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Dress Up for Easter It’s fun to dress up for any holiday but Easter costumes for the family are even more fun! The weather is lovely, we can get out in the yard and take photos. We can even have our own Easter parade. Walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the responses of your neighbors. […]

Cute Easter Costumes for the Whole Family

Easter Table Runners Eater Table Runners are a great way to decorate your Easter Dinner Table. They can set the tone of your Easter Dinner Table so easily. I love the layering look with a bright colored tablecloth or even two with an Easter Table Runner on top to pull it all together. It creates […]

Easter Table Runners

Outdoor Inflatable Easter Decorations Outdoor Inflatable Easter Decorations are an easy and fun way to decorate your yard for a wonderful holiday that brings many friends and family together to celebrate new beginnings. Easter signifies that spring is coming and there is nothing better than vibrant and colorful Easter Decorations that decorate your yard. Bunnies […]

Outdoor Inflatable Easter Decorations

Edible Easter Grass Edible Easter grass is a great way to fill your Easter Basket. Easter basket grass, every Easter basket is filled with grass. It’s a great filler for all the goodies and is the base of your Easter Basket decorating. It’s also all over, on the floor, under the couch, all over the […]

Edible Easter Grass

Easter Magnetic Mailbox Covers Easter Magnetic Mailbox Covers create a colorful and welcoming sight for the warm weather of spring and the Easter Holiday. They are simple and easy to install and add some much needed color to your otherwise plain black mailbox. They give you another area to decorate for the wonderful Easter and […]

Easter Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Easter Garden Flags Easter Garden Flags are a colorful and bright way to celebrate a special holiday as well as welcoming in the new Spring season. These Easter garden flags will make a statement hanging in the front of your home or in your garden. The children will delight in the colorful Bunnies and Easter […]

Easter Garden Flags

Outdoor Inflatable Easter Decorations Easter is a special time of year and these outdoor inflatable Easter decorations will show your love of the season. Easter marks a time of year that says Spring is coming. It’s a special religious holiday that marks rebirth. It’s the rebirth of many things during this time. The grass is […]

Outdoor Easter Decorations

What Do You Put In A Pet Easter Basket ? Pet Easter baskets are all the rage this year because people have realized that our pets are our kids, too ! Whether you make them for your own pet, or your friend’s or relatives pets, the question is always the same. What do I put […]

Easter Baskets for Pets

Do You Know About the Easter Bunny? The history of the Easter bunny and the symbol that it represents originated back in pre-Christian fertility folklore, as being the most fertile of animals. The hare and rabbit served as symbols of new life. This originated with the pagan festival of Eostre (also known as Eastre). Anglo-Saxons […]

History of the Easter Bunny and Gifts

How To Make Bunny Napkins Let these adorable Easter Bunny Napkins adorn your Easter Dinner Table. They are so easy to make and add the finishing touch to your Easter Dinner table. How To Make Bunny Napkins I spent many years in the catering industry and have learned some very fun and interesting way to […]

How To Make Bunny Napkins

Easter Basket Stuffers All Easter Baskets need stuffers, starting with some Easter Grass, edible Easter Grass. Easter morning is a magical time for many children as they run to see what the Easter bunny left them in their Easter Baskets. Easter eggs and chocolate eggs, and marshmallow peeps and so much candy fills their baskets. […]

Easter Basket Stuffers

Do You Buy Gifts for Easter? I don’t believe that Easter should be commercialized like Christmas so the department store aisles filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets do not appeal to me. The message of the resurrected Christ should be front and center during this religious holiday. However many people like to give gifts […]

Easter Gifts for Kids

Huggable, Lovable, Easter Plush You don’t have to be a child to love adorable Easter stuffed animals. There are so many different kinds to choose from: bunnies, chicks, ducks, lambs and the nontraditional as well. Who can resist a sweet little Easter penguin? Or a gangly little Easter giraffe baby or fox kit? They are […]

Cute Easter Plush

How to Make and Decorate an Easter Tree An Easter tree cheers up the holiday atmosphere. It is so easy to make and decorate one. With Easter round the corner, you should start thinking of conceiving your Easter setting. With eggs, chicks and other pastel colored decorations spread in the house, an Easter tree will […]

Decorate the Prettiest Easter Tree Ever

Easter is Right Around the Corner! Are You Ready? Food is such an important part of most holidays, and this is true for Easter, too. Try to plan the meal around foods which are traditional to your own family. Perhaps there used to be a particular dish which everyone looked forward to each Easter. Find […]

Easter Celebration, Food, and Decorations

Prefer Not to Give Candy for Easter? These Little Guys Are Perfect for Easter! There is nothing more thoughtful than a personalized gift. Most all kids love stuffed animals, so what could make a better Easter gift than a personalized plush toy that has the recipients name on it? Perfect! These adorable little guys are […]

Personalized Easter Plush – Perfect Gift for Kids!

Cute Candy Jars and Dishes! I seen these candy jars the other day and knew everyone would go nuts over Candy Jars and Dishes! Store anything in them.

Candy Jars and Dishes

Easter is coming. Now would be a great time to get kids their favorite gift baskets. Take a look at some gift baskets that would make great Easter gifts for boys this year. These are certainly gift baskets that boys would enjoy.Now let us get them the best Easter gifts that they would enjoy all […]

Gift Baskets Boys would love on Easter