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Pretty Peacock Bedding and Accessories Peacock bedding is lovely and unique. If you love the colors found in peacocks, or if you want an original design in your bedroom, then consider some of the fabulous bedding showcased here! You’ll find everything here from bedding sets, sheet sets, throw pillows and bed skirts. The blues and […]

Peacock Bedding is Gorgeous and Popular

Fall Bedding for the Entire Family Fall bedding sets include bedding that features warm, autumn colors and fabrics made for cooler weather. Think oranges, burnt reds, browns, golds and more. These bedding sets for fall include sheets and other bedding accessories, as well as bed covers. You’ll enjoy the warm colors of autumn in these […]

Fabulous Fall Bedding

Dress Up Your Bedroom for the Holidays There are some lovely Christmas bedding sets featured on this page. Some have a winter theme, so you can use them all season, rather than just at Christmas. If you go all out decorating your home for Christmas, then you’re not going to want to forget your bed […]

Christmas Bedding That Is Festive and Fun

Quilts Make Your Bedroom Homey and Inviting Even though I’m a bedding freak, as you probably already know, if you’ve discovered my bedding pages, my favorite type of bed covering is a quilt. They are classic and classy. Even though comforters and bedspreads are lovely, quilts just seem to be easier. If they aren’t too […]

Quilts Are Classy and Fabulous

I Love Nautical Design! It’s so much fun decorating your bedroom with nautical decorations! From nautical bedding to wall decor, there are so many options for you to choose from, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to give your bedroom a new look and feel. I suggest starting with white […]

Nautical Bedroom Decor

Call It Gray Or Call It Grey No matter how you spell it, gray bedding is elegant, simple and lovely. If I had the money, I would probably decorate every room in my home in some shade of gray. Whether it be a gray accent wall, gray furniture or gray flooring, the grays have it! […]

Gray Bedding Is Lovely!

Great Bedding for Boys of All Ages Boys love having bedding that expresses their tastes, and you’ll find great selections here for boys of all ages. From LEGO and superhero bedding sets, to basic colors. Everything a boy could want in a bedding set is found here! Let your child help you shop, then he […]

Boys Bedding Your Child Will Love

Pops of Polka Dots are Fun and Interesting! I love polka dots! Polka dot bedding is ideal for teens’ and girls’ bedrooms. You’ll find some colorful options here in a variety of sizes and prices. There’s polka dot bedding here that is colorful and some that is black and white. You can add some matching […]

Polka Dot Bedding

I Love Ruffles! Ruffles are so much fun. I love ruffles on clothing, handbags, pillows and bedding! I can’t get enough of them, so I had to do a page that features ruffled bedding. You’ll find white ruffle comforters, ruffled bedspreads and curtains and more here. There are a variety of colors available, too, though […]

Ruffled Bedding is Frilly and Feminine

6 Fabulous and Fun Tropical Bedding Sets Tropical bedding offers a fresh, breezy feeling to your bedroom. It will take you away to a tropical paradise filled with warm breezes, waves crashing and tropical birds singing. From palm trees and coconuts to tropical flowers and more, these bedding sets are each unique in their own […]

Tropical Bedding Sets

Blue Bedding Sets in a Variety of Shades Blue is such a gorgeous color, and it comes in a huge variety of shades. I’m featuring such shades as royal, navy, aqua, teal, turquoise and light blue bedding sets here. There is something here for everyone. Blue can be both feminine and masculine. It’s ideal for […]

Beautiful Blue Bedding

Black and White Bedding Is Sleek and Elegant You might think black and white bedding is boring or has no character. That is not true at all. Just look at the cool selections here! This bedding is fun, unique and very elegant. You can keep your bedroom theme simple by accessorizing with black and white, […]

Black and White Bedding is Fun and Fabulous!

Red Hot Bedding You Can’t Wait to Own Did you know that red represents passion? What a great color for a bedroom, right? This red hot bedding will bring passion, heat and brilliance to your bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, you can have passion in your bedroom even if you’re single. Passion can simply mean […]

Red Bedding That Sizzles and Pops

Sports Bedding Kids Love Boys and teens will especially love this sports bedding. There’s everything from bedding sets and plush sports pillows to valances and wall decals. Dress up your child’s or teen’s room with a cool bedding set and matching accessories, to create an atmosphere that they will enjoy spending time in and showing […]

Sports Bedding and Bedroom Accessories

Wonderful White Bedding Sets White bedding is a nice choice for your bedroom. It goes with any color walls and flooring you have in there, and you can accessorize with any accent colors you choose. You might decide to decorate your bedroom in all white and gray or white a black, or you might want […]

Lovely White Bedding Sets

Turquoise Is Ideal for a Bedroom Turquoise is the perfect color choice for a bedroom, because it is tranquil and will offer an aura of peace. It reminds me of a beautiful tropical ocean on a clear day. I love all shades of blue, but turquoise is definitely one of my favorites, and I have […]

Turquoise Bedding Sets

Unique Orange Bedding Will Brighten Up Your Bedroom! I love the color orange. Whether it’s peach, or light orange, or a vibrant bright orange, this color makes me happy. The bedding featured here varies in orange shades and designs, but all of it if lovely, and will make a terrific addition to any bedroom in […]

Beautiful Orange Bedding

Green Bedding Brings a Touch of Nature into Your Home I will admit it…green used to be one of my least favorite colors, but I can honestly say it is now one of my favorites! Green is the perfect color choice for a bedroom, because it’s serene and calming, and it will even bring a […]

Green Bedding Sets

Yellow Crib Bedding Sets Yellow baby bedding is popular for boy or girls, and is often used when parents decide to wait to know the gender of their baby. It’s a soft color that is relaxing and inviting, so your child will feel safe and secure in his or her bedroom. You’ll enjoy the variety […]

Yellow Baby Bedding

Navy Bedding Sets Navy blue is one of my favorite colors. In fact I like just about any shade of blue, but navy happens to be my favorite. Navy is a nice choice for a bedroom, because it can be both masculine and feminine, depending on the design and the color and style of accessories […]

Navy Blue Bedding

Pink Baby Bedding for Your Little Girl’s Nursery If you are expecting a baby girl, and you want to go the traditional route with the nursery, then you will love this pink baby bedding! You’ll find cute bedding sets and other pink nursery decor featured here. Make your little princess’ room a place of peace, […]

Lovely Pink Baby Bedding

Beautiful Striped Bedding Stripes are one of my favorite prints, and I loved striped bedding of all sorts. Whether vertical or horizontal stripes are part of the design, I think stripes are lovely. Depending on the color and design, stripes can be very masculine, but can also be feminine (like the first product shown below). […]

Striped Bedding Sets

Beautiful Bedding in Beige Beige is a nice neutral color that goes well with any other room decor you may already have. This lovely beige bedding will add softness and a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Sometimes keeping things simple makes the biggest impact of all. I personally love beige, tan, brown, cream and […]

Beige Bedding That Isn’t Boring

Plaid Bedding Sets Look Distinguished! I love stripes and I love plaid, and this plaid bedding is perfect for any bedroom in which you want a touch of masculinity. Teen boys and young boys are perfect candidates for plaid bedding sets, but you can also use it in adult bedrooms. If you have a cabin […]

Plaid Bedding Sets

Giraffe Bedroom Decor I love giraffes. I appreciate their awkwardness and coloring. I found some adorable giraffe decorations that I just have to share with the world. From giraffe bedding, wall decor, figurines and more. You’ll be able to decorate an adult’s bedroom or a child’s bedroom with the products featured here. If you love […]

Giraffe Bedroom Decor

Nautical Bedding for the Entire Family The nautical theme is perfect for adults, children and baby rooms! Babies will love the bright colors and pretty designs. Children will feel special with the themed effect, and adults will feel like they are engulfed in a nautical dream! There’s a great selection of nautical bedding featured here. […]

Nautical Bedding Is Beautiful

Get the Best Spider Man Bedding and Decor Ideas Boys love superheroes like Spider Man. They enjoy Spider Man toys and adventures, and would love to go to bed in their own Spider Man bedroom. Take a look here to find everything that kids would enjoy in their bedroom- from Spider Man bedding sets, accessories, […]

Spiderman Kids Bedding and Decor Ideas

Best Pirate Crib Bedding for Babies Looking for the best baby bedding for boys? Want a nursery filled with pirate ships? If you are shopping for crib bedding for boys, and you love something that is vibrant and full of adventures, then baby bedding with pirate ships would be a great set for you to […]

Pirate ships on Crib Bedding for Boys

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