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Hippopotamus Gifts for Kids Hippopotamus toys and books are fun. Children love stuffed hippos for snuggling and hippo costumes for dress up and parties. This page includes our favorite hippopotamus toys, books, games, costumes, songs and shirts. Note: To read more about any of the products on this page, just click the product. Hippopotamus facts […]

Hippopotamus Books Costumes Toys for kids

Pokemon Plushes Stuffed Pokemons are all the rave for collectors and fans! Kids and adults alike will enjoy these Pokemon Plushies. Collectors will want to collect them all! If you love Pokemon, then these stuffed Pokemon figures are for you! There’s a huge variety showcased here. Will you find your favorite Pokemon character? These little […]

Stuffed Pokemon

Cat lover? Moi? No. But do have friends who are cat lovers and so … this is for them! Several years back, started following the career of a new entertainer, a young singer / songwriter who was slowly but surely making her way up the ladder of success. As her popularity began to increase, a […]

Gift Idea for Cat Lovers Who Can’t Have a Cat!

Scented Pillow Pets Have you seen the scented pillow pets that smell like food? They all start off as a pet and open into a 16 inch pillow. These super soft chenille plush scented animals are perfect for playtime, nap time or anytime at all. Don’t worry if your child spills a little something on […]

Scented Pillow Pets

Pop Out Pets – The 3 in one Stuffed Animal Pop out pets are the three in one stuffed animal that is a soft and cuddly plush animal great for inspiring a child’s imagination. With the rain forest pet children can pretend they’re in the rain forest and meet a monkey, parrot and frog. They […]

Pop Out Pets

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dream Lites Fans of the teenage mutant ninja turtle will love having one of these dream lites at bedtime by his/her side. If a child is scared of the dark they can cuddle the pillow pet and touch the button activate the night light. Going to bed has never been so […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dream Lites

Turtle Dream Light You know those cute turtle dream light they advertise on television? They are a plush animal that also provides a night light. When children feel scared of the dark they can cuddle up to their dreamlight stuffed animal and be comforted. Aside from being cute and cuddly the turtle night light projects […]

Turtle Dream Light

Kids Love Giant Teddy Bears Giant teddy bears are adorable, and they give a child or adult so much to love. They will add decor and adorableness to your bedroom, too. You’ll find a nice selection of giant teddy bears here in a variety of colors, sizes and prices. There’s something for everyone! Consider giving […]

Giant Teddy Bears

These are the most Popular Toys for 7 Year Old Girls. The best selling, most trendy toys that little girls are asking for this year! When there is a birthday ahead, or Christmas shopping to do, you can find exactly what you need for your 7 year old girl right here. I am a proud […]

Popular Toys for 7 Year Old Girls

Some of the best toys for children are those that are soft, cuddly and inspire imagination.   That is exactly the beauty of Jellycat Lion, and all of the Jellycat products.   They are extremely durable, whimsical and easy to love.   Moms love the durability and the kids love the delightful expressions and cuddly […]

Jellycat Lion for Lovable Fun!

My daughter is 6 years old, and she has always been good about going to bed at night. Every night, we read some books and then put on her favorite music, and she usually goes right to sleep. But, like most kids, there are some nights when she wants to dawdle and stay up later. […]

Bedtime is More Fun with Dream Lites, the Constellation Night Lights for Kids

Jellycat Rabbit – Bashful Bunny The Jellycat Rabbit now joins the rest of the fine collection of Jellycat toys.  They have been making a line of unique, durable, adorable toys since 1999.  The Jellycat stuffed animals company is established in London, and the toys are available in many countries now across the globe.   And remember, […]

Jellycat Rabbit Wants to Meet You!

Since 1999, the Jellycat Company has been creating and distributing their unique line of Jellycat stuffed animals. These stuffed animals delight children from birth through about the age of 10, and even some teens and adults find them irresistible. The many different animals, as well as the unique designs and personalities are only part of […]

Jellycat Stuffed Animals Collection