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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Silverfish or fishmoth, I know you have seen them. Silverfish are a wingless insect about 1/2 inch to an inch and are silvery blue in color and have a fish-like appearance with it ‘s movements. Are they in your home? There are chemical free, safe for children and pets, […]

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Best Baskets for Every Room in the House Baskets are great containers for storing and organizing a variety of items that you have in your home. Not only are baskets practical and useful but they also are attractive home accessories. Baskets have always been made using a variety of materials and fibers including wood, wicker, […]

Best Baskets for Every Room in the House

How To Get Rid Of Houseflies So how do you get rid of houseflies? Everyone has a fly in their house every now and then, but this year seems to be especially bad. I have lots of flies in my house that I want to get rid of. Having those nasty flying bugs buzzing around […]

How To Get Rid Of House Flies

How To Get Rid Of Ants In The house Ants in the house, I think we’ve all had them every now and then and want to get rid of them as naturally as possible. One here and there but then again there are the persistent crawlers that seem to like your home and have invited […]

How To Get Rid Of Ants

Fourth of July Garden Flags Fun, fabulous Fourth of July Garden flags add color and pizazz to your lawn, flowers, and garden. Fourth of July garden flags look great and come in a variety of patriotic colors and symbols. Fancy fireworks, red rockets glaring, and all around patriotic tributes go hand in hand with Fourth […]

Fourth of July Garden Flags

  “Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.” – Luther Burbank (wiseoldsayings.com) ♥ ♥ ♥ I heart flowers. I heart art. Who doesn’t? Flowers uplift your spirit and can bring you joy each and every day. I heart gardens. Sadly everything you “heart” you […]

Gifts for Home or Office : Uplift Your Spirit With Lovely Blooms

Gardening Gloves For Thorns I love gardening and getting my hands in the dirt to plant but there are those time when you really need a good pair of gardening gloves, especially when pruning or cleaning out under bushes. These gardening gloves for thorns are made specifically to protect your hands and arms from thorns, […]

Gardening Gloves For Thorns

Limoges Porcelain Hinged Collectible Boxes Limoge Boxes are really Limoges porcelain which refers to hard-paste porcelain produced by factories near the city of Limoges, France, beginning in the late 18th century, but it does not refer to a particular manufacturer. So Limoges is a design style rather than a brand name, and these Limoges boxes […]

Limoges Boxes

Best Wool Blankets for Any Season What are some of the benefits of a wool blanket? How can wool blankets be ideal for every season? It’s because wool is the only material in the world that is naturally grown by mammals to regulate their body temperature in all types of weather and various climates. Wool […]

Wool Blankets – Top Brands

Electric & Warming Blankets, Throws & Mattress Pads An electric blanket can come in almost any size. They are available for sale in twin, queen size, and king size electric blankets. There are electric throw blankets available as well. And to add to the warmth and comfort of your bed on a cold night, you […]

Electric Blankets Reviews

Luxury Designer Quilts & Coverlets Featured here with reviews is a wonderful selection of Luxury Designer Coverlets & Quilts. This lovely bedding is available on sale at discount prices to buy online as well. Quilts and coverlets really dress up a bed! They add elegance and design to your bedroom as well. Some people prefer […]

Quilts and Coverlets

Bedspread Sets Add Beauty to Any Bedroom! Bedspread sets come with the lovely bedspread and matching accessories. The accessories may vary according to the set you order, but typically include shams, or a sheet set, or a bed skirt. Sometimes you’ll get matching decorative pillows in the set, too. Why Buy a Set Rather Than […]

Bedspread Sets

DiaNoche Designs Duvets DiaNoche Designs Duvet Covers works with artists from around the world to bring unique, artistic products to decorate all aspects of your home. Imaginative Artwork printed to a Premium Woven Duvet that will smother you with warmth. Bring a unique look and feel to your bedroom and dazzle your family and guests […]

DiaNoche Designs Duvet Covers

Decorative Globes for the Home It is delightful to realize that decorative globes for the home also educate besides being beautiful. The world globes that I have found satisfy so many urges: travel lust in the comfort of your own home, a ready answer to a trivia question, and beauty. I have found globes made […]

Decorative Globes for the Home

Garden Tool Organizer A garden tool organizer is a must have for most people. Whether you own a home, condominium or rent an apartment, there is some type of garden. Keeping your garden tools organized keeps all your gardening needs together making it easy to complete your clean up or maintenance. View Garden Tool Organizer […]

Garden Tool Organizer

Garden Hose Hanger Have a house? Then you have a garden hose and some of us have more than one hose. Is your hose laying in the bushes or curled up in a ball somewhere in your yard? Tangled? Annoying? These garden hose hangers are the answer for you. It is easy to get that […]

Garden Hose Hanger

Memorial Day Garden Flags Memorial Day Holiday is often considered the official start of summer. The purpose of Memorial Day is to honor the service rendered to our country by American servicemen and women. The Memorial Day holiday has a lengthy history which dates back as far as the late 1860’s. The original name of […]

Memorial Day Garden Flags

Luxurious & Healthy, Silk Comforters Silk comforters are lightweight and drape over your body, eliminating hot and cold air pockets, creating a unique ‘warm in winter, cool in summer’ effect. Silk’s amazing hypo-alergenic and hygroscopic qualities have been a great source of relief for allergy and rheumatism sufferers across the globe. Silk naturally draws moisture […]

Silk Comforters, Covered & Filled

Reversible Comforters Offer Two Looks for the Price of One Reversible comforters are nice, because you can flip the comforter over for a new color and for a new look in your bedroom. You’ll get two colors or designs for the price of one! Reversible comforters allow you to choose your look according to seasons […]

Reversible Comforters

Best Down Comforters for Less Find the best down comforter and down alternative comforters here at discount prices. You’ll find everything from top-of the line, heavy down comforters, to designs under $100. Down comforters are typically very light, yet very warm! You’ll love the way they look on your bed, and the way they feel […]

Down Comforter Reviews

Floral Comforters and Comforter Sets Floral comforters and comforter sets add a touch of femininity to any bedroom. Many people like to use floral design in the spring and summer seasons, but you can really use it year around. You’ll find a great variety of floral comforter sets to choose from here. Get one for […]

Floral Comforters

Black and White Comforters, Bedding & Bedding Sets Black and white bedding goes well with any design style and accent colors in your bedroom. These black and white comforters will add elegance and grandeur to any bedroom in your home. You’ll enjoy the wide array of choices featured here. You are sure to find the […]

Black and White Comforters & Sets

Comforters, Comforter Sets & Bedspreads A new comforter or bedspread will give your bedroom a fresh look! Bedspreads and comforters are the main focal point of any bedroom. Choose a bedspread or comforter that you love, then build your room around it. Add matching accessories such as toss pillows, rugs, lamps, wall decor, curtains, and […]

Bedspreads and Comforters

Giant Wall Clocks One of the hottest trends in wall art and clocks is the giant oversized wall clock. Below are featured a great selection of large wall clocks to choose from. You’ll find clocks here from the infamous Howard Miller, as well as a huge variety from other manufacturers. There are many styles, sizes […]

Large Wall Clocks – Oversized Up to 60 Inches!

Lamp-In-A-Box Table Lamps Lamp-In-A-Box makes fun and affordable lamps that are totally relevant to everyone’s lifestyle. With an extensive design library, Lamp-In-A-Box is proud to offer any and every one a great gift – the gift of light. The only lamp that adults, teenagers, and children alike are raving about! Lamp-In-A-Box was founded in 2007 […]

Lamp in a Box

Guide to Buying Ladders How & Where to Buy the Best Ladder for the Job Ladders are not just for DIY, there are so many uses for them in the home that every home should own some type of ladder. Ideally one for indoors and a larger one for outdoor use. This review should help […]

Ladders Buyers Guide

Ergonomic Knee Chairs & Stools Ergonomic Orthopedic Posture Kneeling Chairs Featured here with reviews are ergonomic knee ( kneeling) chairs and stools for desk or table. These posture chairs and stools are designed to be used at work or for home office. Informational video referenced below. If you suffer with lower back pain and your […]

Kneeling Chair Reviews

The Beauty Of A Wall Mounted Drying Rack For Clothes If you are someone who prefers to dry their clothes in a natural manner, you will find that having a wall mounted clothes drying rack within reach will be a wonderful option. This is a nice way to take care of drying certain clothing items […]

Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

Best Selling Kitchen Mats & Rugs Featured here are some of the best selling and top rated kitchen rugs and mats for sale online. Included are washable kitchen mats, kitchen floor rubber mats, anti fatigue kitchen mats, cushioned kitchen mats, padded kitchen mats, gel kitchen mats, foam kitchen mats, commercial kitchen mats, and decorative floor […]

Kitchen Rugs & Floor Mats

Table and Chairs Sets for Kids & Toddlers Kids will love these childrens table and chair sets to work and play on! They can eat snacks, do homework, play games and more on a table and chair that’s just their size. Kids will enjoy having friends over for “tea” parties and to work puzzles on […]

Kids Table and Chair Sets

Elegant & Creative Karlsson Wall Clocks Featured here are some of the best Karlsson Clocks available to buy online, including the famous flip clock. Informational video referenced below. The Karlsson range of fashionable and unusual clocks are extremely popular with anyone who wants a great looking clock for their home. There are lots of different […]

Karlsson Clocks

Ergonomic Gardening Tools One of the most favorite hobbies is gardening. Spring is in the air and we can’t wait to get out and start digging and planting in the soil. As much as we love gardening, the constant bending and digging and pushing can take a toll on our bodies and we can definitely […]

Ergonomic Gardening Tools