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Do you often find yourself reflecting back on many fond childhood memories. Many children, especially little girls, can probably remember having a tea party. My big sister had a blue and white tea set and she enjoyed pretending we were having a tea party. I wasn’t allowed to play with the toy dishes by myself […]

Gifts for Tea Lovers : Do you Like Pretty Teapots?

This nugget is a follow up to my other web page titled Is a Season Your Reason to Drink Tea? (which I was happy to publish because it gave me an excuse to suggest some chocolate tea products). Are you a tea drinker? If so, you are lucky lucky lucky! Why? Because not only are […]

Gifts For Tea Lovers : Novel, Unique and Useful for Tea Drinkers

One of my favorite ingredients in milkshakes and smoothies is bananas. They give delicious drinks a delightful sweetness and they add texture. This recipe is easy and whips up in just a few minutes with hardly any prep. Share this easy banana milkshake with someone special. Ingredients: 1 ripe banana sliced 2 scoops vanilla ice […]

Easy Banana Milkshake Recipe

Seldom drink tea because of my coffee addiction. But other members of my household love to brew! They are not tea experts (yet!) and are always experimenting with different flavors – from caramel apple to licorice to green tea to black tea to … on and on and on. Found an interesting blog post written […]

Gifts for Tea Lovers : Is a Season Your Reason to Drink Tea?

Slush Cup Maker On a hot steamy summer day, turn your boring liquid drink into a cold refreshing icee with a slush cup maker. Slushies are a tasty treat and cool you off. However, buying them at a snowball stand can be expensive, especially for a family. Not only do you save money by making […]

Slush Cup Maker

Holiday Punch Recipes with Alcohol. Try my versions of Alcohol Punch Bowl Recipes that I learned how to make hosting parties with my friends and families over the years. I think you will enjoy these Holiday Punch Recipes with Alcohol. When drinking a holiday punch that has alcohol in it, you want to be sure you won’t be driving home! I […]

Holiday Punch Recipes with Alcohol

Best Halloween Punch Recipe Fun Halloween Gummy Worms Punch Recipe. Halloween costumes parties and haunted house events offer the perfect opportunity to create weird, wacky and even scary punch drinks to serve your Halloween Party guests. Scary Halloween punch recipes are fun, and they offer a creative way to add to the theme of your […]

Halloween Punch Recipes