so much more. Here there are wooden toys for toddlers (including a set of wooden blocks […]

Learning Toys for Toddlers

Learning To Tell Time with Telly the Toy Clock Learning time can be a challenge for many kids. The whole concept of short and long hands, hours, minutes and seconds might be confusing. This is especially so in a world where more of us refer to our cell phones to tell the time rather than […]

Learning To Tell Time with Telly the Teaching Clock
LEGO City Police Station

LEGO City Toys for Kids LEGO City toys for kids in Australia. These Lego City toys promote free creative thinking in young minds. Lego City toys are great gifts for birthdays. LEGO City is a brand offered by LEGO Brand Toys that mimics the life of a real city. LEGO City sets represent emergency services […]

Lego City
LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic Toys for Kids LEGO Technic is a line of LEGO products that was originally released in 1977 as the Expert Builder set and was later changed to the Technic series in 1984. The purpose of this Lego Technic set is to create a more advanced LEGO model that had moving parts such as […]

LEGO Technic

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls make wonderful Christmas gifts or Birthday presents for any child. Child love to read, and whent hey aren’t reading books, they love to play with toys. Find the best books and the best toys for 10 year old children below. Plus link to more […]

Popular Books and Toys for 10 Year Old Children
LEGO Creator

LEGO Creator Toys for Kids Lego Creator toys make some of the best gifts to give a child on their birthday or for a Christmas gift. Kids love to be creative and that is what LEGO Creator toys are all about – being creative. LEGO Creator Sonic Boom 3 in 1 Toy These LEGO Creator […]

LEGO Creator
Lego Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars was originally released in 1999 and included the original x-wing fighter, model 7140. During 1999 – 2008 lego released many star wars lego sets that coincided with the release of the star wars movies. The LEGO star wars sets included many of the popular ships and scenes from the star wars movies. […]

LEGO Star Wars
Meccano Tuning

Meccano Tuning Cars – More Than Meets The Eye! Shopping for Toys as presents for friends and family in Australia. Toys Etc Australia are an Australian Online Toys Store. We stock a huge range of Toys including Meccano Tuning construction sets. Want to inspire the race car driver and designer in your child? Meccano tuning […]

Meccano Tuning