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Sleep disorders are very common these days. Many people are suffering from different sleep disorders and they really find it hard to have a peaceful sleep at night. Every one of us wants to have a baby like sleep which is only possible if we are fit and healthy. Sleep disorders are a big hurdle […]

Sleep Disorders – Symptoms Causes and Remedies

Detoxification to Cleanse the Whole Body From Inside Most likely in the latest headlines you might have seen news about the celebrities looking perfect in some party or get together. These celebrities follow a strict diet regime including some of the healthiest food items available in the markets. Detoxification is required to cleaning the body […]

The Difference Between Diets and Detox Diets

Accessories to Make Mask Wearing Better The pandemic has people around the world protecting themselves with face masks. Some wear them for an hour or so while shopping, but others need to wear them all day in their workplace. Fortunately, there are a variety of accessories now available to make mask-wearing easier. Do you need […]

Face Mask Accessories

Face Masks and Covid-19 Face masks were one of the items that disappeared in the early days of the pandemic. You couldn’t buy them any where, not in stores and not online. The American people, always innovative, began sewing masks at home. There were patterns all over the internet. Some people sold them and some […]

Face Masks and Covid-19

Many Think That GallStones Cause GERD (Acid Reflux)…But Do They? One of the symptoms of gallstones is an onset of symptoms that is similar to GERD. These attacks are sudden and very painful and can sometimes lead individuals to believe that they have acid reflux caused by gallstones. In fact there is no such thing […]

GERD (Acid Reflux) – Is It Causesd By Gallstones?

Cafe Gratitude introduced me to great vegan cooking – and great vegan cookbooks One of my favorite restaurants used to be Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley. They were 100% vegan, and had an abundance of delicious foods from salads to desserts to salads to imaginative entrees. Sadly, they had to leave Berkeley, but there is still […]

Top Vegan Cookbooks

Chronic Fatigue Is NOT Normal! Feeling tired all the time can prevent you from performing well at work, spending enough quality time with your family or simply just feeling like yourself. If you’re wondering why you’re always feeling tired, there could be a medical explanation for it. There are various reasons that you might be […]

Why Am I Always Tired?

Facial Tic or Hemifacial Spasm? Mom, Why does my face spasm when I try to smile? Our daughter struggled with hemifacial spasm for almost ten years. She eventually underwent a successful microvascular decompression at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Kathy is now spasm-free! Hooray! What joy to see that beautiful smile again! It is […]

Hemifacial Spasm – Our Daughter’s Experience

Very Light And Portable Massage Tables Hello fellow massage therapists or anyone who may be interested in any of these very light and portable massage tables. If you are like me, you probably have a hard time lugging around a standard massage table especially if you travel for your clients. I know for me it […]

Very Light And Portable Massage Tables

All Natural Sleeping Aids and Remedies Natural sleep aids, remedies & medicine for sleep disorders & sleeplessness is discussed here. Listed below are some of the best natural ways to fall asleep at night easier & faster as well. Best Natural Sleep Aids for Adults There are many different reasons why you might not be […]

Natural Sleep Aids

Medical Alert Necklaces & Jewelry for Adults, Seniors & Kids Medical ID’s or a Medical Alert Necklace should be worn by patients with (but not limited to) the following… Diabetes (type 1 & 2); Drug Allergies (such as penicillin); Food Allergies (such as peanut); Insect Allergies (such as bee sting); Epilepsy or other Seizure disorders; […]

Medical Alert Necklace & Jewelry

Health and honey. Most people know you can stay healthy with honey. Most people may or may not know that all honey is not the same. I didn’t. There’s honey. Then there’s More Manuka Honey From New Zealand Products that comes from bees that pollinate from the manuka tree. This honey has a powerful anti-oxidant […]

Personal Care: Manuka Honey For the Skin

Allergy Proof Bedding That Stops Dust Mites Allergy proof bedding that stops dust mites and bed bugs in their tracks – you will need them if you have bed bugs infestation at home. To overcome such bed bugs issues, getting anti allergy bedding is an important step. These dust mites proof bedding prevents these pests […]

Allergy Proof Bedding – First Line Of Defense Against Dust Mites

What do Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi have in common? No. They are not Asian names for baby girls. They are mushrooms. More specifically, they are medicinal mushrooms. In fact, the reishi mushroom has been called “Ling Zhi” or the “Mushroom of Immortality” Clara Myers is a friend, fellow freelance writer / blogger and my GO […]

Healthy Eating Advice : Mushrooms Are Medicine

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits What are the pink Himalayan salt benefits? Pink Himalayan salt is one of the most mineral-rich substances on the planet. With over 80 trace minerals, pink Himalayan salt is extremely useful and may be the purest form of salt in the world. The rose-colored salt has a number of therapeutic and […]

Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Best Rated Room & Whole House Humidiers Rooms & Whole House Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews Using a humidifier helps guard against problems caused by dry air in the home, and helps bring relief to those who suffer from the symptoms associated with cold, flu, allergies, and dry skin. If you find yourself or […]

Humidifier Reviews

Vicks Humidifiers Reviews Featured here with reviews are Vicks Humidifiers which includes warm & cool mist products. Read about the history of Vicks Chemical Company here too! Vicks humidifiers help to soothe noses that are dry, chapped lips, flaky dry skin, and provide temporary relief from congestion, colds, coughs and more. Listed here is the […]

Vicks Humidifiers

Medical Alert Pendants, Bracelets & Device Systems Best Rated Medical Alert Systems for Emergency, Seniors & Disabled Reviews A medical alert device or system for the home or personal use is a great investment that can help to make sure you get the medical attention you need promptly. These medical alert systems are invaluable to […]

Emergency & Medical Alert Systems

Best Electric & Power Toothbrushes Reviews Proper oral hygiene is important for many reasons and taking care of your teeth and gums with electric toothbrushes properly is something that many people neglect. Brushing your teeth morning and night each day is a good routine to get into but oral care is more than just brushing. […]

Electric Toothbrushes for Kids & Adults

Best Ear Thermometer Reviews Ear Thermometer Accuracy Are Ear Thermometers Accurate? Are the infrared thermometers that have become so popular with parents and doctors really accurate? They are of course fast and easy to use, that is definitely a pro, and yes, they can be very accurate if used properly. But what is the con? […]

Ear Thermometers

Digital Bathroom and Kitchen Scales These digital scales for your bathroom and kitchen will help keep you on track in your daily food intake and weight loss or maintenance. Here you will find a variety of digital scales for weighing yourself and your foods. These sleek scales do the trick and look great in your […]

Digital Scales for Bathroom and Kitchen

For years, people who lived in islands (or Florida, where I grew up) where the coconut trees decorated the landscape, the meat and milk of the coconut and its oil were considered a “cure” for almost all ailments. In The Bahamas there is a very popular song that tells the story of an islander who […]

Healthy Eating Advice : Coconut Oil, Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Health?

Fitbit Reviews What Is a Fitbit? A Fitbit tracker is a fitness tracker that uses a 3D accelerometer, which is similar to what you would find in a Wii remote. The accelerometer measures steps taken, then combines those with user data to track distance walked, calories burned, stairs climbed, plus activity duration and intensity. An […]

Fitbit Activity Trackers

Liquid CoQ10 Benefits & Reviews You may have heard about the many benefits of Liquid CoQ10 by now. If not, then this article will be enlightening. This supplement can benefit your health in many ways. It increases your energy level, helps with mental clarity, and significantly improves heart health. The positive benefits of CoQ10 are […]

Liquid CoQ10 Benefits

Using a TENS unit to manage pain If you have neck or back pain and are frustrated with traditional medicine of drugs and muscle relaxers not working, I may have the solution for you. How a TENS Unit Helped Me A Tens Unit may not be for everyone For over ten years I have used […]

Pain Management Solution With Electric TENS Massage

Adult Incontinence Pads and Diapers and Bed Pads Help Meet a Real Need Adult Incontinence Pads, adult diapers and bed pads help meet a real need. No one likes to think about it – but incontinence can be a part of our reality. Whether it is because of aging, sickness or disability – it may […]

Adult Incontinence Pads

How to Get into Exercising – Starting with Me How do you get started in an exercise habit when your athletic abilities lie mostly in covering the nachos with cheese sauce as other people watch the Super Bowl? Well, I am not really that bad but I have never been a jock. In fact as […]

How to Get into an Exercise Habit – A Guide for the Total Non-Jock

Teavana Teas & Tea Makers Reviews Teavanna Tea Flavors, Health Benefits, Teapots & Kettles Featured here with reviews are some of the best Teavana Tea flavors, blooming teas, tea makers, kettles & tea pots. Nutritional values and health benefits of the various types of teas are discussed as well. Informational videos are referenced below. Teavana […]

Teavana Teas

Oxytocin is a naturally ocurring hormone which has been linked to the human bonding process. Some have referred to it as the “cuddle hormone”. Respected and authoritative publications such as WebMD Health News have reported on the positive effect of this hormone on both women and men; but adds a note of caution, quoting the […]

Personal Care : Love, Trust and Cuddling

How I stopped Drinking Coca-Cola I absolutely loved Coca-Cola, so much that I wouldn’t even drink Pepsi when offered. I loved the bite of the carbonation, and I felt almost a craving if I had not had a bottle by the end of the day. So you could call it an addiction, not to narcotics, […]

How I Kicked My Coke Habit and Addiction

Vinegar Has Many Great Uses! There are many uses for vinegar. I use it for several different things. It is something that just about every household has on hand. You can purchase it in large bottles for very reasonable prices, too. It’s much cheaper than cleaning products and will not harm the environment, either, so […]

Uses for Vinegar

NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT OPTIONS Mosquitoes often times carry life threatening diseases such as Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Malaria and Encephalitis. They can also infect your animals with tapeworm. Repellents containing DEET are not safe to use on children. I wouldn’t even recommend that it be used on adults! DEET contains toxins that when used […]

Natural Mosquito Repellents