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A Backpack Fishing Tackle Box Is Very Useful Owning a Backpack fishing tackle box can be a true lifesaver. There is plenty of storage with loads of small pockets and compartments so that you don’t have to hunt around for your smaller items like hooks or extra fishing line. A backpack fishing tackle box is […]

Backpack Fishing Tackle Box

Let’s talk about the best fishing poles kids love to use . If there is one thing fathers love to do with their sons its going fishing. It’s the ultimate bonding experience and it is something they dream of doing from the time their son is born. While it may not seem like much to […]

Best Fishing Poles Kids

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks Eagles Nest Outfitters or ENO Hammocks are some of the best you can buy. You can relax in comfort and style during any outdoor excursion with your Eagles Nest Hammock, or when enjoying time in your own back yard. These Eagle Nest hammocks are durable, and hold up to 400 lbs. […]

Eagles Nest Hammocks

Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender I’ve never seen anything like this until one day I was scrolling down my facebook timeline. A video was shared of a cooler with bluetooth speakers and blender. I was indeed intrigued, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I guess that is why they named […]

Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers And Blender

The Best Winter Toys Kids love winter, or let’s put it this way, kids love snow. Children love the snowballs, the snow forts, the sledding and anything to do with the fluffy white stuff that adults curse and swear at all winter. So when the snow flies and the kids want to go outside here […]

Simply Awesome Toys for Winter and Snow

Yeti Coolers For Sale Tired of losing bags of ice after just a matter of hours? Looking for a cooler that will keep ice in the hottest of temperatures? Look no further, Yeti Coolers are the best coolers on the market! Yeti Coolers are Roto-Molded just like whitewater kayaks! Never worry about your cooler following […]

Yeti Coolers For Sale

Designs inspired by the Garden It’s fun to hang around the garden. The atmosphere is always calming. People have wanted to bring the outdoors inside and this is one way to do it! These designs draw inspiration from the garden. A simple walk around the flowers and greenery reveals something interesting.  There are hidden flowers, […]

Garden Inspired Designs

Nature Smiles Gallery’s Flower Photos If you are a flower lover then these flower photo items from Nature Smiles Gallery will certainly make you smile! There is the gorgeous red and white dahlia postage stamp, the pretty pink water lily mug, a dusky rose mug, and many more beautiful flower items. It’s always amazing to […]

Flower Photos from Nature Smiles Gallery
Winter Snow

Beauty in nature will always take my breath away! As I sit in the sweltering heat of the summer today, I think back on when it was bitter cold in the winter to cool off. I feel so blessed to live in an area where the seasons change to extremes at times. :) After our […]

Winter Snow

Magnets are a great way to show off your interests and decorate a kitchen or office, or any room that has something metal to put them on. The great thing about magnets is you can change them up very easily. Which means you can add or remove some based on the seasons, your current interests, […]

Fairy & Floral Magnets
bath house

America’s First Resort Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas As the name suggests, Hot Springs, Arkansas boasts a collection of  geothermal hot pools.  This earns it the nick name The Spa City.  Early on in the 30s and 40s, Hot Springs, Arkansas became famous due to vacationing visitors like Al Capone and President FDR.  Thus making […]

Hot Springs, Arkansas
Pumpkins in love

        A silly simplistic little poem about    the most important thing in the world –                               Love!    Warm the cockles of your heart and                              Laugh!                    Here’s the Link:   Pumpkin Pie – a Love Poem      

Pumpkin Pie – a Love Poem
Artist Sherri Buck Baldwin

Sherri Buck Baldwin is a very talented artist and creates beautiful calendars with Birds and Blossoms.  She uses watercolor, pastels and colored pencils and is known for obtaining unique depth in her art by laying her colors.  Her paintings are so soothing to look at and so lifelike that you can almost hear the birds […]

Artist Sherri Buck Baldwin

Nature inspires me! When walking through the park or over nature trails, I can’t help but feel uplifted by what I see. In a lovely park a mile from my home I found these lovely crocuses popping out in the early spring. Hope they delight you as they do me. :)   [zstore contributorhandle=”joyful_songs” productlineid=”196778978402072435″ […]

The Beautiful Crocus

Mousepads are a great way to show off your interests and decorate your computer area, whether it is at the office, your kitchen, your family room, or your home office, or even use them as coasters or trivets (nothing too hot, lol). The great thing about mousepads is that you can change them up very […]

Fairy Mousepads