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Recipes Using Buffalo Chicken I make daily lunch for my son who works nearby. I am recently widowed and we started this routine because we both needed to process the loss of my husband and his father. It’s been beneficial for both of us. This also gives me a meaningful project: making menus, shopping for […]

Buffalo Chicken Recipes

Recipe for Pumpkin Pudding Delight This is a recipe I first saw on The Rachael Ray Show, but she didn’t put pudding in hers, and I played around with the ingredients to make it my own. It makes a delectable dessert served in pudding cups over a ginger cookie, and garnished with a ginger cookie. […]

Pumpkin Pudding Delight Recipe

Recipe for Sugar Free, No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies You can enjoy the deliciousness of peanut butter cookies without using refined sugar or flour. This recipe shows you how to use Splenda in place of the sugar, these cookies are a delectable treat for all! These cookies are terrific for Diabetics or for those who […]

Sugar Free, No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies

Potato Candy is Delicious! My mom used to make potato candy one or two times every year. She would always make it for Christmas along with some of her best cookies. It was such a treat, and even though potatoes and peanut butter might not sound good mixed together, you have got to taste it […]

Potato Candy Recipe

Mother’s Magnificent Recipes My mom was an excellent cook! She grew up in the country, where they made everything from scratch. From milk gravy with sour dough biscuits, homemade pie or cobbler, wonderful cakes, and the list goes on and on. I’m going to share a few of her great recipes here. Unfortunately she didn’t […]

Mother’s Magnificent Recipes

Bunny Cake Pattern for Easter or Springtime Every Easter since when I was a child, my mom and I would make a bunny cake. I think she saw the pattern for the cake in a magazine and was brave enough to try it. I realize now how simple it really is, and it’s great fun […]

Make a Bunny Cake

Easy Macaroni Salad This macaroni salad recipe is very flexible as far as ingredients are concerned. You can easily change it to satisfy your family’s taste preferences. I will share how I make it here, but you can experiment and come up with other little tidbits and ingredients to personalize it yourself. This is perfect […]

Easy Macaroni Salad Recipe

You Can Cut Up a Watermelon in a Variety of Ways There are a variety of ways to cut up a watermelon. It pretty much depends on your own personal preference as to how you choose to do it. If you’re cutting it for a party or for guests, you might want to do it […]

Cutting Up a Watermelon

My Favorite Christmas Cookies Baking cookies for Christmas has been a long-time family tradition for me. Of course these cookies are good any time of the year, but Christmas and cookies just go together, don’t you think? Every year my mom and I baked the sugar cookies, peanut butter with kisses, raspberry almond, and on […]

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Banana Pudding: A Quick and Easy Dessert Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve always enjoyed it. I now make it with sugar-free pudding, though, because I’m Diabetic. Even if you’re watching your sugar or caloric intake, you can still occasionally enjoy your favorite dessert recipes. This really is easy to make and […]

Banana Pudding Recipe

Need Some Ideas For Using That Sour Cream In The Fridge? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine ever opening up my fridge without seeing a tub of sour cream in it. I use it on so many meals, it makes everything a “comfort food” to me when I slather it on top, […]

3 Things To Do With Sour Cream

Been dining out in American restaurants for practically all my life; and there are always two condiments you can find on any table: mustard and ketchup (or catsup). That’s what I thought, until I started traveling to various states in the United States. When I got to Texas, I noticed that, in addition to mustard […]

Cooking Basics ~ Do You Have a Favorite Condiment?

Do you often find yourself reflecting back on many fond childhood memories. Many children, especially little girls, can probably remember having a tea party. My big sister had a blue and white tea set and she enjoyed pretending we were having a tea party. I wasn’t allowed to play with the toy dishes by myself […]

Gifts for Tea Lovers : Do you Like Pretty Teapots?

Some say that in France, a typical meal has 5 (or 7) components or courses. Here is a variation of the courses: Apéritif, Hors d’Oeuvres, Soup, Main Dish, Salad, Cheese, Dessert. But no matter the number of courses, the meal usually begins with the apéritifs / hors d’oeuvres. Americans would call this part of the meal […]

Cooking Basics ~ Eat Like the French!

Make a Big Pot of Sausage Bean Chowder and Share with Your Neighbors! This sausage bean chowder is wonderful on those cold winter nights! It’s easy to make and serves a family of four easily. Double the recipe and share with neighbors. More often than not, though, my husband brings in his group of golfers […]

Sausage Bean Chowder Recipe

Eat Lots of Food for Half the Calories ! The Hungry Girl way is a method of making favorite foods in a manner that is less fattening. It also gives you ways to “bulk up your portions so that you can eat a lot of food, and not gain weight. The author, Lisa Lillien, is […]

Hungry Girl – Large Portion, Low Calorie Recipes

Living in Austin, Texas is great for those who want to practice healthy eating habits, with diligent nutrition conscious folks insisting that we must all have servings of fruits and veggies daily. Yes California also has such a reputation. But if sometimes you want so badly to enjoy your favorite snack , and not feel […]

My Favorite Snack and Guilty Pleasure : Potato Chips

This nugget is a follow up to my other web page titled Is a Season Your Reason to Drink Tea? (which I was happy to publish because it gave me an excuse to suggest some chocolate tea products). Are you a tea drinker? If so, you are lucky lucky lucky! Why? Because not only are […]

Gifts For Tea Lovers : Novel, Unique and Useful for Tea Drinkers

Respected food writer, Monica Bhide has written for well-known publications such as Food and Wine and Cooking Light. In her article, “The Crackling Spices Of Indian Tempering”, she writes about a cooking method common to Indian cuisine called “tempering”. EXCERPT: ” … Tadka translates as “tempering.” It is a method widely used in Indian cuisine, […]

Cooking Basics ~ Cooking Terms: Indian Tempering

Mark Bittman, is one of America’s best-known, most widely respected food writers. Happy to suggest two cookbooks written by him. One for those who want to learn how to cook and the other for those who have a goal to eat healthy with an emphasis on consuming green leafy vegetables (that would be moi!). How […]

Cooking Basics ~ How to Cook Everything – Emphasis on the Greens

The spice trails taken by the Europeans can be traced backwards from India to Arabia (formerly Asia Minor) to Africa to Egypt and all the way to the ancient Greco-Roman world. Wars were fought over precious spices and in the end … we all won! Because the end result of the wars and the global […]

Cooking Basics ~ Spice Spotlight: Saffron, Cardamon, Curry and Turmeric

One of my favorite ingredients in milkshakes and smoothies is bananas. They give delicious drinks a delightful sweetness and they add texture. This recipe is easy and whips up in just a few minutes with hardly any prep. Share this easy banana milkshake with someone special. Ingredients: 1 ripe banana sliced 2 scoops vanilla ice […]

Easy Banana Milkshake Recipe

The beauty of living in America is its diversity. Especially its food diversity. It may be the same for other countries as well. But the USA is my home so my “opinions” via my food or foodie experiences can be spoken with authority. Or at least, with a reasonable amount of certainty. :) World cuisine […]

Cooking Basics ~ Create Your Own Regional Feasts of India

Seldom drink tea because of my coffee addiction. But other members of my household love to brew! They are not tea experts (yet!) and are always experimenting with different flavors – from caramel apple to licorice to green tea to black tea to … on and on and on. Found an interesting blog post written […]

Gifts for Tea Lovers : Is a Season Your Reason to Drink Tea?

On September 20, 1519, Portuguese navigator, Ferdinand Magellan (c. 1489-1521), set sail from Spain on a mission to find a western route to the Spice Islands. He reached the cost of South America and then navigated the strait linking the Atlantic and the Pacific which now bears his name, the Strait of Magellan. He crossed […]

Cooking Basics ~ Stock Your Kitchen Cabinet with Exotic Spices

Starting With The Ancient Greeks Much of what the ancient Greeks ate and drank was decided by their religious beliefs. Some foods were eaten because it was thought that they were favorites of a god that they worshipped. Meat was never eaten unless it was sacrificed or hunted down. They did not believe in raising […]

Greek Cooking- Old To New

Pretty Pickle Labels for Your Homemade Pickles My mom made many pickles over the years to feed our large family. I’m glad to see that pickling is still popular. There are even some quickie ways to make refrigerator pickles now. After you fix a batch of your special pickles, you’ll want your jars to look […]

Pickle Labels

Slush Cup Maker On a hot steamy summer day, turn your boring liquid drink into a cold refreshing icee with a slush cup maker. Slushies are a tasty treat and cool you off. However, buying them at a snowball stand can be expensive, especially for a family. Not only do you save money by making […]

Slush Cup Maker

Sexy Cakes and Cupcake Ideas Find the perfect Sexy Cupcake Ideas for your bachelor party or Valentines Day treats. Finding unique cupcake ideas for Valentines day can be a cheap affordable way to show someone your delicious sexy side. Cute cupcake ideas for sexy treats for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, Valentines day, anniversaries and more. […]

Sexy Cupcake Ideas

Cheese Salsa Crustless Quiche Cheese Salsa Crustless Quiche is an easy, healthy dish versatile enough be served for any meal. We sometimes have breakfast for dinner and this quiche works perfectly. It has just a few ingredients and is very simple to put together. Having no crust, this egg dish is low carb and it […]

Cheese Salsa Crustless Quiche

My Favorite Cookies As a Child When I was a kid, we would visit my Grandma every summer. She and gramps lived on a farm down south. It was always horribly hot and the mosquitos were big enough to carry you away. I never even noticed, as the eyes of a child only see the […]

Grandma’s Molasses Cookie Recipe
Easy Biscuit Recipe

Fast and Easy Biscuit Recipe for Breakfast My Best Easy Biscuits RecipeEasy Biscuits Recipe. Biscuits for breakfast, sounds good right? Try my easy home made biscuits recipe! It’s perfect for a biscuits and gravy recipe. What can you do with my easy biscuits recipe? How about biscuits and sausage gravy? Or eggs, bacon, and home made […]

Easy Biscuit Recipe