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It’s Yard Clean Up Time Got Leaves? I do, lots of tress so lots of leaves! I really don’t mind the raking, I kind of enjoy it. It’s putting all those leaves in the bag that’s a killer. Trying to hold the bag in one hand or laying it down and holding it with my […]

Leaf Bag Holders

Beautiful Water Fountains for the Yard Imagine sitting in your yard, enjoying nature, and listening to your own fountain. Water fountains for the yard add to the sounds of nature – for you and your family. Listening to water fall is naturally relaxing and calming to your spirit. Your friends will enjoy taking it easy […]

Water Fountains for the Yard

Enjoy a Water Fountain Bird Bath in Your Yard Do you dream of having a water fountain bird bath in your yard? If you find nature moments relaxing, pleasant and fun, or even more specifically, if you love to watch birds as I do, you will enjoy one of these graceful water fountain bird baths. […]

Bird Bath Fountains for Your Backyard

Outdoor non slip stair treads help prevent slips and falls for your family, your guests and anyone who comes to your home. Wet steps from rain or snow or even some outdoor water fun can become a slippery slope trying to get in or out of your home. Outdoor non slip stair treads provide a […]

Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

Outdoor Grill Covers Outdoor Grill Covers are a necessity if you own an Outdoor Grill or BBQ. While we love to BBQ during the warmer months, during the cold winter months it’s time to put that outdoor grill away for the season. The best way to prepare your grill for out of season is to […]

Outdoor Grill Covers

A Safe Step Non slip stair treads prevent slips and falls for you, your family, your guests and your. In our home growing up, we had them on all the stairs. We had hard wood stairs that were quite slippery without the them. There were many a time that someone could have slipped and hurt […]

Non Slip Stair Treads

Interlocking Deck Tiles Interlocking deck tiles can help you easily create a new look for your deck, patio or walkway. They install easily and perfectly connect with just a snap over your existing wood or concrete deck or patio. Interlocking Deck Tiles will make a huge difference in the appearance of your outdoor living area. […]

Interlocking Deck Tiles

Floating Pool Lights Colorful floating pool lights can add some wonderful night time ambiance to any night time activity right in your own back yard. Having a pool is a great way to cool off during the day and even on a hot summer day. Using these awesome and colorful floating pool lights can also […]

Floating Pool Lights

The Best Bricklaying Tool Kit can Make Easy Work for Home or Amateur Bricklayer Looking to buy an excellent bricklaying tool set? I have found some the perfect set bricklaying tools, whether you whether an apprentice, professional or the do-it-yourselfer in your home. I have become interested in stone masonry and bricklaying over the last […]

Bricklaying Tool Kit

Stonemasonry and bricklaying a gift to the world indeed Stonemasonry is both a a practical craft and a beautiful art. Like quilting, weaving or carpentry the crafts-person finds ways to bring beauty to utility. Stone-masonry is an ancient craft. Masonry is a rewarding profession for many, and an art that can be enjoyed by everyone. […]

Stone Masonry, Stone Cutting and Bricklaying: Beautiful Work and Great Careers

Outdoor Tree Faces Give your trees a little a personality by adding a face to the tree. These outdoor tree faces are adorable and will add an interesting touch to your outdoor landscaping. You can’t help but smile as you see the many faces of your backyard, smiling and looking back at you. Sculpted of […]

Outdoor Tree Faces

Tiered Outdoor Water Fountains There is nothing better than to sit outside with a Tiered Water Fountain. The soothing sounds of running water and the soft glow of light brings a calmness and peacefulness to your outdoor environment. Your family and friends will be drawn to your home to get that much needed Zen. Curved […]

Tiered Water Fountains

Walkway Stepping Stones Walkway Stepping Stones are a creative and decorative way to add a walkway either in the front or back of your home. The designs are unique and functional creating a magical path way for your family and friends leading to your home. Many glow in the dark so even at night your […]

Walkway Stepping Stones

Some say the tradition of the wishing well started in Europe, but has worldwide significance. REF: Wishing Well Tradition – History, Origins, Rituals Water being viewed as the giver of life, the early Celts and Germanic people attached a sacredness to water. A belief developed that any wish made over a source of water would […]

Home Sweet Home : Fancy a Wishing Well in Your Own Backyard?

Propane Tank Covers Propane Tank Covers can make any old rusty propane tank take on a new and interesting look. So many of us barbeque throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. The barbeque is always up and running and ready to cook up that favorite steak. With any barbeque comes a propane […]

Propane Tank Covers

Solar Garden Lights Solar Garden Lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your walkway, light up a dark area in your yard or just decorate your garden area with some colorful lights. Solar powered garden lights are easy to install and even easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about having an extension cord […]

Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor Fans An outdoor standing fan is great for use year round. You don’t have to brave the heat of the summer any more. You can still have a family outing or barbeque with a cool breeze to keep your family and guests comfortable while their socializing on the deck. Even on a warm fall […]

Outdoor Standing Fans

The Best Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Kits You will add a little class and elegance to your garden with any of these outdoor garden water fountain kits. Outdoor fountains and water features are a great way to make your backyard garden into your own personal oasis. You can impress your family and friends with a beautiful […]

Outdoor Garden Water Fountain Kits

Pool Float Organizers Do you have a pool? Then you have floats. A Pool Float Organizer is a must have for your backyard. When my boys were little, they had toys and floats and noodles and goggles and swimmies that were laying everywhere, on the lawn, on the deck and in the pool. Eventually, one […]

Pool Float Organzier

Spring is here and it is a great time to start spending time in your outdoor garden. Extended daylight hours can make it possible to spend a longer time in your backyard. As you are probably aware night blooming perennials open up during the middle of a moonlight plant environment. So if you want to […]

Solar Lantern Lighting for Outdoor Landscapes
Winter Snow

Beauty in nature will always take my breath away! As I sit in the sweltering heat of the summer today, I think back on when it was bitter cold in the winter to cool off. I feel so blessed to live in an area where the seasons change to extremes at times. :) After our […]

Winter Snow

Saving on energy costs takes planning and it is important to learn which home lighting fixtures will help reduce your electricity bill. The following guide will give you a great selection of solar lights for your outdoor landscape. Best places to install lighting systems in the home are: 1. Doorways and Entryways You will want […]

Home Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Rattan Garden Furniture As the days of summer get longer and hotter I find myself looking forward to the relief of the evening cool down. Spending time outside after dinner relaxing on my rattan garden furniture has become the highlight of my day. Rattan garden furniture was the perfect choice for my outdoor furniture needs […]

Rattan Garden Furniture