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These Gorgeous Garden Ornaments and Decorations are Made in the USA Nothing makes me happier than a garden, and it is especially nice to know that there are garden decorations and ornaments that are made in the USA! It is fun to know that you can help American businesses and make your gardens beautiful too! […]

Made In America Garden Gifts

Victorian Fencing Adds the Final Touch for a Gothic Garden It is not enough to fill your garden with black flowers if you want to create a gothic garden. While the black flowers and plants are the beginning, it takes your creative choosing of accessories, borders, and decor to make the gothic theme come to […]

Romantic Victorian Garden Fencing for a Gothic Garden

Black Flowers Add Mystery to Any Garden With gothic clothing and culture becoming more and more trendy, avid gardeners are looking for ways to extend the culture into their gardens by breeding extremely dark hued plants and flowers, some that are truely black. These plants can be used for a gothic themed garden when combined […]

Black Plants for a Gothic Garden

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters I am a patio gardener. With my work schedule it is no longer possible to tend a full scale garden. I love these stackable planters that make it easier for me to keep my beauties fed and watered without spending a lot of time stooping and bending. The height of […]

Patio Gardening and Stackable Planters

The Best Way to Garden Are you held back from gardening by poor quality soil? Maybe its hard pack clay or too sandy? Raised garden beds can be the answer to your problem. With a raised garden bed you can control the quality of the soil you are planting in. This can be beneficial to […]

Raised Garden Beds

Planning Your Container Garden Careful planning of your container garden at the beginning will increase the likelihood of a successful garden. The first thing that you want to decide is whether you are having an outdoor or an indoor container garden. Some people believe that container gardening is for indoor plants or patios but they […]

Container Gardening Is A Great Way For New Gardeners to Learn!

Glass or Polycarbonate Greenhouses Glass greenhouses are the perfect solution for growing vegetables or flowers! These structures fit nicely in your yard for easy access, all the while adding beauty to it. You’ll love the selection I’ve showcased here! If you have the room, why not get one for vegetables and one for flowers?! Get […]

Deluxe Greenhouses for the Yard

The Best Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Kits You will add a little class and elegance to your garden with any of these outdoor garden water fountain kits. Outdoor fountains and water features are a great way to make your backyard garden into your own personal oasis. You can impress your family and friends with a beautiful […]

Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Kits

Strawberry Pots Will Make your Strawberry Plants Look Gorgeous! Growing strawberries in strawberry pots is one of those new container gardening trends and the ideal method for growing strawberries when you do not have enough space in your own garden, or just have a balcony to store the plants you raise at home. Imagine that […]

Growing Strawberries in Strawberry Pots

Small Space Gardening: Grow Strawberries in Hanging Pots Growing strawberries in hanging baskets is so easy to do. Container gardening is the trend these days and these heart-shaped berries are the easiest fruits to raise in pots or baskets. This page is the third in my strawberry potting collection. Here you are going to discover […]

How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Pots

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Growing Strawberries at Home If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow strawberry plants, you are going to enjoy this page as you’re about to get the best tips for growing strawberries in your home garden. Growing strawberries at home and taking care of strawberry plants is […]

How To Grow Strawberries

Growing Strawberry Plants in Pots is Easy as 1.2.3 Growing strawberries in pots is one of my favorite hobbies. If you love fresh heart-shaped berry fruits and want to grow them but haven’t enough space in your garden, this short guide on how to grow strawberries in containers the easy and fun way is here […]

Growing Strawberries in Pots

Thinking About Growing Giant Pumpkins? It seems like nearly every year the World Record is broken for the largest pumpkin. Do you want to learn how to grow a giant pumpkin like these these huge Atlantic Giant pumpkins, yourself? Maybe it will be you who grows the newest World Record Giant Pumpkin? Follow this easy […]

How To Grow Giant Pumpkins

What is Good Luck Bamboo? Good Luck Bamboo is an easy way to improve your home’s Feng Shui. Living plants improve the Qi (energy flow) of any room they are placed in, and lucky bamboo is one of the finest at doing this. The lucky bamboo plant itself is a revered symbol of luck and […]

Good Luck Bamboo

Herbs Can Be Grown For So Many Purposes These are some herbs that are favorites to start by seed. Growing from seed is very satisfying because you get a great jump on the growing season and you are the one that created that little plant that will turn into such productive joy. Herbs are so […]

Easy Grow Herbs

Many people are returning to gardening as a hobby, as well as a way to save on food costs. If the thought of gardening has crossed your mind, you may want to think about the many benefits of making a raised garden bed. They are just as functional as those on the ground, and can be […]

The Best Reasons to Make a Raised Garden Bed

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