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Nautical Home Decor I love nautical home decor! It is one of my favorite design styles. I have a quilt and shams with a nautical theme that I have completely worn out from all the washings they’ve endured. At one time I accessorized that quilt with a wooden lighthouse on my dresser, nautical wall decor […]

Nautical Home Decor

Unique Shower Curtains Add a Fun Flare to Any Bathroom You’ll find fun and unique shower curtains featured here. I’ve chosen designs that you simply don’t see everyday. These eclectic designs will offer a fun flare to any bathroom in your home. If you want to step out from the mundane and normal, then be […]

Unique Shower Curtains

Stylish Fabric Shower Curtains Add Softness to Your Bathroom I like fabric shower curtains in my bathroom, however, I used to have a cat who liked to “mark” fabric stuff, so I started just using a vinyl shower curtain, but I really miss my fabric one. I tried putting one back up a while ago, […]

Fabric Shower Curtains That Will Dress Up Your Bathroom

Beautiful Rustic Home Decor Adds Interest to Any Room in Your Home Rustic home decor can be vintage looking, rusty, have a country flare or share in the western home decor theme. If you enjoy vintage and antique style decor, then you will most likely enjoy rustic home decor, as well. Here you will find […]

Rustic Home Decor

Western Home Decor Western home decor offers a feel of the old west meets country home decor. You’ll love the mixture of cowboy boots, wagon wheels, Mexican decor and more. Western home decor can mean different things to different people. Perhaps you want a man cave with a cowboy theme or a kitchen with a […]

Western Home Decor

Wall Murals add Fun Decor to Baby’s Room A mural for a nursery is a great way to add color, design and interest to your baby’s room. You don’t have to worry about them grabbing a picture off the wall or having one fall off the wall, because murals are like vinyl decals or wallpaper, […]

Mural for Nursery

Shower Rods From curved shower rods to straight, and from tension rods to the kind that screw in your walls, you’ll find a wonderful variety of shower rods for all your bathroom needs here! Shower rods come in a bigger variety than one might think. There are a number of finishes, styles, prices and sizes […]

Shower Rod

Portable Toilets for Home Use Portable toilets for home use come in handy for those who are bedbound or even sick and don’t feel like getting up to walk to the restroom. Simply place one of these portable toilets for the home next to the bed, and you’ll have a convenient necessity that many will […]

Portable Toilets for Home Use

Decorative Battery Powered Table Lamps Save Energy and Can Be Used Anywhere We enjoy battery powered table lamps. They can be used anywhere in your home, as well as your office, while camping or when the power goes out. If you have ever heard a child crying out in the night, afraid of the dark, […]

Decorative Battery Powered Table Lamps

Decorative Motorcycle Throw Pillows Motorcycle Throw Pillows make great gifts for bikers, dirt biker riders, ATV riders, or just anyone who enjoys a motorcycle theme in their bedroom. These Motorcycle Throw Pillows would also look great in the living room of a man cave! Cool decorative Motorcycle Throw Pillows in lots of biker themes. Whether you ride […]

Motorcycle Throw Pillows

Give Your Kitchen Some Denim Touches From denim aprons to denim pot holders, you’ll find a lovely selection of denim kitchen accessories featured here. I had a thought recently that if I was going to create items to sell, then denim kitchen products would be a fun thing to make. I want to see first, […]

Denim Kitchen Accessories

Garden Fences A garden fence can act as an animal barrier to protect your flowers and vegetables, or it can simply be decorative to dress up your garden. My mom always liked to put little white fences in front of or around her flowers. She enjoyed working in the yard, and I miss those times […]

Garden Fences Look Great & Protect Your Garden

Peacock Home Decor I love peacock decor! The colors of turquoise and blue (along with other colors) are so appealing and pleasing to me. You might be surprised to know that peacock decor is extremely popular, too. I have some other pages that feature it, and they are some of my most popular. You can […]

Impressive and Lovely Peacock Decor

Beautiful Bedding in Beige Beige is a nice neutral color that goes well with any other room decor you may already have. This lovely beige bedding will add softness and a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Sometimes keeping things simple makes the biggest impact of all. I personally love beige, tan, brown, cream and […]

Beige Bedding That Isn’t Boring

Chair Beds Offer Extra Sitting and Sleeping Options Chair beds are great pieces of furniture that every home should have. They can be used as chairs, chaise lounges, single beds, extra seating for parties and more! Dorm rooms, teen bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms and so on are perfect places for a chair bed! Use one in […]

Comfy Chair Beds

Plaid Bedding Sets Look Distinguished! I love stripes and I love plaid, and this plaid bedding is perfect for any bedroom in which you want a touch of masculinity. Teen boys and young boys are perfect candidates for plaid bedding sets, but you can also use it in adult bedrooms. If you have a cabin […]

Plaid Bedding Sets

Giraffe Bedroom Decor I love giraffes. I appreciate their awkwardness and coloring. I found some adorable giraffe decorations that I just have to share with the world. From giraffe bedding, wall decor, figurines and more. You’ll be able to decorate an adult’s bedroom or a child’s bedroom with the products featured here. If you love […]

Giraffe Bedroom Decor

Beautiful Tiered Baskets I love metal tiered baskets to hold and display my fruit and other items in my kitchen! They look so pretty as a table centerpiece or sitting on your kitchen counter holding fruits, vegetables and other kitchen accessories. You can also place a tiered basket in your bathroom and put pretty guest […]

Tiered Wire Baskets

Nautical Bedding for the Entire Family The nautical theme is perfect for adults, children and baby rooms! Babies will love the bright colors and pretty designs. Children will feel special with the themed effect, and adults will feel like they are engulfed in a nautical dream! There’s a great selection of nautical bedding featured here. […]

Nautical Bedding Is Beautiful

Nautical Lanterns Are Useful and Beautiful! I love nautical design! Whether it’s bedding, art work or home decor, like the nautical lanterns I’m featuring here. Nautical decor gives a feeling of the sea, which reminds one of soothing water flowing, crashing waves, seagulls singing and other lovely forces of nature. It’s tranquil and inviting. The […]

Nautical Lanterns Will Light Your Way

Owl Dinnerware Makes Your Dinners a Hoot! Owl dinnerware is a fun way to add some color, whimsy and design to your family dinners, and you will also enjoy entertaining with these fun pieces! From appetizer plates, like the two selections featured here, from dinnerware sets, you’ll find everything you need to bring some owls […]

Owl Dinnerware That Will Make You Smile

A Touch of Paris in Your Own Home Paris Home Decor From tea towels (sold below) to throw pillows and wall decals to clocks, there’s a huge variety of Paris decor available today for your home and office. I’ve noticed a popular trend in many of the photos I saw on Amazon, and that is […]

Paris Decor That’s Out of This World!

Cookware Sets Quality Cookware Makes All the Difference! Quality cookware simply makes meal preparation easier and smoother. No more food sticking to pans, and pans peeling. No more loose handles. Ahh such relief. A nice cookware set will offer you a variety of pots and pans to choose from. Some even have lids. You’ll find […]

Cookware Sets for Serious Cooks

The Best Electric Food Steamers One of the healthiest ways to cook is to steam your food with the Best Electric Food Steamers. You can steam a whole dinner in a food steamer. You can steam fish, seafood, meats, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, squash, leafy greens, fruit, rice, pasta and even warm up left overs in […]

Best Electric Food Steamers

A Cute New Pillow For Your New Baby A pillow announcing your baby’s birth can be a keepsake you’ll cherish for years. Get one of these that reflects your own personal style and has all the details of your child’s birth and it can be something you proudly display on your couch or your bed […]

Birth Announcement Pillows

Does An Under Counter Can Opener Meet Your Needs? I find an under counter can opener to be one of the most convenient kitchen tools you can have, but is it right for you? Is it easy to install? I really like the ones that mount right under your counter or under your cabinet because […]

Under Counter Can Opener – Easy To Install?

Take a look around the house and tell me: what is the center piece of every room? What is that specific element that turns your house into a crib, into a cozy dwelling where you like to live in? Well, in case you haven’t come up with your answer yet, then let me give you […]

House-conscious: turn your house into a relief

Beach Decor Pillows Pillows are a detail of decor that can add a lot to a room. They can add a splash of color or they can blend into a room in a subtle way, adding elegance and grace. Pillows make a room look comfortable and inviting. The pillows featured here on this page all […]

Beach Themed Throw Pillows

Kids Love Doc McStuffins Furniture Doc McStuffins bedding sets too! This fun toddler bed is a perfect addition to a kid’s bedroom especially if they love Disney’s Doc McStuffins. Watch her eyes glow when she climbs onto bed for a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams. She would love how comfortable her bed feels. And […]

Doc McStuffins Furniture for the Playroom and Home

What Is The Best Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner? Hear it from an Expert I think I hold the unofficial world record for wet/dry vac use. Is it possible to claim that I have spent more hours with a wet vac in my hands than anyone else in the world? I might be exaggerating a little. Let […]

What Is The Best Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Microwave Toaster Oven Combo – Are They Reliable? Microwave Toaster Oven Combos are a great space and energy saver. When I moved into my home I realized how important it is to make the most use of your space and energy resources, and microwave toaster oven combos do both of these things. This convenient appliance […]

Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

Herbs Can Be Grown For So Many Purposes These are some herbs that are favorites to start by seed. Growing from seed is very satisfying because you get a great jump on the growing season and you are the one that created that little plant that will turn into such productive joy. Herbs are so […]

Easy Grow Herbs

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