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We – especially we women – all know this expression: “No pain? No gain.” To borrow a song lyric from the popular and glamorous singer Beyoncé … “pretty hurts”. But the picture painted in real life is not all that bad. Want to know the answers to questions like: Q: Can I plump my lips […]

Personal Care : Cynthia Rowland Beauty Systems

These Unique Hot Water Bottles are Fun for Kids and Adults! Kids and adults will enjoy these fun and functional hot water bottles. Whether you want one that resembles a sweater, or a novelty hot water bottle with an animal theme, you’ll find lots of cool selections below. These unique hot water bottles make great […]

Fun and Functional Hot Water Bottles

Unusual herbs and their health benefits Prescribed medications are effective, but may leave a host of side effects in their wake. If you tire of filling your prescriptions because of them, you are not alone. They have caused many patients to turn to less costly, unusual herbs to cope with difficult health conditions. The health […]

Unusual herbs and their health benefits

Peacock Ore- The Cleansing Stone Peacock Ore is one of the most unique and interesting stones that I have ever come across. The colors are somewhat iridescent and I love the way it shines. It looks quite beautiful when it is polished and in a jewelry setting. Peacock Ore is now on my wish list […]

Peacock Ore Properties

Mini Ice Bags Mini Ice Bags have so many uses that I don’t think I could do without mine. These small pouches are actually very big on comfort and help in many different ways. Mini Ice Bags are not only for filling with ice, but can be used with hot water too. I use mine […]

Mini Ice Bags

The Raw Food Detox Diet Revitalizes Your body Our bodies have suffered from the foods we’ve indulged in long enough. By switching to the Raw Food Detox Diet, you can detoxify your body and get rid of all the unwanted and unhealthy chemicals and toxins and achieve weight loss and body changes that will make […]

Revitalize Your Body With the Raw Food Detox Diet

TENS Machine For Sciatica and Back Pain A TENS machine is a small therapeutic device, usually powered by batteries – and often used for relief of back pain and sciatica symptoms. The TENS unit itself may be worn attached to the body, or tucked into a pocket (they are small and light). Or it can […]

TENS Machine for Back Pain

Help For Sciatica Nerve Pain The first time I had sciatic nerve pain, I had no idea how to relieve it. Over the years, I’ve had several doctors advise me on some simple stretching techniques that bring relief for sciatica. Don’t just take pain killers, as that doesn’t change the muscle problems that are causing […]

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Helping the Elderly Remain Independent People are living longer than they did hundreds of years ago, and most of them want to stay in their own home. With age often comes ailments such as arthritis and other health issues, and some elderly people develop some form of Dementia, which is a whole different issue in […]

Help the Elderly Remain Independent

Folding Walking Canes Women Enjoy Walking canes for women are ideal, because when not in use, they can easily be folded and placed in a tote bag or large handbag. They are also able to be stored easily in the home or automobile, while not being in the way. You will find some folding walking […]

Folding Walking Canes Women Enjoy

Decorative Canes Women Enjoy Using If you need to use a cane, why not consider one of these decorative canes women enjoy using? It might as well be stylish and pretty, since it’s something you’ll probably be using on a regular basis. Here you will find designer walking canes women rate highly and enjoy using. […]

Decorative Canes Women Enjoy Using

Decorative Pill Boxes Carry your medication in one of these lovely pill boxes. Now you don’t have to take out that bulky bottle of pills in public. You can take out one of these dainty, decorative designs instead. Fill with pills that you use regularly or occasionally. I carry a pill box. I have for […]

Decorative Pill Boxes

The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, has been shown to have many great uses around the house and in your health and beauty routines. Apple Cider Vinegar can: • Lower glucose levels, which is helpful for those with borderline diabetes • Help reduce gas, bloating and heartburn • Serve as […]

Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar!
lose weight with Fitium Program

People could read about the many benefits to becoming a member of the Fitium weight loss program and take a positive step to better health and a slimmer figure. Of course, it would be sensible to first ask some questions about the program to find out whether it is the right choice for you. This […]

Workout Routines For Pregnancy Weight Gain

A common myth about pregnancy weight gain is that, if you nurse your baby, it just melts away. Tell me about it. Now you want to get back to your healthy weight. So what are the best workout routines? You need workout routines that nix that pregnancy weight gain whether you’re nursing or not get […]

Pregnancy Weight Gain – Workout Routines For A Healthy Weight
Don't worry about cardiovascular disease

Amino acids are among the essential nutrients you need on a daily basis to prevent cardiovascular disease. The amino acids are very much a part of the structure of the human body and key in your biochemical processes. Minerals and vitamins are  crucial as well to maintain your overall body health. One of the amino […]

Amino Acids To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
Lose body fat with the right physical activity

Medical research has now shown that aerobic exercise will actually cause you to store body fat. If you love cardio, you don’t have to give it up. You can add one or two sessions a week of a different physical activity such as weight training or a paced exert/rest interval training. This way you will […]

Aerobic Exercise Makes You Store Body Fat
Heart Palpitations = Magnesium Deficiency?

A magnesium deficiency is associated with so many health conditions, that it often over looked as a cause of symptoms such as heart palpitations. Heart health is more often related to high cholesterol levels, eating trans fats, or lack of exercise. However, heart palpitations are part of the generalized anxiety disorder, or social anxiety disorder, […]

Magnesium Deficiency And Heart Palpitations
Doctor Designed Workout Routines For You

I admit up front that after a twenty year athletic career, I had never heard of fast twitch muscle fibers. Landing in a desk job, I got really worried about getting old fast, and losing my muscle tissue. Trouble was, I didn’t know how I got it in the first place, and I didn’t know […]

Activating Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers In Workout Routines
Burn Fat After Exercise

How do you reach and increase your maximum heart rate with exercise?  Does the typical cardiovascular exercise achieve this, or is there a better way? Yes, there is a better way! And I hope this article helps you with your exercise challenge, because what I am about to describe is the most effective exercise for […]

Increase Maximum Heart Rate – Paced Cardiovascular Exercise
Ultra Greens Super Antioxidant Mix

“It doesn’t take time!” is the response I hear when I inquire “what’s your priority in healthy recipes?”  Do healthy recipes depend  on time to shop, plan, organize, chop, cook, store, pack for lunch or not, and then clean out the fridge, throw out what’s not eaten, or compost it, while you try to not […]

Food Waste – Reduce It With Healthy Recipes

The more I read about enzyme activity the more I realize how important it is. An enzyme is required to process and assimilate each group of the yummy food that we eat. One enzyme is needed to digest sugars, and another is needed to digest proteins. And so forth, for all the foods types that […]

Enzyme Activity For A Muscle Building Diet
Become More Flexible For Adult Ballet

One of the hardest challenges for those who want to take adult ballet, especially if they haven’t been doing any flexibility exercises,  is to learn the right method in performing stretching exercises. If you are sore and stiff in your joints when you get out of bed in the morning, how do you approach learning […]

Stretching Exercises For Adult Ballet
The Benefits of Flexibility

If you have constant neck pain and other muscle tension, stretching exercises will help you.  How do you feel when:  you first wake up in the morning and roll over to sit up? Stiff/sore/ afraid to move? when you first walk around – carefully – being mindful of some neck pain lower back pain hip […]

Stretching Exercises For Neck Pain And Muscle Tension

Every age group has a reason to be concerned about the right methods of muscle building.  Life has become sedentary for almost all working groups. Getting up from your school desk, computer station or lecture desk for a three minute break to stretch your legs does not do much for the state of your muscles. […]

Muscle Building – Try Grass Fed For Whey Protein
Dry Winter Skin - Get Radiance

Dry winter skin is an inflammatory response even in humid climates. Running the heat inside dries the air, and affects your skin tone. Hydration and the consumption of healthy omega 3 fatty acids are the best skin tone treatments. What you put into your skin from your diet is more important to decrease an inflammatory […]

Skin Tone In Winter – Decrease Inflammatory Response

The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) established criteria for urgent care centers in April 2009 – The Certified Urgent Care Center designation. These criteria define scope of service, hours of operation, and staffing requirements. A qualifying facility must accept walk-in patients of all ages during all hours of operation. It should treat a “broad-spectrum” […]

Urgent Care Providers
Mind power can help your weight control.

Dancers (and others) can get really stressed over striving for a healthy weight, choosing the healthy options, and all the while craving those yummy high calorie foods. Obese teens, young adults who want to be athletic and slim, (whether dancers or not) try to stay healthy while constantly worrying about weight loss. Is this or […]

Healthy Weight Healthy Options And High Calorie Foods
Winter Workouts

Physical activity in winter may feel like a chore. The sun is down before you leave work, and your whole energy is changed due to hormonal shifts that naturally occur with the seasons. If you’re used to doing aerobic exercise outdoors, now you need to replace it with something effective to keep up your muscle […]

Keep Up The Winter Physical Activity
Stretching Exercises You Can Learn At Home

Stretching exercises are one of the best things you can do to relieve muscle spasms in leg muscles. Some people are woken up from their sleep with muscle spasms and others have painful leg muscles all the time. All of our muscles affect the others when they are holding muscle tension, so I will help […]

Stretching Exercises Leg Muscles And Avoiding Muscle Spasms

Are you interested in staying close to your ideal body weight over the winter months? While many people use gyms for this, it is always handy to learn a workout routine that you can do at home for those wild winter days when you don’t want to go out. You can use your favorite style […]

Challenge Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers With No Gym

It’s hard to imagine that there could be any ingredient in floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps that you’d want to put in your mouth, but all of these items contain a common ingredient that is also found in most toothpastes – sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. The reason? It creates lather. But […]

Why Choose SLS-Free Toothpaste Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

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