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The Lego Friends sets that will make your daughters’ dreams come true LEGO Friends construction blocks are highly popular among kids and grownups and the three outstanding sets featured below are going to provide your daughter with even more fun than standard building sets. These make perfect Christmas gifts or birthday presents for little girls. […]

Fantastic LEGO Friends Construction Sets your Daughter Will Be Fond Of

Twister Rave Stickz The twister rave stickz is getting high tech and putting a new spin on the classic game of twister. Really, the new game has nothing to do with the original game of twister except for the hand and eye coordination. Have you seen the twister rave commercial? The new twister rave stickz […]

Twister Rave Stickz

Twister Rave Skip It Game Twister rave skip it game. I remember the original skip it game of the eighties, do you? The new twister skip it rave offers the same fun and active play except with lights. Put the hoop of the skip it around one foot (ankle) and swing the skip it while […]

Twister Rave Skip It Game

Twister Rave Ringz The twister rave ringz game will have you clapping to a new beat. Nothing about twister ringz has anything to do with the classic twister. Yet it carries the twister name. Have you seen the twister rave ringz commercial? These ringz will have you up and moving. Hand clapping games just got […]

Twister Rave Ringz

Twister Rave Hoopz Game The twister rave hoopz game has nothing to do with the original game of twister except for the hand and eye coordination. Twister hoopz comes with 2 hoops that you can play alone or with a friend. The game is recommended for ages 8 and up. Have you seen the twister […]

Twister Rave Hoopz

Classic and Special Issue Mr. Potato Head Toys are Mr. and Mrs Potato Head are one of most kid’s and a lot of adult’s favorite toys. That is true whether we are talking about the classic toy from the 1950’s, or the sarcastic toy voiced by Don Rickles in the Toy Story movies. Potato Head […]

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Toys and Costumes

Yummy Nummies Burger Maker This yummy nummies burger maker, make a meal fun set comes with all you need to make a classic American burger meal. You can’t have a yummy nummies burger without fries and cola to complete the meal. The food ingredients are all made in the USA too. These sets are a […]

Yummy Nummies Burger Maker

Chubby Puppies By Spin Master The chubby puppies by spin master are the cutest collectible toy puppys. There are 18 different puppy breeds to collect in all. You’ll go head over heels watching these adorable pups tumble, fumble and stumble while running after their toys with their ears and tongues flapping as they bob up […]

Chubby Puppies By Spin Master

Fun Toys from Jurassic World Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the long-awaited next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow directs the epic action-adventure from a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. These Jurassic World toys are replicas of the dinosaurs and characters from Jurassic World. Kids of all ages […]

Jurassic World Toys

LEGO Building Sets & Video Games Jurassic World fans will enjoy these LEGO building sets and video games based on the Jurassic World film. Kids and adults will enjoy hours of entertainment with these popular LEGO products. They also make great gifts for any occasion. A Little About Jurassic World “Twenty-two years after the events […]

LEGO Jurassic World

Ride on Pillow Racers by Little Tikes Little Tikes has taken the best parts of riding toys, stuffed animals, and pillows and combined them in one toy–The Pillow Racer. The racer features a soft pillow character that your toddler can sit on and ride with an easy-grip handle for stable 360-degree turns on the four […]

Little Tikes Pillow Racers

How To Fill Up Water Balloons So you’re wondering how to fill up water balloons? Well it’s certainly not the old fashioned way, that is so tedious and time consuming. You can spend hours filling and tying the balloons, only for the kids to need more made. The fastest way to fill up water balloons […]

How To Fill Up Water Balloons

Building Drinking Straws The building drinking straws toy as seen on TV, really isn’t a new concept. Pretty cool, never the less. Some of the latest ones are marketed as super sipperz costing ten dollars and offering free straw glasses with purchase. Who knew you could have fun with straws? Let you take your imagination […]

Building Drinking Straws

Indiana Jones Legos Sets and Lego Characters Are Top Selling Toys All Year Round! Lego Indiana Jones sets are theme based Lego sets that are from the best and memorable scenes of the famous series – Indiana Jones. The first few sets to be released used scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark together with […]

Lego Indiana Jones

Cool Ever After High Toys and Other Items Ever After High is a web series and a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013. It is a companion line to the popular Monster High dolls. However, in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairytales and fantasy stories instead of monsters. […]

Ever After High Gifts

Cute Little Live Pets Your children can learn to love and care for pets with these “Little Live Pets.” They respond to touch. The birds sing, record sounds, and they talk back to you, and you can purchase them singly or with a bird cage. The butterflies have sparkling wings, and will sit on your […]

Little Live Pets

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Toys Are Truly Sturdy Toys for Rough Play Let’s face it. Kids are rough on their toys, and Fisher-Price knows that. They have made a wide variety of kid-tough toys. From digital cameras, to lanterns, to binoculars to doodlers and more. Fisher-Price is well known for their quality kids’ toys. A trusted […]

Fisher Price Kid Tough Toys

Fijit Friends are Robot Dolls for Girls! A Fijit is a soft and very tactile, flexible robot doll that can dance and tell a silly joke and is still likely to become known as the top toy for tween girls. Tesco, Britain’s greatest outlet, thinks the Fijit robot will bump Lego, Buzz Lightyear, Nerf guns […]

Cute Fijit Friends

LEGO Brings Disney to Life These LEGO Disney building sets include Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Set, from the animated film, Frozen, as well as Disney Princess building sets, Cars, and more. Kids can build things that will allow their imaginations to come to life. These toys are based on favorite Disney characters, and offer hours […]

LEGO Disney Building Sets

Kids Can Build Their Own City with LEGO City Building Sets LEGO City takes the elements that your child observes in daily life and turns them into cities that they can build themselves. Their LEGO cities will be full of action and fun, and will provide hours of entertainment for all ages. The cities come […]

LEGO City Building Sets

Disney Frozen Snowglobes These Disney Frozen Snowglobes make lovely gifts for Christmas. Give the to fans and collectors alike. These make your home festive during the holidays, but you can also use them year around for pretty decor. Kids love them, too, and will enjoy having one or more of these Frozen snowglobes displayed in […]

Disney Exclusive Frozen Snow Globe

Harry Potter Sticker Books As a kid I had a huge sticker collection. It was a big thing to bring your sticker books to school and trade with your friends. I have so many wonderful memories spent out on the playground during recess trading stickers. If Harry Potter would have been around when I was […]

Harry Potter Sticker Books

Mercedes Benz Kids’ Toys Of all the Mercedes toys for kids, they love battery powered ride toys best. These Mercedes ride ons are the luxury line of kids’ battery powered ride toys. Along with the ride on toys, you’ll find other Mercedes toys for kids here, as well. There are remote control toys, collectible cars, […]

Mercedes Cars for Kids

Transformers Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock Figure Grimlock is the biggest, baddest beast in the Transformers universe. This Stomp and Chomp Grimlock toy brings home the power of the mighty Dinobot warrior! Create awesome Transformers battle action with this giant T-Rex figure that converts from robot to dino and back in one awesome […]

Transformers Stomp & Chomp Grimlock

Bumblebee Transformer Bumblebee holds the distinction of being the second character to appear on-screen in the original Transformers animated series, while on a mission to recover a small clutch of energy conductors with Wheeljack, illustrating the energy crisis holding sway over their home planet of Cybertron. These two characters were seen often together in the […]

Bumblebee Transformer Toys

Prepare Yourself for the Chia-pocalypse! Have you always wanted to Chia Pet, but refused to get a fuzzy puppy, or Hello Kitty? Well, your kind of Chia Pet is finally here! At last they made a really badass Chia: Chia Zombies! Yes, the Chia zombies have arrived. Dragging Drew, Creepy Holden, Lifeless Lisa and the […]

Chia Zombies are Ghoulishly Fun!

Introducing Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffin Gifts For Kids Take a look at Disney Junior’s newest addition Doc McStuffins. Doc McStuffins is a lovely little girl who loves her toys. She is their very own doctor- she brings them to life and fixes them up. Doc Mc Stuffins is their personal doctor who gives them checkups, […]

Doc McStuffins Toys, Books, DVDs and More

Collecting Funko Action Figures is Great! Funko makes so many different action figures, it’s incredible! Any movie, or television show, old or new, you will find figures for it. Old movies like Gremlins, new movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find most anything you want here. Collecting them is fun, start with your […]

Funko Action Figures – Fun and Collectible!

Play Kitchens Need a Toy Refrigerator! I loved playing house when I was a child. I never had a play kitchen though, and I know I would have loved that! Maybe they weren’t around way back then??? You will find some fun and colorful toy refrigerators here that kids will enjoy playing with. Some are […]

Toy Refrigerators

Kids Love Disney’s Pirate Fairy! You’ll find an assortment of Pirate Fairy products here. Pirate Fairy is a line of Disney movies and memorabilia. Kids love these items, and you will, too! From DVDs and books to dolls and clothing…if you’re a Pirate Fairy fan, you’ll find lots of goodies here! The Disney Fairy animated […]

Disney Pirate Fairy

Kids Frozen Games These games and activities all feature the theme from Disney’s animated film, “Frozen.” Kids love playing games, and they are a great way for them to bond with family and friends. Some of these games are new takes on the classics, and some are made specifically for the Frozen theme. Games and […]

Disney Frozen Games

Get Creative with Disney’s Frozen! Most kids enjoy arts and crafts, and they will especially enjoy them when they feature their favorite characters from Disney’s animated funny film, “Frozen.” Kids can create, draw, color and more with these cool Frozen craft kits and activities. These also make fabulous birthday presents, Christmas gifts and Easter basket […]

Disney Frozen Crafts and Activity Sets

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