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Christmas Ornaments for Small Trees Christmas decorations come in all sizes and shapes. It is important to make sure that the ornaments that you add to your tree are appropriate for the size and height of the tree that you display. Christmas ornaments for small trees are so cute and make cheerful additions to a […]

Christmas Ornaments for Small Trees

Wreath Storage Wreaths hanging on front doors is such a wonderful look for any occasion. Keeping those wreath new looking year after year can be a challenge but not with a Wreath Storage Box or Container. Keeping a wreath in a storage box that is made specifically for wreaths will keep them looking new and […]

Wreath Storage

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles are a delightful way to celebrate the holiday Soon after the creation of jigsaw puzzles as an educational attempt to re-ensemble maps, fun jigsaw puzzles have been all the rage – including Christmas jigsaw puzzles that are perfect to celebrate the holidays. Besides being natural for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to do, Christmas […]

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Cheery Christmas Mugs That Everyone Will Love Our mugs hold a special personal place in our hearts. Although mugs are inanimate objects they have a way of endearing themselves to their owner. Perhaps mugs are special because of a sentimental reason or special season like Christmas or another beloved holiday. Maybe you enjoy special holiday […]

Cheery Christmas Mugs That Everyone Will Love

Lenox Christmas Tree Ornaments 2017 You may be familiar with the lovely keepsake china collections produced by the Lenox Company. Lenox pottery company started in 1889 Christmas tree ornaments are just as fabulous the plates or cups and saucers. Happily, the Lenox Christmas tree ornaments are just as lovely and well-made as the china. You […]

Lenox Christmas Tree Ornaments 2017

Top 4 Christmas Tree Theme Decorating Ideas Are you looking to do something different and fun with your Christmas tree this year? Some people may prefer an eclectic mix of ornaments on their Christmas tree and others might prefer more unique Christmas tree themes so that they can match their Christmas tree décor to their […]

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas Stockings Hanging or displaying Christmas stockings is a very simple but meaningful tradition. The use of an old favorite sock began long ago and the socks were placed above the fireplace mantel with tender care. On Christmas Eve, these stockings were filled by Santa Claus with fruit, nuts, candy, and small gifts which were […]

Christmas Stockings For The Whole Family

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments It is with much excitement and anticipation that most family members trim the Christmas tree by adding their favorite ornaments. Christmas tree ornaments come in many styles and varieties. Ornaments are made of glass, plastic, wood, ceramic or metal materials. Christmas tree ornaments are gifted, purchased, and passed down through the […]

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorative Holiday Mantle Scarves Mantles and mantles scarves can become the focal point of a room. Decorative holiday mantle scarves can also be sued on shelves and as a striking accent piece t disguise or cover an unappealing eyesore such as a heating unit or radiator. Mantle scarves are prominently featured during Christmas, winter-time, and […]

Decorative Holiday Mantle Scarves

Every year it’s the same thing. The holidays! And I love it! Same old routine. Gift shopping. Preparing big happy meals. Seeing family and friends that you haven’t seen in forever! What’s not to like? Been celebrating the Christmas holiday for over 5 decades and one time gave a gingerbread house kit to a friend. […]

Happy Holidays! All I Got For Christmas Was a Lousy Christmas Stocking! :(

Have had a foodie business page on Google Plus for about 5 years. It was created with the goal of linking back and driving traffic to my primary website which has been up and running since 2011. In May 2015 (or thereabouts), G+ decided to give Pinterest some competition by creating “collections”. Similar to Pinterest […]

Gifts for Cheese Lovers : Gourmet Food Gifts : Specialty Cheeses

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments I am sure that most of us are familiar with Rudolph, the fabled storybook reindeer. Robert Lewis May penned this heartwarming story of a young, frolicking reindeer more than 50 years ago. May along with Montgomery Ward Department store launched this memorable storybook. Perhaps, Rudolph is the most famous of all. […]

Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments

Themed Holiday Old World Christmas Ornaments Do you have a special ornament or favorite set of Christmas ornaments that you treasure from childhood? Perhaps after becoming an adult or having a family, you started your very own collection of glass Christmas ornaments that fit the description of the old world style. Old world Christmas ornaments […]

Themed Holiday Old World Christmas Ornaments

Plaid Perfection Christmas Pajamas Families have many holiday and Christmas traditions. For some families, they would not begin to celebrate the Christmas holidays with our selecting a new pair of plaid perfection Christmas pajamas. One pair of pajamas per child is not enough. Many families select and purchase a pair of plaid perfection Christmas pajamas […]

Plaid Perfection Christmas Pajamas

So here’s the story behind the story for this page. Once upon a time, there was a friend of mine who majored in Home Economics and was also newly married. We’re at lunch one day and she is discussing her homemaking activities and things she plans to do as a wise woman. (You know? That […]

Home Sweet Home : Start a Collection: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Steinbach Chubby Christmas Themed Character Nutcrackers Chubby Christmas themed Character Nutcrackers are favorite collectibles for many individuals. The Steinbach family lived in a mountainous region of Germany and formed a business several hundred years ago. Their carved products including a variety of chubby Christmas themed character nutcrackers and products have become synonymous with skilled craftsmanship […]

Steinbach Chubby Character Nutcrackers

Blown Glass Collectible Ornaments There’s nothing quite as beautiful and unique as blown glass Christmas tree ornaments. These glass ornaments are brilliant and gorgeous hanging on any tree, ornament holder, or in a window of your home. These hand blown glass ornaments are not made by a machine. Each one is meticulously hand blown by […]

Blown Glass Ornaments

Christmas time can be the happiest time of the year for some and a very lonely time for others. Particularly if you have a loved one that’s far away. That’s why sad Christmas songs are so extremely popular. But this quick blurb is not about sad holiday songs. Nah! Why? Well because most people probably […]

Good Reads: Christmas and Romance Are a Perfect Pairing

It’s the holiday season. Early shoppers start in September. Of course, the early early shoppers start the holiday shopping at the beginning of the year. No matter. Whenever you shop, if you’re like me, you have the shopping list of gifts you want to give to family and friends. You also have your own wish […]

Gifts on My Holiday Shopping Wish List

Girls Basketball Christmas Ornaments There is nothing nicer than to receive or give than girls basketball Christmas ornaments. It is always great to collect items that reflect your special interests . Girls basketball Christmas ornaments add an athletic touch and a special flair to a Christmas tree. My daughter loved playing basketball and also enjoyed […]

Girls Basketball Christmas Ornaments

Traditional Decoration with a Tree Skirt The Christmas tree skirt is a traditional decoration for the holiday. It is the last part added when decorating the indoor tree. Primarily used to hide the stand, catch the pine needles as they fall from the tree. These tree skirts add that extra flare to decorating. It looks […]

Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Bow Ties For Dogs Dressing your dog or favorite canine pet will definitely bring joy and happiness to pet owners. It is hard not to form a smile at the sight of a cute, playful pooch who is wearing a festive bow tie, a collar, shirt or coat. Wearing Christmas bow ties for dogs […]

Christmas Bow Ties For Dogs

Christmas Candle Lights Make Every Christmas Bright Christmas candle lights originated in Germany with the Christmas tree, and has lasted through the years as a reminder of the brightness and beauty of the season, and the light that is in all of our souls. Early lights were made of wax, and some brave souls still […]

Christmas Candle Lights

Christmas Nativity Advent Calendar Advent calendars aren’t just for kids – there are wonderful ones for kids of all ages! Advent is the season that is celebrated in many churches as they wait for the time of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. Nativity calendars started with German Protestant churches but have expanded way beyond […]

Christmas Nativity Advent Calendar

Star Wars Christmas Decor – The Force is Strong Whether you are a fan of Star wars or a collector, Christmas is always a great time to add to your Star Wars collection. A fun way to add an item or few is to decorate your home with Star Wars Christmas Decorations. If you are […]

Out of this World Star Wars Christmas Decor

EXCERPT: “The country did especially well in categories measuring social equality, health issues, culture and contributions to world order. “ Hmmm …? What country are they talking about? Blimey! Begora! and all that jazz! What country do you think? Did not know there was such as thing as a “Good Country Index” but it certainly […]

Celebrating Ireland: Leprechauns, Shamrocks, St. Patrick, Celtic Music, and an Irish Christmas Holiday!

When John the Apostle described his vision wherein he saw what heaven looked like, he wrote about seeing “the tree of life” and said that “the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all tree leaves could be used for the healing of nations? What would […]

Gifts for Tree Lovers : Give the Blessing of a Tree

Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights Have you noticed all the houses this year decorated with star shower outdoor laser Christmas lights? I call them the polka dot houses. One evening my husband and I drove about a 15 mile radius and I counted about 10 homes lit up with the star shower light show. […]

Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

Christmas Collectibles for Gifts or Display The Christmas season is a time to create lasting memories. This is easily done by selecting and displaying seasonal items that add a festive feeling and spice up the home. Christmas collectibles for decorating and displaying come in lots of shapes and forms. Seasonal snow globes are a big […]

Awesome Christmas Collectibles for Gifts

Gift Ideas for Everyone Christmas is a time where you need gift ideas for everyone for all ages. It is also a time when you share in the delight of many types of yummy snacks, drinks, and treats. You can’t go wrong with gift baskets filled with a variety of delicious snacks. Small appliances and […]

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

Teacher Christmas Ornaments A Teacher Christmas Ornament is a keepsake that your child’s teacher can keep year after year and remember the wonderful year that they spent with your child. Teacher Christmas Ornaments A Teacher Christmas Ornament is a great and thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher. They spent a tremendous amount of time and […]

Teacher Christmas Ornaments

Exquisite Elephant Christmas Tree Ornaments Exquisite elephant Christmas tree ornaments will excite and delight children of all ages. Baby elephants shown with furling snouts seem to come alive as they bobble from the branch of a Christmas tree. Everyone enjoys looking at fanciful and exquisite elephant Christmas tree ornaments and other seasonal décor. Elegant and […]

Exquisite Elephant Christmas Tree Ornaments