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Mighty Moose Bathroom Decor Moose bathroom decorating is fun! Begin with your great sense of humor, add some moose themed items, and get ready to receive compliments galore. When your guests enter your bathroom, they are never really surprised at any new theme – that’s just who you are. Be sure they enjoy a chuckle […]

Moose Bathroom Decor

Tropical Palm Print Shower Curtains There is no denying that we all need a little peaceful escape. If you are searching for the perfect gift for your paradise aficionado for this holiday season, maybe start somewhere most of the others won’ t even think of; The Bathroom! There are multiple options for decorating a luxurious […]

Palm Tree Shower Curtains For a Lush Bath

Towel Warmer Racks, Stands and Cabinets Hydronic towel warmers allow you to keep your bath towels, spa towels, baby blankets, delicates and other clothing, fresh, dry and warm! These electric towel warmers are easy to install (though should be done by a professional), and they can be turned on and off, so you can enjoy […]

Towel Warmers

Unique Bathroom Decor A World Map Shower Curtain Having a world map shower curtain is a good way to learn about where all the countries are placed. Now when they talk about all those far off countries on the news, you only have to look at your shower curtain to figure it out. You can get […]

World Map Shower Curtain

Novelty Toilet Paper Holders 2017 You will find some of the best novelty toilet paper holders right here! I have scoured the web to find you the most fun and unusual toilet paper holders that you will enjoy placing in your home’s bathrooms! Some of my favorite unique toilet paper holders include natural designs like […]

Unique Toilet Paper Holders 2017

Are You Looking for Creative Bathroom Wall Art Ideas? Bathroom wall art will dress up any wall in your bathroom, and add pops of color and interest to your design. You will find bathroom wall art ideas here from pictures for bathroom, to wall decals, and more. So how do you know what wall art […]

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Sugar Skull Bathroom Decor If you are looking to add a spicy touch to your private quarters look no farther. These super cool, intensely cute sugar skull bathroom decor can transform your normal bathroom into a beautiful space. Forget the normal momish decorations. You can transform any bathroom big or small with any of these […]

Sugar Skull Bathroom Decor

Get Creative with These Small Bathroom Ideas! Small bathrooms call for creative ideas, and here you’ll find small bathroom ideas, small bathroom storage ideas, small bathroom decorating ideas, and more. You can optimize your space in your small bathrooms with shelves, storage units, and other items, and you can still create a beautiful space with […]

Small Bathroom Ideas

How to Create a Marilyn Monroe Themed Bathroom It’s easy and fun to create a Marilyn Monroe themed bathroom. As with any other themed room, you simply need to find the best products you can that feature Marilyn. In the bathroom, those products include Marilyn Monroe shower curtains, towels, wall decor and even small decorative […]

Create a Marilyn Monroe Themed Bathroom

Shower Rods From curved shower rods to straight, and from tension rods to the kind that screw in your walls, you’ll find a wonderful variety of shower rods for all your bathroom needs here! Shower rods come in a bigger variety than one might think. There are a number of finishes, styles, prices and sizes […]

Shower Rod

A Polka Dot Shower Curtain Will Add Fun and Interest to Your Bathroom If a polka dot shower curtain is what you are looking for, then you will find some very cute ones on this page.  The polka dots are a fun design element that is used on lots of products, but is especially fun […]

Polka Dot Shower Curtain
Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Learn the Elements with a Periodic Table Shower Curtain If you are a science geek you might want to have a periodic table shower curtain.  If you are trying to learn the elements a periodic table shower curtain can help.  Having the periodic table available to look at frequently will help it to sink into […]

Periodic Table Shower Curtain