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Recipes Using Buffalo Chicken I make daily lunch for my son who works nearby. I am recently widowed and we started this routine because we both needed to process the loss of my husband and his father. It’s been beneficial for both of us. This also gives me a meaningful project: making menus, shopping for […]

Buffalo Chicken Recipes

BBQ Chicken on the Grill Recipes Chicken recipes for the grill will come in handy during the next backyard cookout you host for your friends and family. Do you enjoy grilling? Do you host barbecue cookouts?  These chicken on the grill recipes will blow you away with taste! These BBQ Chicken Recipes for the Grill are […]

Chicken on the Grill Recipes

Greek Style Chicken Marinade Recipe This is a chicken marinade recipe with a suggestion of flavors from the Greek Islands.  Lemon and oregano give it a Mediterranean zest that you’re going to love.  After marinating, cook the chicken on the grill or bake it.  Either way, this chicken marinade recipe makes great tasting chicken. The […]

Chicken Marinade Recipe
slow cooked chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken Supreme Recipe Slow cooker chicken supreme is a all time favorite around my house. I always enjoy cooking with a slow cooker, start the cooker in the morning before leaving the house and have a great tasting hot meal ready when you return home in the evening. With this slow cooker chicken […]

Slow Cooker Recipe Chicken Supreme
Mexican Recipes with Chicken

Easy Mexican Recipes with Chicken Looking for a way to eat healthier and maybe shed a few pounds?  Try making Mexican recipes with chicken instead of pork or beef. You can substitute the carnitas in your Mexican food recipes with chicken rather than fattier meats.  When you make Mexican recipes with chicken instead of fatty […]

Mexican Recipes with Chicken
Grilled Chicken

Best Grilled Chicken Recipe for BBQ Planning a BBQ for the weekend or for a family picnic? Chicken is one of the most popular meats served at picnics and potluck dinners. With all the different ways to cook chicken you could find fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken cordon bleu, but my favorite way to cook […]

Best Grilled Chicken Recipe

This is my grandmother’s recipe and it has been passed down from generation to generation.  I have tried a lot of dressing recipes but this one is by far the best.   My grandmother has always been a great cook and a baker.   This recipe though is one of her finest.  The secret is moisture and […]

Other Mom’s Homemade Chicken n Dressing Recipe
Grilled Chicken Breast Recipes

Chicken on the grill is a summer favorite that we look forward to all the long winter. There’s nothing like the flavor of chicken cooked outside on the grill. You can fix up your favorite grilled chicken breast recipes and take them camping. Load up a cooler with chicken prepared for grilling and what a nice meal you will have around the camp fire.

Grilled Chicken Breast Recipes

Are you planning a BBQ or want to roast the perfect chicken for dinner? Tired of your chicken always coming out with the same bland boring taste? Add some flavor to your dinner tonight by using the right blend of herbs and spices. When cooking poultry there are several basic herbs and spices that you […]

Best Herbs And Spices For Cooking Poultry

In attempts of improving my health this year, my little home has become a test kitchen to create healthier (but still tasty!) recipes of all of my family’s favorites. One of the meals my family has craved the most is is chicken enchiladas – unfortunately the amount of fats, calories, and sodium in the recipe […]

Chicken Salsa Wraps