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I work at home; and often feel as if I live in the Dark Ages. A typical “happy day” at my house? Wake up. On my laptop from sun up to sun down. In between, break for lunch. While chowing down, I decided to make one more attempt at trying to watch the news online […]

Philosophy : Patience and Happiness Are Not the Same

Celebrate Chanukah (aka Hanukkah) with Beautiful Gifts Chanukah- aka Hanukkah -is a eight day festival of lights in December. This celebration brightens our darkest month, for Jews and non-Jews alike. The Jewish holiday Chanukah or Hanukkah is a minor holiday in Judaism, but it is well known by all because it is a welcome winter […]

Celebrate Chanukah with Beautiful Gifts

Celebrate Jewish New Year’s – Rosh Hashanah Gifts Rosh Hashanah is a beautiful holiday and I would like to help us experience it! Shanah Tovah (pronounced [ʃaˈna toˈva]) is the traditional greeting on Rosh Hashanah which in Hebrew means “A Good Year” (Hebrew: שנה טובה‎). L’shanah tovah tikatevu meaning “May you be inscribed for a […]

Rosh Hashanah Gifts – Blessings to You on Jewish New Year

Just like Jesus, Buddha was enlightened and offers authentic wisdom and spreads a message of know thyself, love and compassion. At any moment of your day, if you were to stop and ask, What Would Buddha Do? …then you are well on your way to living a conscience and awakened life. WWBD, the eternal question: […]

What Would Buddha Do?
Aries T-shirts

Zodiac Sign and Astrology T-shirts Celebrate your love for Astrology with these Zodiac Sign T-shirts and Gifts. Each month of the Zodiac calendar is represented with an original design specifically for that month! Zodiac Sign Gifts For Everyone Zodiac Sign designs are available on a wide variety of great products like t-shirts, posters and prints, […]

Zodiac Sign and Astrology T-shirts
My Husband, Kosta, Speaking at Jason's Memorial Service

I just read Alice Martin’s blog Funeral Week, and after commenting on it I decided to write a longer response here, since I have a different view.  I think I’m qualified to comment, since I’ve planned four memorial services, spoken at five, and attended more than I can count. Of these, only a couple have […]

Why I Believe in Funeral or Memorial Services

One of the major belief systems I have studied is Buddhism. I created these Buddha inspired posters(well, there’s Tara and Chenrezig posters) trying to capture the radiant energy of love and compassion that is the foundation of Buddhism. I wanted to have a colorful ‘aliveness’ and flowing energy feel to the posters. I think there’s […]

Buddha Inspired Posters

Life after 60 can be fun. We live in a very special place – old enough to treasure our memories and young enough to look forward to creating more! The 60’s are a time to fulfill all our bucket list wishes. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Come join […]

Life After 60 – a Grand Adventure!